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Leader Alliance Modifications

Sun Apr 15, 2018, 10:25 AM by FeatherCandy:iconfeathercandy:

Leader Alliance Modifications

In this journal you can apply to an alliance, of course with the permission of the founder. Here the founder can also throw out members or simply close down completly the whole alliance if they don't have anymore use for it.

Note : Only leader horses can be members or founders of an alliance!

To apply to an alliance, it first has to be registered!

Member Application Form

Applying Member : [your leader horse link]
Alliance  you want to join :
Founder permission : Tag the founder here that approved your application.

Note : If the founder didn't give you permission to apply, they must comment bellow your form saying "declined". If they approve, then "Accepted"!

Leaving Alliance/Kicking out members

If you no longer like the alliance you are in, or the founder decided they no longer want you in. The can simply submit this form.

Member : [who is about to leave, horse of course]
Alliance :
Your Status : Member or founder. (only founders can kick out members)
Reason :
Leaving/Kicking out : Specify which one.

Closing down an Alliance

If you no longer want to be the founder, you may close down your alliance with the following form.

Founder :
Alliance :
Reason of closing :

The second version of this is passing down the founder status to another leader! If you'd like the Alliance to live on but be under another horse's control.

Alliance :
Old founder :
New founder :
Reason of passing status :

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