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'Five Years On The NDA, Nick...' by giftheck 'Five Years On The NDA, Nick...' :icongiftheck:giftheck 6 6
Futures Past 7: Revelations
I will confess this now: abducting the Subjugat and driving her in a police cruiser to somebody who knew of my predicament… yeah, not the smartest idea in the world. I was desperate to stop Carrots from learning the truth, but had rational minds prevailed, maybe I could have thought of another way.
But I did what I did, which meant seeing it through. There was only one place I could take a Subjugat: Badge’s place. I just knew she’d be thrilled that I had brought her more proof of the future.
Imagine my surprise when, after I set the Subjugat down on a table in Badge’s office and expecting a warm welcome, I got a smack round the back of the head instead.
“Are you an idiot?!” Badge shouted.
“I thought you’d want to see this!” Nick protested.
“So, you abduct this bunny, steal your police cruiser, which can be tracked,” Badge emphasised, “and bring them bo
:icongiftheck:giftheck 4 10
Futures Past 6: A Shattered Illusion
Good things don’t really last long, do they?
I thought that, having changed the fate of Zootopia and its inhabitants, I could put Nicholas Wilde, future soldier, to rest forever. I thought I could become Nick Wilde, first fox cop. Surely that meant the future had changed enough, didn’t it?
Yet there was always something in the back of my mind. Even once I became a cop, I kept in contact with Badge, who was all-too-eager to remind me that I wasn’t likely to be alone in this time.
How could Domare Dominatio do anything now? Their lynch-pin, Bellwether’s plan, had fallen apart and the sheep safely behind bars. Her conspirators had been rounded up too. What more was there to do?
It wasn’t like I didn’t have my fair share of work to get on with.
It all started about six weeks after my assignment to Precinct One as partner to Carrots…
Another day in the Zootopia Police
:icongiftheck:giftheck 3 3
XNALara/XPS - Godzilla 2014 (Smash3 model) by giftheck XNALara/XPS - Godzilla 2014 (Smash3 model) :icongiftheck:giftheck 22 0 Love Doesn't Grow Old (By Ziegelzeig) by giftheck Love Doesn't Grow Old (By Ziegelzeig) :icongiftheck:giftheck 43 4 Godzilla Resurgence by giftheck Godzilla Resurgence :icongiftheck:giftheck 8 6 A Titanic Clash by giftheck A Titanic Clash :icongiftheck:giftheck 5 5
Futures Past 5: From A Different Perspective
I worked with Mr. Big for years after that, using that connection to get to know everybody I could. In spite of Mr. Big being the most feared Tundratown crime boss, he never asked me to do anything that was more than ‘legally dubious’ and, technically, I wasn’t really even working for him properly, but he did consider my need to know everybody as a way of getting me to run ‘errands’ – often this just meant delivering items of a dubious nature. He never had me deliver anything outright illegal – if anything, some of the runs he sent me on were perfectly legal. He just expected me to be stopped and searched because of my species, and I tolerated it. After all, there was no better way of getting to know how the system worked than to agitate it.
The Big family wasn’t all errands and stops for me though. Mr. Big’s gram-mama, Sofia Rodenton, took a liking to me and because of that Mr. Big trusted
:icongiftheck:giftheck 4 7
The Past Is A Lesson by giftheck The Past Is A Lesson :icongiftheck:giftheck 3 0
Battle Of The Kings 1: The GULF
Bikini Atoll, 1954
For months, the Animalians had been receiving reports from nuclear submarines in the Pawcific Ocean. They were constantly under attack by a massive creature. The creature would always target a specific spot on the submarines but would not actively try to eat any of the passengers on board.
What struck the Animalian government as odd was that the creature seemed to be drawn to the submarines because of their onboard nuclear reactors. It was these reactors that were always missing from the wreckages of the submarines.
The crew of one submarine, the ASS Antares, had man
:icongiftheck:giftheck 4 5
Heisei Godzilla Vs Shin Godzilla by giftheck Heisei Godzilla Vs Shin Godzilla :icongiftheck:giftheck 11 5 Shin Godzilla - Godzilla 2 by giftheck Shin Godzilla - Godzilla 2 :icongiftheck:giftheck 6 3
Futures Past 4: The Past
Aside from a slight pull when I stepped into the portal, I felt nothing as I walked through. The light became blinding once inside but it quickly dimmed as I emerged on the other side.
I certainly didn’t expect to have a fateful encounter as soon as I stepped through the portal.
Nick blinked spots from his eyes as his vision slowly returned to him. He looked around, the first thing noticed was the lack of light. Looking up at the sky, Nick could see the stars, which meant that wherever he was, it was night. Inspecting the rest of his surroundings, he assumed he was in some sort of alleyway. A van sat parked in an alcove to Nick’s left, with the rear doors facing outward.
A strange noise came from behind Nick and he turned as the portal shrank and vanished with a sharp, metallic, ringing sound.
“Well, they did say it would be a one-way trip.” Nick said to himself.
Nick turned as the sounds of small pawsteps reached his ears. Ther
:icongiftheck:giftheck 2 5
Futures Past 3: Time Travel
The squad Lionheart assembled was fifteen-strong, including himself. There was Brody Fangmeyer, a big tiger who was missing his left eye. Zephyr Delgato, a lioness who had something of a temper on her. Alfred Fenneckton. Yes, he was as small as he sounds, but I would later come to know a fennec who beat him on the titch scale. Right up the other end of the size scale was Aleksi Koslov, a polar bear with a surprisingly soft side… unless you got on his nerves. Carried a missile launcher and had studied physics and time theory when he was younger. And, of course, moi.
Our big push started just as another blackout hit Neo Zootopia. It made sense, they probably only tested that machine for a portal that led to just a few minutes in the past. They were going to want to test a portal that went further back.
I knew that if they could make it work successfully, then it meant big trouble for us.
The big push into Ne
:icongiftheck:giftheck 2 3
Futures Past 2: A History Of The Future
Present Day Zootopia…
Nick stretched as he got out of his bed. Today was a very important day. Today was the day he was going to graduate from the Zootopia Police Academy, after months of training.
Opening his wardrobe, he looked over his dress uniform. Inside, placed on the floor, was a uniform from another time. It was a sleek black single-piece outfit.
Stacked neatly beside it was the pauldron Nick wore, and underneath that was a pulse rifle.
But that was not what Nick was looking for. He reached into the cabinet and pulled a small disk-shaped object from one of the pockets.
Okay, history lesson time. Imagine, if you will, a future where debonair hustler-fox Nick Wilde did not exist to guide naïve bunny-cop Judy Hopps to the truth behind the savage mammals. What would happen?
Well, I can tell you one thing that did happen was that press conference. Carrots has told me that my rea
:icongiftheck:giftheck 2 3
Futures Past 1: Prologue
Ever heard the tale of the fox who changed the future? Sounds like a clichéd story, I know. But it’s pretty much what happened.
The story’s been told, sure. About how a naïve little bunny came to Zootopia, dreaming of being a big city cop. Along the way, she was put down by her colleagues. Made to do the only duty fit for a bunny: parking duty. And along the way, she happened to meet this handsome, dashing, charming fox who conned her into thinking that he was trying to buy a Jumbo Pop for his son as a birthday present. Of course, said bunny cop found out it was all a hustle and got very mad. Mam, those were the days… of course, bunny cop also stumbled upon a missing mammals case, and she hustled the fox right back. Made him help her find the missing otter, and in the process, they uncovered a vast conspiracy to cover up the fact that
:icongiftheck:giftheck 4 5


