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Wonder CavesWelcome to wonder caves where the order of the day are strange dreams, giant mushrooms and alterations in size. Those who find their way in may not find their way out.Wonder Caves Cyndi walked to the edge of the cliff and looked into the darkness below. “Just imagine what could be down there, Andrew.” He walked up, just able to carry the bag of supplies in his sunburned hands. “Bats, snakes. Umm, worms.” She blew her dark bangs to the side. “Don’t be such a downer. There could be an entire city down there. No, riches from another age.” She shook her hands. “No, some undiscovered remains from our ancient ancestors.” Cyndi jumped up and down. “I can’t wait to get down there.” Andrew set down the backpack and reached out a pale hand. “Whole calm down there. This terrain isn’t stable.” She turned around and raised an eyebrow at him, her blue eyes glaring at him. “Hey, I have been exploring caves like this for the last five years.” She looked down into the pit. “This will just be another fun jaunt through the darkness.” She smiled at him, her pearly whites shining in the morning sun. “Still, be careful. People have been said to have vanished around here.” He looked around. “I still don’t feel comfortable about this.” Cyndi turned back around and took a step closer to the edge. “Oh, stop worrying. We are here, out in the fresh air.” She extended out her pale arms. “Let’s have some fun.” The ledge beneath her feet suddenly gave out, and Cyndi tumbled downward, screaming into the darkness. Air whizzed past her as she fell, and she knew that she didn’t have long before she hit the stone ground below. This is it. Suddenly she landed, but not on a hard rough surface, but instead something soft and bouncy. Up she went, flailing her arms in the darkness before landing down again on the mysterious substance. Over and over, she bounced until she came to a stop. She took deep breaths as sweat dripped down her neck. “I’m alive?” She pushed herself up, her hands slinking slightly into the surface below. “I can’t believe I survived that fall.” Cyndi looked around. “But where am I?” She held her hand up to her face. “Nope. Can’t see myself.” She bounced her butt on the strange mushy surface that she was sitting on. “Wonder what I landed on? It feels so spongey. I wish I had a light or something to see down here.” “Cyndi. Are you ok?” She looked around. “Andrew. Where are you?” “Up here.” “Where is here? You sound like you are all around me. Make sense.” “You sound so far away, Cyndi. How are you alive?” She maneuvered onto her knees. “Hey, just tell me where you are at and get me out of here.” “Hold on. Let me get the light and... Oh crap.” There was a crashing sound for a few moments before something hard hit Cyndi in the head. “Oww. Andrew, what did you just drop on my head?” “The backpack full of supplies.” She smiled and felt around for the bag. “I got it. I can get out of here.” Her hand found the flashlight, and she illuminated her surroundings. “Wow, this cave is amazing. Look at all the stalactites.” Cyndi looked down. “Wait. What in the world. Am I sitting on a giant mushroom?” She put her hand on the mushy red and white surface. “This thing is massive.” She scratched her head. “Or am I small? That could be it.” Cyndi sighed. “This is so weird and cool.” She raised the light and shinned it on the ceiling once more. “Andrew. I don’t see the way I came in. Very odd, but the ceiling seems to be solid.” “Then how can I hear you?” “Wait.” She narrowed her eyes. “I see a tiny hole just above me.” “Tiny? What are you talking about? You fell down a massive hole.” She stood up on the mushroom. “It looks like a tiny gap to me. This is so odd.” “Look, can you just use the climbing gear in the pack and get out of there. You have squeezed through tight gaps before. This will be fine.” She looked down at the pack and then rummaged through it. “There is nothing in here but. . .” She held her hand to her nose. “You lunch from yesterday, gross. Why can’t you throw your junk away?” “Hey, you might need that. I told you saving our supplies would be good. Now you can have something while I go get help. Hold on, Cyndi.” “Andrew.” She blinked. “Andrew?” She slid off the mushroom. “How could he just leave me down here?” She spun around. “I don’t even see a way out. Great.” Cyndi blinked her eyes. “Phew. My eyes are so heavy. I need to rest.” She leaned against the mushroom. “So nice and soft.” She shook her head. “No. Come on, girl. Stay away now.” Cyndi took a deep breath. “No sleeping.” Her eyes drooped. “No drifting. . .” She fell down next to the massive mushroom and drifted off into the darkness. *** Cyndi stood up and stretched her arms. She was standing in a woodland with a sea of familiar fungi at her feet. She looked around. “I can’t make too much out with all this mist.” A shadow danced on the edge of her vision. “Who is there?” She turned to see who it was, but only mist greeted her. “Umm, hello?” The figure passed by again. “Hey.” She turned around. “Come out.” Cyndi hugged herself. “This is crazy. I have to be dreaming?” “Good dreaming to you, miss.” She turned around and gasped. “Oh my.” Before her stood an odd-looking man in a green jacket and blue pants. On his head stood a massive green hat with a 10/6th on the card. He outstretched his overly giant hand to her. “How is the young lady doing this fine morning?” “Morning?” Cyndi looked around. “It is dark as can be.” The strange man hit her on top of her head. “You are out like a light. How would know if it’s day or night.” He laughed. She crossed her