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Commander Keen and Woofie



Another strip idea for the MIDDLE of a story. This one is about the first meeting of Keen and "Woofie" who you can also see in my Princess Lindsey strip here [link] .

The idea behind Woffie is that he's a smuggler or some other type of general low-stakes criminal whom Keen is friends with. The hilarious part about their relationship is that neither ever acknowledges that Woofie is a criminal. Woofie always comes up with some blatant lie about his suspicious activities with a unshakablely cool demeaner. All the while Keen subtly pushes the issue, but at the same time -- in pure Columbo style -- pretends to buy in.

It would be awesome and totally fun if I had the time to think the whole thing through, but as of yet I haven't been able to pull it off satisfactorily short of this strip.
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