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Mouse, Drawn by a Mouse
Because I get these strange urges to draw things with the mouse, I decided I would create a special signature for such lapses from sanity -- or what passes for sanity in my case.  (Drawing with a mouse is like drawing with a bar of soap, but I've been doing it ever since I got my first personal computer, a Mac Performa in 1995 -- yes, over twenty years now!)
No idea what to call this as to type. Digital, certainly; drawing/painting -- well, yes;Illustration, yes; Technical? Well, I guess so.  A mouse is technical, isn't it?  dA needs a category for Just Plain Silly.
- - - - -
Marked MATURE because, as I said, I've decided to mark ALL my stuff Mature now, just in case the pinch-faced censors at dA Central decide to take a sudden dislike to this one, too.  (Capricious? I think so!)  Why this one?  Oh, well, let's see . . .  It's a naked mouse!  No fur or anything.  Just a plain old, tow-button scrolling mouse. Not even wireless.  Don't look!
Danny Plays a Prank
Danny can be playful, and the custom of the April Fools prank tickles his fancy -- and the victim's of his prank tickle his tummy!
Sketched, scanned. and Paint.NET for coloring, text, and tweaking.
Marked MATURE because, well, look! He's NEKKID! Some people find that sexy PER SE!  And being eaten alive is VIOLENT!  And male nudity is IDEOLOGICALLY SENSITIVE for prudes the world over!  You can see his male parts and even a glimpse of his butt-hole!  It's, it's, it's TRAUMATIC for all those delicate plants who subscribe to deviantART!  Especially for the Pecksniffs who seem to be infesting the place these days.  I'm sure the sourpusses will ask me if this drawing has "gasp!" EXPLICIT CONTENT!  So if you like it, you better say so now before the axe falls.

Oh -- and April Fools!
Danny Poses For His Dinner
Danny shows off his muscles for his dinner -- not for someone to give him dinner, but to show off for the people who will become his dinner.
A mouse drawing, so I call it digital art.  No paper was harmed in the creation of this drawing.
Marked MATURE -- he's NEKKID!  Well, he is wearing a headband, but he always does that.  I realize this is chancy, since male nudity seems to set off the Pecksniffs.  God knows what dA would have done in Ancient Greece.  Ever seen some Greek pottery?  Hot stuff there.
NOTE: Marked Mature and all that, yet some idiot/moron/cretin with an enhanced sense of authority has the immortal crust to ask if my submission shows EXPLICIT CONTENT, in violation of their standards! It's a MALE NUDE, and not in violation. It does not display arousal or sexual activity, so to the person or entity that asked that, go read your own standards for a change.
I would spit nails if I had any handy.
Danny With A Snack Bus
Danny has a take-along box of snacks -- a bus, actually.  
Drawn with the mouse using Paint.NET, a free program.
I have a version where he's NEKKID1  But, dA -- well, they seem to be hung up on male nudity  I might post iy anyway, just to give the Pecksniffs the vapors.
- - - - -. 
Marked MATURE because most id Danny is nude, ferkrissakes! And he's eating people. 
Danny At The Dam
Dams create lakes good for recreation, but the water can have other uses.  Danny finds them relaxing, but a ranger warns him to watch the rules.  I guess there's no rule about swallowing folk!
Marked Mature, of course, because Danny is, as usual, NEKKID!  Avert the eyes!  Plus there is mention of a BODILY FLUID, though the recreational possibilities of a reservoir suggest WATER SPORTS!
Hmm yeah -- Mature.  Drawn with the mouse.  Just a quickie.  Comparatively.

(Honesty -- it's getting so I don't know what to post, any more.  Could be their intention, though. . .)
  • Listening to: My heart racing
  • Reading: This screen, of course. This journal entry.
  • Watching: The keyboard because I can't touch-type.
  • Playing: For time
  • Eating: My heart out.
  • Drinking: Iced tea. Always iced tea. Well, coffee at morn.
Back in November, ten days after I posted about the warnings I'd gotten from dA, I received three notifications from the ever-vigilant censors in dA's Fortress of Nulitude that three of my drawings had been weighed in the balance of Purity and been found wanting, so the Deleters came and cast them into the Outer Darkness.  I'd already had a photo-montage deleted because some Pecksniff reported it since I did not have a consent form for the person whose image I'd used.  Okay, true.  It was an image I'd (everybody together) "Found on the web!"  Not much of an excuse, really, but if they were to go after everyone who has used photos from the web who hasn't gotten a consent form on file -- well, you know.
Let me repeat:  This is their website and they make the rules, interpret them, and enforce them.  They say as much in the TOS.  And on the whole I'm grateful for a place to post and see so much work by others.
But with all the hysteria recently on Tumblr and elsewhere, it seems as though even the slightest suggestion of anything that can be interpreted as having a sexual nature is to be censored, banned, or cause artists to be expelled.  I don't have the resources to buy and manage my own server, so I must use what's available and abide by the rules.
And let's face it -- on two of these drawings I was certainly pushing the envelope.  I altered Aladdin Meets Danny Page 5 because it was a violation -- even though I've seen worse --  and Danny Blanks an Office Building was deliberately smart-ass in title and censoring.  You still knew what was happening.  Renzo Embraces Garth dA Version was another smart-ass censoring of non-aroused male nudity.  Depends on how you look at it whether anything sexual was happening, though I thought the title indicated there was not. Oh, well-- so it goes.  I considered Disputing it, but decided not to.  Frankly, I don't want the staff to pay any more attention to me than necessary.  Just sitting here humming, minding my own business. Yup, yup yup.  
But the thing that grates me is that there seems a lot more attention paid to male subjects than otherwise.  Female nudity is artistic, but male nudity is offensive, seems to be their credo.  And that's what makes me crinkle my forehead and sneer.
I don't mind TOS enforcement, but it doesn't always seem very equitable.
Their site, their rules, as I said.  That's fine.  Don't kick up a fuss unless you have a better alternative, okay"
Just saying.

Corrspondence-Deleted Items by GiantToby


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Larry Philby
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i have had my ups and downs
wotthehell wotthehell
yesterday sceptres and crowns
fried oysters and velvet gowns
and today i herd with bums

I hear ya, Mehitabel!



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