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Mind Flayer

By Gido
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I cannot express just how much fun this was to do... finally got to scratch that itch after months of drawing for everyone but myself.

Okay, time to get this thing started!

First up, Illithids!

Now, how to show an illithid as one of the scariestest things you'll ever come across in the underdark?  Why, have him feed on drow of course.

Was going for Methil El-Viddenvelp at first (hence his eyes)... but then i decided to just go with a general illithid to start off my realms series.

Next on the list, Athrogate!

Just in case some of you want process shots of how I work on things, I usually upload them on my facebook page (yes, that's right! i kind of got one... ^^;).
So feel free to drop by and say hi! -->

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On the one hand, that drow's fucked. On the other hand, he has a nice hat now!
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That poor drow was thinking way too hard.
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They give GREAT heads!
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God damn! GREAT work!
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wonderful. a true connoisseur!
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I bet this would look freaking awesome if it was animated.
.that octopus dude had to put his tentacles right in nose XD Like did   D. Jones from Piratess of Carr
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This looks so amazing!! :wow:

Great job!! ^_^
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You're very welcome!! :heart:
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sooo what's on your mind? :P 
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"... i think i left the lights running...." --dies--
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Illithids and Beholders were always the most interesting (and simultaneously the most terrifying) enemies in Dungeons and Dragons, to me. Love it!
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YES!  And cloakers too... i love cloakers!
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Hmmm.  Brain.  Tastes like chicken.

Macabre, but great work.
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Very nice work.  I think you captured the event quite nicely.  I am running a group thru Myth Drannor, and they are about to come across one soon :-).  These guys are one of my favorite creatures to throw at an adventuring party.
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I agree!

Specially if you set the mood just right, they can be terrifying.
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"Next on the list, Athrogate!"


Also, fantastic artwork, because I, too, fail at saying something else. :D
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Yes, and i will work on it as beautifully as i can.

I was actually already starting on this when you suggested Athrogate.  I don't know why i never thought of drawing him before.
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It's a mystery.

I can't wait to see! So excited! :la: Also, very good to see you post your own stuff again. :D
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