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.

[blaster bolt narrowly misses head]

Okay, maybe it's not wise to steal even words from a bounty hunter!

Welcome to my DeviantArt page, where I plan to post my artwork and fanfictions! I may post other things from time to time here as well, such as some of the work I do that doesn't involve Zootopia, or sketchdumps and doodles. I hope you enjoy what I post and I look forward to bringing you more.


I Support Ziegelzeig by giftheck
Library of the Damned, a group who critique and MST bad stories (and the occasional good one) did a critique of Grief's Reunion. It is very thorough and I am flattered they have done it - rarely do I see thorough critiques of my work. I don't want to spoil what they say, so all I'll say is that you can find it here.


What the heck is Disney doing here? XD

Between doing my uni work, I'm writing the next chapters for both Futures Past and for Battle of the Kings.
It seems I've entered the llamapocalypse, I've been getting a ton of llama badges lately :D
For a really long time, trying to digitally line my artwork has been a royal pain in the rear, to the point where it means I potentially spend a lot longer doing that than colouring my artwork. It meant that I stopped doing digital lines entirely for a while until I could find a much more proficient way of doing it. Now I found a technique which enables me to digitize my lines very easily using Photoshop Work Paths and the Magic Wand tool. This will make creating artwork that much easier in the future for sure. It's how I did the lines for my most recent piece:
The next chapter of Futures Past has entered beta-reading phase and should, hopefully, be ready for the end of this week! Woot!


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