arms. “Very funny.” Her eyes dashed from one side to another. “Wait, how do you know this is a dream?” He sat down on thin air. “I know a lot of things.” He pulled out a cup of tea. Cyndi tried to copy the funny man by sitting on air. “Ouff.” She rubbed her rear end after falling to the ground. The man in the hat poured a cup of tea. “Takes practice to sit like this.” She looked up at him. “You could have told me.” “Where is the fun in that?” Cyndi giggled and stood up. “Ok, now can you explain some things?” “Tea first, talking later.” He handed her the cup. She took the cup. “Why, thank you.” She gave the hatter a bow. Cyndi then took a sip of the tea. “Hey, there is nothing in this.” “What do you mean?” He took a massive gulp. “This is the finest tea I have had in my life.” She set the cut down on the row of mushrooms. “Ok. You seem to know a lot about me and what is going on. Is there a way out of the cave that I am in?” He jumped to his feet. “You are standing on the solution, my dear.” Cyndi blinked. “I don’t understand.” She looked down. “All I am standing on are a bunch of tiny little mushrooms.” He laughed. “Why, of course, you are. Maybe if you try one, you could be tiny too. Or maybe it was the other way around?” He walked over and tapped her on the forehead. “Now remember that while I fade.” He laughed. She reached out to grab him, but her hands went right through him. “Hey.” All she heard was his laughter as the mist closed in. *** Cyndi woke up and hit her head on the bottom of the mushroom. “Wow. What a strange dream.” She crawled over and grabbed her fading flashlight. “I can’t wait to tell Andrew about it. Ugh.” She grabbed the side of the mushroom and pulled herself up. “If I can ever get out of here.” She pointed her flickering light up at the ceiling. “Welp, the way out is still tiny. Andrew? Are you back yet?” She waited for a few moments but didn’t hear a response back. “Ugh. Well then.” She clamored up on top of the mushroom once more. “What shall I do now?” Cyndi tapped her fingers on the mushy surface of the shroom. “Maybe if you try one, you could be tiny too. Or maybe it was the other way around. Such strange advice.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I can’t believe myself right now. I am thinking about trusting something I heard in a dream. If I did everything I experienced while asleep, I would have jumped off my roof years ago.” She giggled and looked down at the mushroom. “Still, I don’t see how just trying this giant shroom could hurt. No more than Andrew’s stale bread.” She stuck out her tongue. “My stomach is rolling just thinking about it. Eww.” She crawled to the edge of the mushroom. “I will just try a small piece first. Ugh.” She pulled off a sizable chunk. “Yes, this will do nicely. I just hope you taste as swell as you look.” She threw the mushroom into her mouth. “Mhhm. That is really good.” Cyndi sat back, pulling her legs out, so she sat crossed-legged. “I wonder why I didn’t try munching on this thing before.” She laughed. “Oh ya, it saved my life.” Cyndi suddenly shivered. “Whoa. I feel dizzy all of a sudden.” She put her hand to her head. “Maybe eating that mushroom wasn’t the best idea. It is making my skin crawl.” She lowered her hand into her lap and looked at it. “Oh my. My skin is literally crawling.” She held her hand up. “My hand, it is pulsing like crazy. Big, small. Big, small.” She shook her hand. “Make up your mind.” The pulsing suddenly stopped. “Finally. Huh?” She looked down at the mushroom. “Why are the spots getting larger?” Cyndi moved to her knees and gasped. “This thing is growing.” She looked up. “No, it’s no.” She gulped. “I am shrinking.” Cyndi jumped to her feet. “What am I going to do? What am I going to do? This mushroom was big enough. Now it is starting to look like a miniature roof. I thought eating this thing would help me get out of here.” She paced back and forth. “Instead, it has made me into a tiny version of myself.” She scratched her chin. “Well, maybe now I could crawl out of that tiny hole in the ceiling I saw before.” She looked upward. “If I could get up there.” The light suddenly went out. “Hey.” She turned to see the flashlight, now up to her waist, rolling down the mushroom towards her. “Wait, stop.” She turned around on a dime. “Bad flashlight.” She ran for the edge of the shroom. “This is crazy. I can’t be afraid of a flashlight.” Cyndi turned her head back towards the growing flashlight. “Then again, when they make them that massive, I can be.” She stopped at the edge of the mushroom. “Wow, that is a huge fall now.” She wiped the sweat from her forehead. “I don’t want to have to. . .” She turned around. “Oh, crap.” The flashlight rammed into her, rolling over her and dragging her over the side. “Help!” Cyndi flung her arms about as she tumbled downward and landed in something soft. “Ugh. What in the world?” She felt around. “How did I not go splat on the ground? Is this plastic.” Her hand found a massive fold, and she pulled. “Oh my.” She covered her nose. “I know where I am now.” She pushed the fold back down. “I landed on Andrews’s moldy sandwich. Yuck.” She looked upward. “Well, at least I can still see the light. If I can climb out of this backpack, maybe there will be some hope.” She jumped up and grabbed onto the interior of the bag. “Wait until I tell Andrew about this. Ughh. Hey, guess what happened to me down in the cave. Oh, nothing too much. I just shrank down to the size of some rolled-up quarters and fell into your backpack.” She sighed. “Wow, I never thought I would say this, but climbing out of this bag is not easy.” Cyndi pulled herself