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Coach Control - Inflated Ego 7 by expansion-fan-comics, journal

Transformation Transportation - Flagship Fannie by giantess-fan-comics, journal

A New Curse for the New Year - Inflated Ego 6 by expansion-fan-comics, journal

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Gigajapo is a writer working for comics related to breast expansion, female muscle or giantless fetish stories.
Hey guys, Long time no see! I already know your question : "Hey Gigajapo! Where the heck is "Inflated Ego 9" or "Flagship Fannie 3"? I've been a little bit busy (and the drafts I've been working on for "Flagship Fannie" and "Inflated Ego" wasn't good enough for me to submit to my editors. But I'm still working on it. It's a little bit long... but be sure I'll work hard to give you the best next chapters. Sometimes, working on a story (and trying to making it different to the previous one) need times. Also, I'm working on other projets which take me a lot of time. So, I'm not dead! I'm just really busy on my other projects..... and the pandemic didn't help! But be sure you'll get some updates soon enough. So, for more information, please follow my Devianart account and go follow "expansion-fan-comics" or "giantless_fan_comics" to see the next releases. Oh.... and Kelly say "hello!" xx Gigajapo
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Hey guys! I haven't visited this account in years. Do we still have some "Inflated Ego" fans?
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AMAZING NEWS! we have been nominated three times at the "EFAN AWARDS 2014" - "Inflated Ego (chapter 1, 2 and 3)" for "BEST NEW SERIES" - Gigajapo (myself) for "BEST WRITER" - Also, (Sedna Studio) where Forst ("Inflated Ego"'s artist) works for "BEST ...
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Me gustado hubieras sibido un portada de Inflated Ego 8 - Shawn Becomes Shauna

I'm already in love with Combat Conversion Ara, heh. Hopefully it's going to be a series, and not just a one-off? :3

Thanks! But "Combat Conversion Ara" wasn't wrote by me. I think it was a little mistake from Expansion Fan. That happens. However, my next scenario is already released. Check for "Bouncing Squad" ;)

Oopsie! Haha, well, I just followed the link they posted... ^^;

And I've already downloaded bouncing squad! (Haven't had time to READ it yet, sadly, but still. ^^: ) Did you go for the black and white just to give it that manga look, or was it more about getting the extra pages?

Well, doing a black and white comic would look more like the manga style. It was an artistic choice from the begining.

Happy Birthday!!

Sorry! I'm a little bit late (but thanks!) :)