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Briefing Session: 'Bloody' Lily


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Briefing Session: 'Bloody' Lily


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M-320 Terminus Armour

LA Armor Profiles

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Eurocorp ED-209G Law Enforcer

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Ending, and a Beginning

Disclaimer: All rights to the characters in this story belong to their respective creators. The Coreline universe belongs to Marcoasalazarm. Coreline: The Black Dog Case A Case with Two Viewpoints Part 4: An ending, and a beginning. Roger came back online with a brief start, blinking as an unfamiliar HUD and new systems displayed their readiness. He quickly queried them and snorted at the LA symbols that were appearing, "Nice of them to give me an overhaul." A light snore next to him stopped the cyber-zombie's introspections, and the glance to his side made him freeze. There, snuggled into his side, was Britanny. And somehow Roger knew

Coreline SIU

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