up and out of the pack and looked out into the dim light. “Ok. At least I can still see the mushroom, or I should say the new roof of the cave. The massive fungi beauty.” She giggled. “Ok think. What do I do now?” She threw herself over the side of the backpack and lowered herself down. “Eating it made me shrink, just like the strange man in the dream said. Ouff.” She dusted herself off after landing on the ground. “But didn’t he also say it might make me grow?” She looked upward. “That is crazy, but.” She outstretched her arms. “I did just become the size of a mouse. What more do I have to lose? Shrink so small that I am just a dust bunny?” She shrugged. “Well, maybe I could fly out of here then.” She laughed. Cyndi looked up. “But how do I get up onto that massive thing to take another bite. I am not munching on the stem. I would rather have Andrews’s moldy bread.” She walked up to the side of the mushroom. “Well, there are small handles on the side of this thing.” Cyndi smiled. “I guess I get to go rock climbing after all.” She pulled herself up. “Ugh, or in this case fungi climbing. Look at me, Cyndi, the amazing shrinking mushroom climber.” Up and up she went, soon reaching the bottom of the mushroom cap. “Ok, now how do I get up there?” She pushed her hand into the soft spongey surface. “Hey, I can dig my hands in. Maybe.” Cyndi pushed her hand deep into the mushroom and then let go of the stem. She screamed as she swung, but her arm held firm in the fungi. “Well, that was exciting.” She turned her head forward. “Onward to the size altering food.” She worked her way over to the rim of the mushroom. “I wish that someone was here to see all of this. Unfortunately, no one is going to believe me when I get out of here.” Cyndi stopped at the rim of the shroom. “Ok. One shot. Here I go.” She began to swing back and forth until her feet came level with the rim. She slid her hands out of the fungi on the next swing but kept a tight grip on the edge. Cyndi swung around on top of the mushroom. “Oww.” She pushed herself to her feet. “It worked, but I had to land so hard on my face.” Cyndi slowly pushed herself away from the cliff side. “Let’s get away from the massive fall, shall we.” Once she was on the safe bouncy ground, she turned around. “I just wish I could see up here. The shroom is blocking the light, so I can’t see what I am standing on.” She looked down at her feet. “I guess that means I will just have to take a bite from where I am standing.” She fell to her knees and dug in. “At least this thing is tasty.” Cyndi’s entire body began to vibrate. “Whoa. This is new. Hey, the mushroom is sliding beneath my hands. What is going on?” She felt her feet slide off the back of the mushroom. “Hey.” Cyndi crawled ahead. “I wish I knew what was going on, but it is too dark to see.” Suddenly she reached the other side of the shroom. “What the?” Before she could stop herself, she fell over the edge. “Oh no.” She outstretched her arm, and her hand landed on the ground. She didn’t even move the rest of her body. “Huh?” Cyndi blinked as she heard a cracking sound. “That isn’t good.” Suddenly the mushroom collapsed under her, and she fell to the cave floor. “Oww.” She turned around for the flashlight. “Damn thing broke. Huh?” She found the flashlight, but it was now tiny. Cyndi reached down and picked it up, holding it between her fingers. “How did you shrink? Wait, if you are small, that means.” She groaned as her head hit the ceiling. “I am the one growing.” Stalactites fell around her. “And I am getting too big. Oh my, that shroom works too well.” She put her hands on the roof of the cave. “If I keep growing, I will be smushed. I need to push.” The rocks above her began to give way as she was forced into a crouching position. “Come on, Cyndi. You can do it. Ughhhh.” A massive boulder fell in front of her. “Almost out and into the open fresh air. Just a bit more.” She suddenly broke free, standing straight up. She looked out over the landscape, able to see for miles. “Wow, I am so big.” “Cyndi?” She looked down to see Andrew in a jeep with a massive coil of rope in the back. “I was just coming to save you.” She smiled at him. “I found my own way out. Isn’t it amazing?” He scratched at his head. “Maybe. What happened to you? You are huge.” “I had a mushroom. It made me grow.” “Ohhh.” He looked at his hands. “I am not high, am I?” She laughed. “No this is real. Now let’s go home, shall we?” He pointed at her waist. “If you can get out.” She looked down to see the walls of the cave firmly fastened around her giant body. She raised a finger to her companion. “Just a second.” She tried to push herself out. “Ugh.” Cyndi put her hands down on the earth. “Come on.” “I don’t think you are going to get out. You are stuck.” “I just need a moment.” Cyndi suddenly popped out and flew upward. “Whohhh.” She landed back down in front of Andrew, sending his jeep flying. She caught him in her hands. “Got you.” He looked around frantically. “What just happened?” She smiled and bounced her head. “Oh, we went for a ride, silly.” She started to walk. “Now, let's go home. I am tired. Changing size like this has made me work up an appetite. I think when we get back to town, we are going to need to order up a hundred hamburgers or something.”
