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3D Fractal Landscape VI

By Gibson125
Made with Visions Of Chaos
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© 2004 - 2021 Gibson125
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Who's seeing Escher?
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WHOAH feels like an EPIC quicksand! o.O
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That's very cool. Is that a standard quadratic Mandelbrot or Julia set, with fractional iteration values used as a height value for 3D plotting?

Would you mind sharing the coorindates of your plot? I'd love to experiment with it using my program, FractalWorks. (Mac only)

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Is Visions of Chaos difficult to learn? I mean, compared to Apophysis, how hard would you say it is to use? I'd love to create fractals like the ones you make. I know I'll never get that good but I'd like to at least try! :D
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Now Stacey let's not be so negative. I have been at this for a while. I started
making flames and IFS fract years ago. Actually way before Apophysis came down the pike. VOC is entirely different then Apophysis as you can make
several types of fractals, flames and much, much more. It is actually quite
easy as compared to Ultra Fractal. I highly recommend trying it. You can download a trial copy although it is limited in many ways. You will at least
get a look and test drive before you buy it.

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Fantastic, and amazing, this looks so unique :wow:
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Thanks again Thelma.

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gee.... i dont know what to make of this. it is so completely bizarre! science fiction at its best. makes me freak out a bit!
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Wilder ones coming soon.

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This is a special disclaimer.
I cannot be held responsible.
Please view at your risk. LOL

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I made a wild green and yellow one last night.
I'll post it later when I get home from work.
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I like the way this prog. makes things look so 3D. Very nice Mike.
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Thanks Phil.

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Thanks Pat.

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Best landscape I've seen by you so far :) Congrats!
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More in the works .
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Crazy one with beautiful colors and details:clap::clap:
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Thanks again Volker.

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i'm stunned. this is amazing
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