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Silly Parakeet

Silly Parakeet! Trixs are for kids!!! lol, Jk.

Another picture of my parakeet, Kitty. She had a photo shoot last week-end. I took some great pictures of her. Whenever I look at this picture, I always laugh because I have no idea what she was doing and her cute, little face looks so funny! SHE"S SOOO CUTE!!!!! Ha ha, feel free to comment, watch, or fav.!! Thanks.
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Aug 26, 2009, 2:38:32 PM
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She's all "I'm cute and you're not.  DEAL WITH IT." :XD:
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I have two parakeets. They preen almost constantly and they pause every few second to look at me and their cheeks are all spread out weird! ^o^
Your bird has beautiful colors by the way!
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Awesome budgie boy. Love his colors. Very unique tummy pattern. How is this budgie now?
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i was gona say "i hate to be that person" but someone beat me to it: your little girl is a boy, lol! the blue cere is a dead give-away, but he is gorgeous none the less! very unique spots!
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Lol, thanks anyway! :)
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Very handsome male, The stripes are interesting! Lovely bird!
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I used to have one kinda like this one. She didnt have the yellow much but all the other colors were there. I named her sky. She didnt make it but its ok. I love this little face she makes here. Hehe what a cute name, kitty.
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She looked so cute here. Aww tehe they make the best pets.
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She looks like a duster! I have no idea why. Cute bird. :)
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heuheuheuehuehuee softy sweety ! i guess before u catch he was cleaning cos his beard is still open heuehuheue :D and what a charming fluffy ! :)
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heeheehee, yup, and thanks! :D
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i especially like her colors , very cute
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yeah, I know!!! It looks like she has polka dots on her belly!!! Ha ha ha!!!
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