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Blowing UpDon't mess with someone on their anniversary, especially by sending them growing cookies when you should have been there in person.Blowing up. Jenny slammed the door behind her. “That jerk. He knew that today was our anniversary, and he is nowhere to be seen.” She ran her hands through her red hair and walked over to the table next to the grey door. “I am going to find out just where Clark is.” She picked up the phone and dialed. After a few moments, she reached Clark's answering machine. “This is Clark Bishop. I can’t get to the phone right now, but your message is important to me. Tell me what is on your mind, and I will get back to you. Peace.” “Clark, you piece of shit. Where are you? You should know what today is.” She tapped her pale fingers on the side of the table. “You said we were going to spend the day together, and now I can’t even get a hold of you. In fact, you changed the locks on your house? What is going on? Call me back and tell me what is going on.” She slammed the phone into the receiver and snorted. There was a knock at the door. Jenny turned her head towards the thick oak door. “Go away.” The person on the other side knocked once more. She put her hands into her jeans and walked to the door while she talked under her breath. “Some people just can’t take a hint.” Jenny opened the door. “What?” The postal man stood there and looked at her in confusion. “I just have a package for you.” He handed her a white and grey box. “It is from a Clark Bishop.” “Thank you.” She set the package down on the counter just inside the door. “Have a nice day.” “Ehm.” The young man held out his hand. Jenny crossed her arms. “If you are looking for a tip, this is the wrong house.” She slammed the door in his face. She picked up the package and walked into the living room. “Let’s see what that jerk decided to get me instead of coming in person.” She opened up the package to see a box inside and a note. “To Jenny. Sorry, I can’t be there. I had something come up. This package was sent to me by a friend. He said they were tasty and had some exhilarating effect. I didn’t really enjoy them, so think of them as an early anniversary present. Sorry I couldn’t be there today. See you soon. Clark.” Jenny sighed. “So you don’t come and meet with me, but you send me this box of. . .” She tapped her fingers on her chin. “What is it?” She opened the top to see a bunch of cookies. She picked one up and looked at it. “This is what Clark sent me? A box of cookies?” She set the opened box on the table. “Some anniversary gift.” She clenched her fists together. “When I get my hands on him, he is so going to get it.” She took a deep breath in. “Ok. Calm down. You don’t need this kind of excitement with your blood pressure.” She put her hands into her pockets and took a few deep breaths in. “The worst of this is over for now. Don’t have to give this anymore thought until you actually see that jerk again. Just enjoy yourself for now.” She sighed. “With all this free time you have now.” She grabbed the remote and turned on the television. “I wonder what is on t.v.?” The screen flashed to a commercial for some kid’s cereal. Jenny sighed and set the remote down. “Ugh, damn commercials.” She slumped down on the couch as she waited for the main show to start back up and tapped her fingers. “Ugh.” Her stomach growled. “I haven’t eaten all day, and my lunch is still cooking.” She looked over at the box of cookies on the table. “I guess the snack that he sent me should be used for something.” Jenny reached over and picked the box up, and then set it in her lap. “Mhmm. Chocolate chip. At least he got me my favorite.” She smiled as she lifted the snack to her mouth and took a bite, the cookie melting in her mouth. “This is so good. Not enough to make up for Clark ditching on me but maybe a start.” She turned her attention back to the television as the commercials ended. “And we are back viewers. We cover the excitement down here at the midsummer festival games and bring you all the heart-stopping action. Just before the break, we showed you the exciting white water rafting completion.” The man holding the microphone adjusted his suit. “It was a nail-biter, that is for sure. But now we go to the volleyball match that be starting shortly.” He turned around to a man in the background. “Sir. What do you think the outcome of this match will be?” Jenny stood up as she saw Clark on screen. “Well, Andrew, I think my darling Angela will crush the completion. She is a tough fighter and can do anything.” Angela walked by, and Clark blew her a kiss. Jenny stood up and clenched her fists. “That slime told me that Angela was just a friend. Now he is seeing her over me on our anniversary?” Her whole body trembled. “How dare he?” She shook her arms. “What is wrong with me? My arms feel like rubber.” She trembled as she stood there. “What is happening to my body?” Her clothing suddenly felt tight. Jenny ran her arms along her chest as her sleeves crept up her arms. Her jeans became skin tight and began to tear. Jenny bent over and tried to pull her pants off but instead made a massive tear across her rear end, showing her butt. “Oh god. My body is swelling like crazy.” Jenny lost her balance after her swelling body bumped into the couch behind her and fell forward onto her television. “Ouff.” She pushed herself to her feet and pushed the sofa towards the wall as her feet burst through her shoes. “Those were my favorites.” She shook her head. “This is crazy. How can I be growing like this?” Her head hit the wall, and she pushed herself off away from the wall. “If I grow anymore, I will become trapped in my own house.” She curled up into a ball as the walls closed in on her body. Jenny gritted her teeth. “Come on. Stop growing already.” The house started to shake as her shoulders pressed into the side of the house as her shirt began to rip apart. Her arms burst through the side of the