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Last Kiss

By Gido
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"I've been stuck in this gods-forsaken cave for close to two weeks now... and I think I may be losing my mind.
Just off the edge of the rock bed I've been lying on to keep dry, a mermaid (for lack of a better term) is staring at me.
She seemingly appeared out of nowhere when I awoke today... alongside a curious patch of rock (have I been drifting on a loose rock this whole time?).  
She seems friendly enough... casting me loving glances, beckoning me close for a kiss on those glistening lips.
Gods, how I miss a woman's touch.
Well, if I'm going to be here for a while, I might as well enjoy it.  
Wait 'til the boys back home hear that I kissed a mermaid."

--Unknown Captain's last journal entry

First major piece for the year.  Now back to the request list for a bit.

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Scarease's avatar
If did not see that she a lure he has it coming Natural selection on its finest . 
DrOfDemonology's avatar
Anyone this stupid deserves to get eaten... :roll:
Lucario-Stl's avatar
Mhmm... mind tricks only work on the weak minded. It takes a strong heart to resist this kind of temptation though... helps if you already have someone close in your heart.
TheLadyLaura's avatar
hey.. if hes gunna die one way or the other why not go out kissing a pretty lady
nilescclover's avatar
wow! Heart Wow!  that's just creepy......:goodjob: revamp 
honey you are eternal, shhhhhh. Respect she will be with you in every lifetime you live. Wheter you believe it or not? I KNOW IT!!!!!
bninja1994's avatar
It's trap😨😨😨😨😨😨
MooMinded's avatar
that... is scary beautiful... that's the best way to describe what I'm seeing right now. 
GodBeautiful's avatar
Surely his last kiss....lololol😘😆
MIMIcat9000's avatar
a kiss only? wheres the ice cream?! *cough*spongebobthemovie*coough*
Faithboy102's avatar
The cat version has a laser pointer
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Oooh this is wonderful. The concept's a nice mold between the carribean's mermaids and something new, and, what maybe captures me most about it: The good old adventurer's spirit lives in it.
I found my way here through tumblr (thank goodness for image sourcing), your work is amazing!
Gido's avatar
thank you very much!  
lonelynightrain's avatar
Whoa...this piece is amazing.
Moonlit-Memories's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful and a wonderful twist on the idea of things like sirens mixed with the idea of one of those lure fish. What are they called? In any case the coloring and shading is beautiful, and the detailing in the tongue is just amazing. I really love how this scene is portrayed all together easily telling a story all on its own.
thelpov's avatar
I love everything about this picture!
clock-out's avatar
amazing idea amazing work
lol nope that's not a girl, that's bait for catching some sorry food not thinking right. :) 
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