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150 strong

By Gido
Took the time to revisit and old piece and update the art a bit -->…

From left-to-right, for the uninitiated:
Entreri, Rai-guy, Jarlaxle, Berg'inyon, Kimmuriel

One of the main changes i did here was i wanted to try and render Jarlaxle's cape.... not to mention depict the rest of Bregan D'aerthe.... also, i gave him Crenshinibon to play with.

(Download for much better resolution!)
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hakuryukai's avatar
just ... wow! i'm in love!
absolutely breathtaking!
that's an amazing artwork you did here!
it really shows your skills!
thumbs up to you!
can i use it as a wallpaper, please?
woah, too many red eyes shining in the dark.
Elfengleich's avatar
This one is so cooooool *_* I love it. Jarlaxle looks so damn hot. Thank you for this epic pic.
Gido's avatar
Thank you very much!
Tentacle-Monster's avatar
Spine tingling.

Gods damn it, they need to make a Drizzt live-action movie or an anime already. In fact, I can so see this scene as part of an anime intro!
fulerts's avatar
The piwafwi <3
Meiko0020's avatar
I absolutely love this piece Jarlaxle and Entreri are two characters I never thought I'd like, and I now LOVE whenever they're part of the scene. Beautiful work :o 
LuuPetitek's avatar
Aaa, that's so perfect :heart: I love it so much! The composition and the way you draw the characters :love: And these glowing eyes ;) Amazing work! Love drow :meow:
Geoffryn's avatar
Um....Mr. Paladin, why did we come down to the Underdark again?  Oh, "honor?"  Yeah, I see....Nice knowin' ya!
LoliApolys's avatar
O.0 wow jarlaxle looks very happy. I don't know everyone's name that's around him iam only on book 10 XD they all look grate though
LadyLoth's avatar
I bow down to you
ElReySolomon's avatar
I can't believe I almost missed this one! Jarlaxle looks so good here, honestly the posing for each of the characters holds true to their personalities. I really like that although Entreri looks a bit out of place among the rest, he still holds his ground. He iiis arguable the best assassin on the surface. 
Gido's avatar
Thank you! Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] 

Yes, he is!  For a human that is.
Jeardawg's avatar
After seeing you mindflayer pic today I browsed back through your gallery,  your FR art always makes me ache to fly my geek flag high,  I especially like the Orta Request,  the mind flayer, but most especially this piece which so wonderfully captures what I imagine the personality of Breagan'dearth to be like. 
Keep doin what you do!
Gido's avatar
I have always loved the dynamic of Bregan D'aerthe... so as much as possible I always try to make sure to let each of their personalities come through.

Thank you so much.
Teilang's avatar
Triumph of Jarlaxle. It looks good on the throne. Great art for the wonderful characters! Awwww, damn, I like this!;) (Wink) 
Siolan's avatar
Wow! So nice! First I ever saw of Bregan D'aerth complete team! :nod: I'm really enjoying it!
Amazing, you can feel the tense atmosphere.. Great work!
raynetempura's avatar
This is awesome! Jarlaxle is my favorite character and the concept of Bregan D'aerthe is so cool. Really awesome portrayal of these guys. :)
KehXKeova's avatar
This looks so AMAZING!! :iconwoweeplz:
Brok3nD011's avatar
I came across your art thanks to a person on facebook imitating Jarlaxle to promote the book series. 
I've been a long-time fan before that but I've always loved these guys the most. 
Thank you so much for such a wonderful portrayal you really nailed it. :hug: 
Gido's avatar
thank you so much!  

a compliment from a fellow fan of the series always means a lot to me!  it tells me i'm doing them justice.  haha
OH wow! Drizzt is one of my favorite series, this is so cool!
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