house as her legs shot through the walls. “I haven’t had a chance to pay for the mortgage yet on this house.” She gritted her teeth as her face pushed through the ceiling. “Clark. You are going to pay for this.” She looked out over the yard as she continued to grow. She arched her shoulder and caused the northern section of her wall to fall over. Jenny then put her arm down and pushed herself up, the rest of her home falling into rubble in the process. “This isn’t what I expected to happen today.” She kicked a beam as she continued to grow, her boobs now poking through her bra. “First, Clark doesn’t show up and sends me these—“She looked at her massive body. “Growing cookies.” She sighed. “And then I find out he is seeing Angela behind my back.” She clenched her giant fists as her bra snapped off her body and flew into the neighbor’s house. “That creep. He better hope I don’t get my hands on him.” Jenny looked down at her hands and smiled. “Why yes. Clark better hope I don’t get my hands on him. Whatever will he do?” She laughed as her panties ripped in two. She turned around and looked down the street. “I think I can reach the park just as the volleyball game is starting.” Jenny rolled her shoulders. “Or if I keep growing, I could even get there sooner.” She started to run, reaching the end of her street in a few seconds. A smile formed on her face as she cut across yards and stepped over houses. “Oh, I will be there soon. Hope you are ready for our day together, Clark.” Soon the park and the midsummer festival came into view. Jenny could see countless tiny people all over the park, like small bugs in clothing. As she neared, they pointed at her and cried out. Jenny didn’t care that she was making a scene or that the news crew was running to put her on camera. All she wanted was her beloved Clark. She bent down to get a better look at the people below. It was hard to tell one person apart from another at her massive size, and with them, all either crowding her toes or running away, it just made things even more difficult. Eventually, she narrowed her eyes and clenched her right fist. “Hey. Will you all be quiet and tell me where Clark Bishop is?” The tiny army of arms pointed at a tree. Jenny narrowed her eyes to see a little figure just behind it. “There you are.” She reached out and picked him up, tree and all. She could feel Clark squirming in her hand. “Hey, what are you doing? Are you crazy?” He looked up into her massive blue eyes. “Jenny? Oh god, what happened to you?” “You don’t know?” She shook him and let the tree fall out of her hand. “Your anniversary gift did this to me, honey.” He shook his head and then made his way to his feet. “My what?” Clark blinked his eyes. “Wait, those cookies I gave you? Those were just some stupid shit my brother gave me.” She raised him up towards her face. “You turned me into a giant. Are you happy?” “Oh, come on. It can’t be all bad.” She narrowed her eyes. “I destroyed my house growing like this. Where am I going to live?” He gulped. “Umm under a bridge?” She clenched her fist. “I should crush you.” “Hey, wait. Stop.” She loosened her grip. “But that wouldn’t solve anything.” She raised him so she could look him in the eye. “Besides. I have a better plan for a cheating jerk like you.” He raised his arms. “Hey, the thing with Angela and me, it isn’t what you think. We are just friends.” Jenny took a few steps towards the parking lot. “Sure you are.” She stepped down on Clark’s car. “Oops. Didn’t see it down there. I am a bit clumsy at my new size.” “You ass.” She shook him. “Now, now. Do you want me to drop you?” Clark shook his head. “I would suggest you don’t insult me like that. Ok?” She turned her head to the south. “Now, we are going to pay a visit to your house.” “What for.” Jenny started to walk. “Well, I need to help renovate your house, of course, silly. I mean, it is my anniversary gift to you after all.” He hit his tiny hands on her palm. “Jenny. Stop. Look, I am sorry for giving you those cookies. I didn’t know what they would do ok. But you can’t destroy my house.” She stopped in front of his two-story home and knelt down to look inside Clark’s upstairs window. “I feel like you need a skylight.” She reached her hand and ripped out a section of his roof. “Hmm. I think I made it too big.” Clark shook in her hands. “This isn’t happening. This is all some crazy dream.” She tapped her finger on her chin. “I just don’t like the way that garage looks.” She stood up and used her heel to knock the garage over and crush the cars inside. “That is better. Nice and roomy.” “My cars.” “Oh, there were cars inside?” Jenny shrugged. “Now, let’s get into adding some room for a guest room.” She knelt down again. “Hmm. These walls are in the way.” She used her elbow to test the foundation of the house. “Hmm, I need to get in there to really see where this guest room goes.” She set Clark down and then used both hands to shake the building apart. Clark shimmied his way back as his house fell to pieces in Jenny’s hands. She then stood up and clapped her hands together. “I think I cleared away too much of the home. Oh well. We can always start over from scratch.” She looked down at him and smiled. “Your welcome.” Clark looked like he was trying to speak, but no words came out. Jenny stood up, happy with what she had done. “I feel much better now.” She looked down at Clark. “Don’t’ you dare ever call me again. Next time I won’t leave things off at just busting your home apart. Got it?” She turned around and walked away. Jenny wasn’t sure where to go now that she was so giant, but she was sure she would figure things out.

