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Judge Dredd Meets Santa

Judge Dredd meets Santa, for the 2000ad Advent calender.

Colors by Tom Berry [link]
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That's hilarious, thanks for writing.
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"So, let's take this from the top, creep. You've confessed to breaking into private residences for the past two thousand years in order to leave presents for 'good children'... how the Drokk do you claim to know that anyway...? You do this without the clear permission and consent to these juves' guardians in breach of at least twelve safeguarding of minors laws. Have I missed anything?"

"Oh, right; you claim to somehow do this world wide in a single night."

"Control, Dredd. Got one for indefinite psycho-cube observation. Tell Forensic to go go over the 'toys' with the finest comb they've got; I'm pretty sure the creep is up to something more than just philanthropic misdemeanours."
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What a f$$king $&&hole!
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lol! wooow! they confiscated his sleigh??? :rofl:
"I am the ghost of Christmas present, Judge Dredd! Where is your Christmas spirit?"
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Even Santa Claus isn't a match for Judge Dredd.
Pretty sure Dredd has already arrested Santa.
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I realize I am really late to this party, but there is an easy solution.

"Judge Dredd? I am Judge Nicolas. I know who is sleeping, or awake. I know who's been bad or good. My jurisdiction is to tend to them. There is no trespassing. By stopping me, you are impeding another Judge."
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Dammnit, Dredd. You ruined Christmas!
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HA!HA!HA! Santa got GOT!! by Judge Dredd!!

.....and his stuff being hauled away by an H-wagon!!!

...lmfao!! priceless!!
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Huh, wonder if the 2000 AD santa knows kung fu?
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so funny!!check my art
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Cool pic :D Great style

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Well considering the fact that this is man who uses slave labor to produce merchandise while simultaneously spying on children Judge Dredd isn't punishing him severely enough!
I don't know... Dredd might shoot him.😐
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Bet that every kids in that Universe really hate Dredd for this.
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Classic artwork man. Made me chuckle.
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Possession of an unlicensed vehicle: 2 years
Trespassing: 5 years
Flying without a license: 4 years
Tax evasion: 10 years
Distribution of sugar: 15 years
How do you plead?
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