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Remember, this is a support group.

This group was founded by :iconsonicthemeatball: under an alternate account.

We're protesting for the right to refuse unwanted gifts.
Don't upload deviations that have nothing to do with this group's cause. It's not an art dump group.

Please feel free to tell others about this group. It needs all the support it can get. Just don't harass the admins about it - that's what got me suspended once!

Everyone on the suggestion forum thinks it's crazy to dislike gifts. So, for those of you who think so, I am not crazy. I simply care about my friends, and would like to see the policy change by 2015.

At present, the refund policy doesn't allow premium memberships to be transferred because the admins believe it would be fraudulent to remove a gift that someone else paid for.

Well, here's my point of view, which takes several people's sides into account:
What DA is doing could be considered a crime, in that the policy allows anonymous gift-givers to pick on people who don't like gifts and get away with it.

Bullying is illegal. Period.

A crime is not a crime if the victim wants it. In fact, in this case, it's generosity. Likewise, if a very kind person (or maybe someone who feels guilty about having more than some other people) told their friend, "Just take anything you want from my house," that would be giving, not stealing.

My friend :iconcelticpath: says it's noble of me to feel this way. She says it's the same principle as straight couples who refuse to get married until gay couples are allowed to.

Besides, this policy makes no sense, when you think logically about it, for three reasons:
1. You can refuse gifts in the real world, so why not here? It's perfectly acceptable in the real world to say "no" to an unwanted gift.
2. You can regift points, so why not premium memberships? What kind of policy allows one but not the other?
3. What's so wrong about regifting a premium membership? Giving it to a friend is a kindness. So this policy discourages generosity. (And no, there is nothing rude about regifting.)

Also, some people just happen to like banner ads.…
Please post a positive, supporting comment on this suggestion. We will win the fight for the right to refuse premiums!
Our goal is to see the policy change by 2015, and if everyone in the group supports this suggestion, it may happen a lot sooner.
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