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From Old Man to Young Giantess: Chapter TenCHAPTER TEN“So, what do think happened?” I asked Susan and Mary, “I thought that that ray gun only worked on inanimate objects, yet here I am 8’ 1” tall. Not that I mind this size, that is”, I added.Both Mary and Susan were at my place. I was sitting in my (enlarged) recliner in my den. Both were standing by my recliner looking at each other, then me. Mary had a hand-held device (looking like a cellphone) which she was using to examine the necklace, while Susan was taking notes.“As you had told us, you were wearing the necklace when you zapped it with the gun”, Susan replied, “the size increase you did for the necklace was five percent and that is indeed the size increase that you got. That much is certain”.“And thanks to that gun, I got my clothes sized up similarly as well”, I responded, “but it still doesn’t explain things”.Well, once it’s explained, then perhaps we’ve found the means to get both Babs and Jessica’s sizes restored”, Susan said, “That beam had to have been interacting with something that was on you at the same time. It could be the metal in the necklace - or the stone - which is why Mary is examining it with her hand scanner”.Nodding, I waited in silence for a couple of minutes while Mary was looking intently at her scanner screen. Finally, she looked up at me.“The necklace is typical inexpensive jewelry with a synthetic stone”, Mary said, “so I don’t see this as being a factor in your growth. The growth ray would not have been affected by it”.“Well, something did happen”, I pointed out, “or else how did I get enlarged? In a normal house, my head would be touching the ceiling, which is why I couldn’t come to your place”.Both girls nodded. The ceilings there were only eight feet. Even bare-footed, I’d have to stoop – or walk on my knees…! Susan started to say something, then paused. She took a sniff very close to me. “What fragrance are you wearing, Midori?”, Susan asked me.“It’s called L’Air De Temps”, I replied, “one of the Nina Ricci line. I picked it up yesterday from J.C. Penney’s”, I answered.“Were you wearing it when you used the gun on your necklace?” she asked next. I nodded.“Could you get the perfume, please?” Mary asked.Nodding, I stood up from the recliner. I looked down at both sisters. To me, they looked like children! Their faces were on a level with my boobs! Despite trying to keep a stoic façade, they looked up at me with some awe on their faces at my increased size.“Back in a minute”, I said as I walked out of the den and went upstairs to my bedroom.Thank goodness for the high ceilings in this house, I thought to myself, though my having to bend down to go through the doorways was getting to be somewhat annoying. I’d have to get new doorways made to cater for my new size, I decided. Outside, I’d be a giantess in a little world, but here at home, I’d want some degree of normalcy… I walked over to my dresser. Grabbing the atomizer containing the fragrance, I headed back downstairs. Re-entering the den, I saw that Susan had a small cage sitting on the coffee table in which there was a white laboratory rat. I wondered where she had quickly gotten that from…“I had it in our car”, Susan said in answer to my unspoken question, “I grabbed it while you were upstairs”.“You come prepared”, I replied with a smile as Susan held out her hand.“Thanks”, Susan said as I handed her the atomizer, “now to make our test case here smell pretty”. At that, she used the atomizer to spray L’Air De Temps on the rat. Mary sniffed and smiled.“I’ll have to get some of this fragrance”, she commented as she then picked up the inanimate object ray gun.She made an adjustment to the gun, then she aimed the gun at the cage holding the (scented) mouse. She pulled the trigger, and I could see the cage starting to grow. “I set it for twenty-five percent”, Susan explained, “so that if the rat does not grow, the cage will not have expanded enough for it to be able to escape”. I nodded in understanding. After the cage stopped growing, Mary took her hand scanner and started to scan the rat. She looked at the screen, then the rat, then her sister, and finally me.“The rat is growing!”, she announced, “it is at a much slower rate than the cage’s enlargement, but it is definitely growing!”“So, it was the perfume?” I rhetorically asked.“One or more of the chemicals in the perfume has evidently made the ray work on living tissue”, Mary confirmed, “Precisely how, I can’t tell you at the moment, but the scanner isn’t lying. At the rate of growth, it will reach the twenty-five percent mark in about two hours”.“Since you had the ray gun set at only five percent last night”, Susan said, “that was why you were not aware that you were growing. By the time your feet would have extended out over the foot of your bed, you’d have been sound asleep”.I nodded at that. But I had to point out something as the rat was acting in a curious manner…“It took me a while to go to sleep”, I said, “because my body was feeling pretty aroused. I thought it was because of the negligee I had bought but look at the rat! If it’s acting that way because of similar sexual feelings, that would explain why I felt that way”.Nodding, Mary did some tuning of her scanner and then aimed it at the rat. She looked at the readouts and nodded.“The rat is female, and it is in heat”, Mary confirmed, “so this slow growth evidently also makes the person or animal growing feel pretty good as well!” “So, you’ll be going over to Mallory’s place and spray both Babs and Jessica?” I asked.“Your growth was five percent, Midori”, Susan replied, “and we have to examine the rat more closely to ensure no side effects from the twenty-five percent growth – assuming that the rat’s growth will stop at that point”.