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Enter, A New Challenger < Click for a much raunchier and more awesome description to this image!

"In a castle pleasantly resting on land un-visited by Ravia, a young yet lustful king sits on his throne while two beautiful, naked and voluptuous women work away to pleasure him. One stands by his side, passionately kissing the king, all while the young lord gropes the woman all about, all while the second lays between his legs, on her knees and ensuring his genitals are well pleasured. 

Moments later the throne room doors slam open and in comes in an over 7 foot tall woman. She is quite curvy herself, but at the same time well toned and strong. her eyes, fiery as ever and closely gripping a sword presents herself to the young king. 

The king himself barely even paying attention, stops his groping and watches the woman with distaste. 

"You there," the king says. "What is so important that you must bother me at such a time like this? Can't you see I'm busy?" The king says, immediately slapping the backside of the girl. She only giggles.

Moments later the woman begins to grow before the king, her stature increasing and increasing.  The king and his playthings do nothing but watch as an already towering woman grows to nearly 15 feet tall. 

"I'm here to kill Ravia" The woman says."

I guess Ravia isn't the only person that can grow large now. Any guesses who this might be? I'll be doing a full reveal later on. Also, if you guys liked the short story and would like the full version, which is much, MUCH more inappropriate and unsuitable for deviantart, let me know and I'll post it. 
Korra: Giantess Bender 6
After mastering the art of giantess bending, Korra rarely finds any encounter difficult. A brave warrior from the fire nation has a duel with the giantess, though I'm not sure she's going to win, especially since she's standing in a river....
Ravia Meets an Old Friend < CLICK FOR UNCENSORED VERSION! 

Another one off. Ravia ends up finding another member of the giant clan, this time, an old friend. Needless to say they didn't waste any time. 

Re-uploading and making the image a little more visible but still adding the proper censorship because I'm pretty sure people think that's the only image and didn't bother to check the description for the uncensored one.... Oh well. 

In the poll I made, a lot of you voted to see mini giantess sexy stuff with Ravia... so here's just one of many to come. 

Off in a rowdy village, many warriors and drunks party as the night goes by. As the whole town gets drunk, stomping could be heard from the distance. In little time it was none other than a giant Ravia, just recently ripping the roof off the dinning hall. Ravia wasted no time throwing villagers aside, stealing their food and drinks. As she prepared to kill the villagers for as an extra "snack", one beckoned her to stop and enjoy the village's finest rum. Unsure at first, Ravia eventually gave in and shrunk down to her still large but normal size. A few drinks here, a couple gropes there and Ravia found herself in an odd situation. Now 15 feet tall and her sexual passions growing with her, Ravia found herself naked and sprawled across the great dinner hall's table, all while the equally drunken warriors, knights and soon to be divorced village husbands couldn't help themselves but give Ravia the pleasures she wanted. One drunk, barely even able to reach the mini giantess, kneeling on the table thrusting away at her womanhood, a fat villager enjoying the somehow soft touch of the giantess' hands, a "noble" knight using the other hand all while the village drunk, too intoxicated to care, jumped on Ravia's giant face, shoving things in various places.....

hope you all enjoyed the small story and the render!
Ravia and The Mother of Dragons
More of a one off render for fun. Ravia has somehow managed to capture Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons and enjoys a relaxing moment by a river as the tiny queen crawls towards Ravia's unkempt, unshaven private.

Click that link to check out the uncensored version. Had to censor this due to deviantart's submission rules even though there is nothing being broken here but they'll claim there's sexual acts even though I've mentioned that nothing has happened yet. Let's hope this kind of censoring can work. I hate putting the black line. 

If you guys are getting a notification about this image it's just that I decided to play it safe and just put the black bar. No point in risking my deviantart page when the uncensored version is just a click away. 
Hey everyone, 

I just want to start off saying im sorry for essentially going dark for well over a month. Life is unpredictable and I haven't had any time to work on renders and for a while I had no motivation to work on it either. I finally decided to kick it into action and get those renders finished for you guys. Some I'm not particularly proud of (quality and idea wise) while some I absolutely love and am certain you will too. 

thank you all for the 1000 watchers. For a while I saw I had a ton of notifications and I knew that hitting 1000 watchers would happen sooner or later, so I promised myself I wouldn't check how much watchers I had until I was happy with my little project for if/when I got the 1000 watchers. Thank you all for supporting my deviant art page. I really appreciate all the support. 

Now, onto what would seems like the impossible: 2000 watchers! 


giantesslover45's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello to all reading this! I am just a simple and kind giantess enthusiast. I enjoy a great deal of giantess related content. Below are what I enjoy most:

- Giantess rampaging a city (She's big enough for her feet to cover a street in width)
- Giantess rampaging a suburbia (She's big enough to step on a house whole)
- Shrunken man with a "giant" woman scenarios

And I have sort of a uncommon fetish and that is I enjoy shrunken woman with a "giant" man scenarios. If you enjoy this Fetish too, feel free to message me about it and I would love to talk to you about it too!


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