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Pony Polka Party

Rarity has no idea why she's here. Neither do I.
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meanwhile, cheese sandwich is crowdsurfing.


and over.

and over....
I think Rarity is a bit shocked by something. It looks like a bit more than just not knowing why she's there if you ask me.
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Pinkie has best polka face.
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Pinkie Pie loves parties. <3
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Looks great!  Love the detail!  :+fav:
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This is awesome.
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When looking at this I immediately imagine them playing :iconweirdalplz:'s 'Alternative Polka'
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Oh, Pinkie Pie. :iconohuplz:
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You should record that to youtube.

And before you say anything, yes, I am a brony. But I can also notice a bit of effort and creativity going into a comic, and can respect that.

You earn an emote... Whatever that's worth. :iconclapplz:
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Love the look on Pinkie's face.
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And both decked out in polka dots, no less!
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You'll get the hang of it, Rarity. Just keep practising.
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Polka party time!
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Pinkie and Rarity are so beautiful here. I love them so much :D
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I love their skirts. :heart:
Pinkies face with all that glitter [link]
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ha! LOVE THIS! its like a pinkie dream where she summons rarity :D awesome picture.
I'd imagine Pinkie's idea of polka music wouldn't be horrible; it'd probably be more along the lines of Weird Al or Spike Jones. I'd seen some videos on YouTube someone made a while back of PMVs to the tune of some Spike Jones songs. Somehow it fits perfectly. Especially with Pinkie.
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This could either be amazing or completely awful. Gonna go with optimism...
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