“Given that they are both only 11.5 inches tall, Babs and Jessica will have to grow six hundred percent in order to be restored. That’s a much larger percentage rate of growth than you or the rat, so we have to first analyze what chemicals in the perfume are enabling living tissue growth, and then see if Jessica and Babs can indeed be fully – and safely - restored as a result”, Mary added.“Well, at least it gives them hope”, I said as I nodded my understanding. There could be unforeseen risks from such a dramatic enlargement, I realized, and both Susan and Mary Test wanted to make sure that it would be not only possible, but safe. Both girls were competent enough in doing the necessary research. If anyone could make sure that both Babs and Jessica would be restored, it was them…“If it is indeed safe for them, then this was an incredible stroke of luck your finding the solution, Midori”, Susan commented.Mary nodded in agreement. Ever since Mallory Mackall had informed them about Babs and Jessica being stuck at Barbie Doll-size, both sisters had been trying to see what could be done to reverse the process. However, whoever it was who had made that shrinking ray gun that Mallory had used did not have a size restore function added to it. And as the method of shrinkage it employed was far different to the technology that Susan and Mary were familiar with, it meant that they were operating at a significant disadvantage.The inanimate object ray gun that the Tests did have was quite an impressive device, but the obvious limitation of it not working on anything but non-living objects made its usage as a restorative for Babs and Jessica a non-starter. At least until now…“What we’ll be doing, Midori”, Susan said, “is that we’ll take a sample of the perfume for more in-depth analysis, then see about utilizing the critical chemicals as part of the growth gun. Perhaps we can also find a way to speed up the growth process as well. It shouldn’t take too long to get all the answers we need”.“If this works, not only will Babs and Jessica be owing you a good deal of thanks, but perhaps you’ll have some giant-sized human company as well, Midori”, Mary added with a smile.I nodded, but I thought that that would not be necessarily be a good thing. I really did like looking down on people, and the prospect of having people taller than me as a result of this accidental discovery of mine was actually rather unsettling. But I realized that the priority here was Babs and Jessica.“You going to tell Mallory?” I asked Susan.“Once we’ve determined that it’s safe, certainly”, she replied, “I don’t want to raise false hopes if this turns out to be something that can’t restore them”.I understood that logic. I’d be keeping my fingers crossed that Babs and Jessica would indeed be able to be restored to normal size. Speaking of which…“By the way”, I said, “remember what I asked regarding my butt? I would still like to get it enhanced some before Saturday”.“Come on in Saturday morning dressed in your bikini, and both your boobs and butt will be adjusted accordingly”, Mary promised me with a smile, “You’re going to be the ultimate eye-candy out there!”I smiled at that. People would think that my body was ideal enough as it is, but I thought that a bit extra ‘out front’ and ‘in the caboose’ would not hurt me one little bit! True, my clothes would have to get a further ‘zap’ from my growth gun as a result, but that was no ‘biggie’ (well, in effort at least…).Susan and Mary nodded, then they said their goodbyes and headed out. I went back upstairs, removed my clothes and took a shower. My increased size made showering a little bit more awkward, but I managed it okay. I would be glad though when the contactor would come and get the shower adjusted to my height. After finishing the shower, I then dried myself and brushed my hair, then bunned it up. I then put on my favorite combination of lavender top and blue skirt.After checking myself in the mirror – apart from the stud earrings, I was not wearing jewelry - I went downstairs and fixed myself a light breakfast of yoghurt, toast, and sliced fruit. I was heading out to the gym and I didn’t want anything heavy to eat. I washed it down with a glass of orange juice.After eating and cleaning up in the kitchen, I went back upstairs and put on a pair of flats. I then put my gym clothes, gym shoes, a towel, and a hairbrush in a tote bag. Picking up the tote bag and my handbag, I then left the house and went to the garage.I was grateful for the extra amount of ‘slide’ that Hugh Costello had put into the car seat adjuster. With the seat set fully back, I could comfortably sit in the car – my obese male body had a large butt ‘footprint’ and the Range Rover’s seats were wide. At my size, my butt-cheeks had more-or-less the same sized ‘footprint’, but I did realize that if I did get my derrière enlarged more, I may have to think about finding another vehicle… With my head protruding over the windshield, I proceeded to drive to the gym. I noticed that people were reacting to the sight of a giantess driving a vehicle with some amusement as I drove down the main street, but I did my best to ignore it. At last, I reached the gym and parked the Range Rover in the parking lot.Grabbing my tote bag and handbag, I exited the Range Rover and headed into the gym. The gym staff and some of the customers did look wide-eyed at my large figure as I passed through the foyer and to – the first time for me – the Girl’s changing room! “Wow”, one of the girls who was getting changed remarked as I walked in and sat down on a bench said, “I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as big as you. My brother is tall, but as he’s 7’ 2”, you’d be taller than him!”