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#127 Alice

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Gigabyte Nice by GigaMessy Gift for 1zara-uchiha1 winner of our 127th weekly raffle - original character named Alice :3
Messy Smile by GigaMessy Hope you will like it and thanks for supporting us  :thatssocute: by stuck-in-suburbia 
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Big Fan of your work! Im currently writing an original story. Hoping to convert it into a graphic novel, I was wondering if you would be interested in partnering with me and drawing some of my characters?

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Oh, sorry for a bit late reply (still not used to the new design).

Unfortunately we're already have way too many different obligations and simply have no time for anything else >_<

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Lovely and cute :heart:
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Nicely done. Unfortunately your submission expired while i was away so requested this for Schoolgirlz. Please check your messages and thanks in advance.
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Beautiful ❤️️
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From the thumbnail I almost thought the tattoo was like, robotic parts lol
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Gigabyte Nice by GigaMessy Could be awesome, but it's a different setting :3
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She looks dangerously cute!
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really wonderful
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Gigabyte Nice by GigaMessy Much obliged :3
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You're welcome :)
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Here kitty kitty ive got some milk for you
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