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Welcome. You can post what you want here Giants, Tinies or miscellanies stuff. please submit stuff to the proper folders.
Also to admins the group is now a Republic
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SW Mainly but also GTS, SM, and GT

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Giantess Vore Queens by AmyGiantess Giantess Vore Queens :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 129 6 Giantess Dark Elf Shrink 2 by AmyGiantess Giantess Dark Elf Shrink 2 :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 140 5 Giantess Dark Elf Hero Saves Tiny by AmyGiantess Giantess Dark Elf Hero Saves Tiny :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 43 2 Giantess Aliens Love Humans 3 by AmyGiantess Giantess Aliens Love Humans 3 :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 189 7 Giantess Aliens Love Humans 2 by AmyGiantess Giantess Aliens Love Humans 2 :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 101 5 Giantess Aliens Love Humans (and Vore) by AmyGiantess Giantess Aliens Love Humans (and Vore) :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 203 12 Giantess Queen finds a Tiny by AmyGiantess Giantess Queen finds a Tiny :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 81 5 Giantess House Sitting for Tiny Man by AmyGiantess Giantess House Sitting for Tiny Man :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 166 10 Giantess Birthday Gift Tiny by AmyGiantess Giantess Birthday Gift Tiny :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 102 2 After-work service | Batman by gt-and-videogames After-work service | Batman :icongt-and-videogames:gt-and-videogames 248 11 3 Out Of 14 by MgA0102
Mature content
3 Out Of 14 :iconmga0102:MgA0102 8 0
Anime Giantess Vores Tiny Man by AmyGiantess Anime Giantess Vores Tiny Man :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 124 2 Giantess Alien Saves Tiny Human by AmyGiantess Giantess Alien Saves Tiny Human :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 214 4 Giantess Elf Princess and Her Tiny Knight 4 by AmyGiantess Giantess Elf Princess and Her Tiny Knight 4 :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 180 3 Giantess Elf Princess and Her Tiny Knight 3 by AmyGiantess Giantess Elf Princess and Her Tiny Knight 3 :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 98 4


