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Dr. Adorable wallpaper

After four months I finally got around to making a title graphic for my ask tumblr, "Dr. Adorable's Ask-Along Blog," at [link] . This is the wallpaper version of it.

UPDATE: Now with extra characters!
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I do like all of your art, i have watched livestreams where you draw from scratch and it is amazing. This is no exception. As always, you do good work on detail and use your usual clean style. The only thing i would work on is just how clean you make the outlines, considering i have seen some more rough outlines from you before. I very much enjoy your artwork, and would advise others to check it out so they can enjoy it also. Once again you find a way to make me enjoy your art even more! Great Work GiantMosquito!
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i am crying inside this is so beautiful
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I love this on so many levels...I just don't even have the words.

Well, except "yay"
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flutters with the goggles are so adorable.
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To be honest, I viewed Rainbow Dash as Captain Hammer because everyone really looked up to her and loved her, and Twilight as Penny because the characters match somehow. (Or maybe that's just me.)

But great job, I love it a lot.
Just fantastic, matches the original dead on
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'grats on the 10k followers
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The most adorable "evil" scientist :3
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That's so freaking adorable!
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I ran out of money at BronyCon and really wanted a print of this, I'm wondering if it's possible to order one now that I have funds again?
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I'm using this as my wallpaper now :)
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Wow, this looks really great!
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Hahaha brillent and clever!
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this is awesome
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Yes... just... yes... o.o
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I'm sorry, but this shouldn't exist......
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