Giantess Vore Queens by AmyGiantess
Giantess Dark Elf Shrink 2 by AmyGiantess
Giantess Dark Elf Hero Saves Tiny by AmyGiantess
Giantess Aliens Love Humans 3 by AmyGiantess

List of Expansions:
Giantess [GTS]
Titan/Amazon size
Female Muscle Expansion [FMG]
Breast Expansion [BE]
Hourglass [which is both breast and hips]
Weight gain [WG]
Goddess [can do almost anything]

What you can do:
Butt Crush
OOC [plot reasons] [Like the girl being in love with the boy or girl, an evil-ish Digimon Empress, or controlled by a Digimon for many reasons.]
Body Climbing
Gentle [mostly]
Shipping [girl x boy, girl x girl]
Sexually stuff [18+]
Yuri [18+]
Gender Bending [Any male becoming a female]
Domination/Slave/Pet [depends on the expansion]

What you can't do:
Toilet stuff
Gore and Blood
Killing/Bashing other main characters [not in the mood for it]
Lol so weird me took a nap and ended up having a legit dream that totally sparked this rp idea!~
(YES I take naps... I go to bed late,shudap U.U )

Check it out.

Your a normal high school student,not too many friends and you don't think your life is special.

You have a crush on another girl/guy in school...but someone else likes you too!

MUCH more than you would think and they are willing to do just about anything to keep u (YANDRE ALERT! :D)

So much, that one day while eating lunch he/she manages to slip something into ur drink while u didn't see.

U black out.

When you wake up you think your in your room,the 'lights' are off you think but you obviously know ur room well and can see everything in ur room.

Ur even on ur bed! so you assume it's the next day....

BUT when you get up to turn on the light by ur wall... its not ur wall,but slimy!

Your freaked out and scream,only to find somehow light magically lights up ur surroundings....which is not easing since ur undoubtedly in a stomach.

Soon enough u hear a familiar voice..ur best friends voice.

and all u know is he/she says ur trapped and now ur there's forever!!!

*Will you freak out more?

*wonder what's happening? assuming its a dream?

* Will you not freak out,you always dreamed of something like this...

* Do you have a secret crush back!?

* OR do you have ur own ideas how this will play out?~

Message me below ur answer and what you think.

I officially claim this ;P you cannot take dis idea~ My odd dream world is da wonder hehehe.

Please do not use without permission~
as I might make it into a story someday.


BXB is allowed.

GxG is allowed.

keep it pg 13 for the other viewers sake ;) ~
(If not,pm me)

You can add any other ideas you like I guess ^^!
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