“I looked at her. She was a brunette. She was about 5’ 8”, but she was also pregnant. About six months, I thought. She must be here because of her pregnancy. I thought about the fact that my being female meant I could now mother children but decided that I wasn’t in any real hurry for that. But what she said about her brother…“Would your brother be Grant Preston, by any chance?” I asked her as I began to undress.“Yes”, she replied, “You know him?”“I met him yesterday at the mall. We had lunch at the food court, and he issued me an invite at the beach this weekend”, I replied, “You must be Maureen Preston”.“That’s correct”, she replied, “I’m in town visiting my brother and introducing him to my fiancé. We’re going to be at the beach too”.“No problems with…?” I asked as I pointed to her baby bump.“No”, she replied, “I just have to do certain exercises regularly, which is why I’m here. So, you know my name. What’s yours?”“Midori Hasagawa”, I replied, “Formerly of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Now I’m here looking after the house of a family friend”.“Nice to meet you, Midori”, Maureen said as she offered her hand. I leaned over and (gently) shook it.“Likewise”, I replied. Maureen seemed to be a friendly person. But given how Grant was friendly to me yesterday, not all that surprising.“Well”, I said, “I’m going to finish getting changed, then I’m going to do my workout. I hope that your Little One doesn’t object to your work-out routine too much!”She chuckled at that and I joined in. We finished putting on our gym clothes, and at that, headed out into the gym.,OOld Man to Young Giantess: Chapter 11CHAPTER ELEVEN As I sat back in the sauna and let

Mature Content

From Old Man to Young Giantess: Chapter NineCHAPTER NINEAfter cycling for about thirty minutes, I finally returned home. I felt much better by doing so. Not just because of the exercise, but because it defused the anger that I had felt against George Abbot for his snooping around my house. I made up my mind to purchase some curtain sheers for the ground floor windows. I didn’t want to block light from coming in, but I didn’t want any nosy snoops peeping in my windows either!Opening the front door, I took the bicycle inside and leaned it against the foyer wall. I then quickly checked the mail that had been put in the front door mail slot, then went into the bedroom.After removing my halter, shorts, sneakers, and underwear, I went and took a long shower. Exercising on the bike worked up a sweat! As I showered, I also made up my mind to get a contactor to work on my bathroom by first making the sink counter higher, and then reposition the shower head so that I would not have to sit down on a stool in order to get wet. I wanted to feel ‘normal’ in my house, and my being able to enjoy a shower standing up would be part of that!After exiting the shower, drying myself off, then brushing and pony-tailing my hair, I put on one of the moumous that I had purchased at the PLUS-SIZE FASHIONS boutique, then – after applying some L’Air De Temps perfume to myself - went to the kitchen in order to fix some dinner. As I heated up some leftover Chinese food that I had gotten from a takeout the day before yesterday, I thought about tomorrow and what I would need to do.“Better take the time to do grocery shopping”, I said to myself as the microwave beeped, “I’ll do that first thing after breakfast”. The reheated food went down well with a glass of root beer. The cycling really did work up an appetite! Quickly putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, I then went back into the bedroom and picked up my dirty clothes. I took them into the laundry, put them in the washing machine, then - after adding soap – started it up.I wryly thought that perhaps it would have been better if I hadn’t have purchased my own washer and dryer earlier this year as I’d have loved to have impressed the people down at the laundromat with my new look (and size)…Just after I had gotten the washing machine started and was about to sit down in the sofa in the den, I heard my home phone ring. I went over to the phone and picked it up.“Walters Residence”, I said into the phone, "Midori Hasagawa speaking".“Hi, Midori”, the voice of Mary Test replied, “How’s things going?”“I was just about to call you, Mary”, I replied, “I’m doing well, by the way”.“Glad to hear it”, Mary said, “I wanted to check if there were any issues from the TG/AR process you may have encountered thus far”.“Well, I’m getting used to the new order of things, and thankfully my larger size isn’t being too much of a problem. I really do have to thank you for the extra strength I have now. It’s coming in handy”, I responded.“Yes, I heard how you dealt with a loudmouth yesterday”, Mary said, “but since everything is okay so far, what did you want to talk to me about?”“Well”, I replied, “I got a new bikini today as I’m intending to head out to the beach on Saturday. I’m wanting to zap my boobs a bit bigger”.“Okay”, Mary said, “you’ve got the breast adjustment gun. Is it working okay?”“Yes, but I wanted to see if I can drop in sometime and see if either you or Susan could do the honors”, I answered, “because I want to get it just right and I think that doing it myself might not get the result I want”.“No problem, Midori”, Mary replied, “Just come on in and we’ll take care of it for you”.“It’s not just the boobs, Mary”, I said next, “I might end up having some balance issues as a result and I want to ask you if my derrière could be similarly ‘enhanced’ so that it all balances out”.“Oh, I see”, Mary said, “Well, Susan and I have another boob gun, and I think we can adjust it to work on the glutes. If you come on over tomorrow evening, we should have that ready for you. Do bring your boob gun though, as well as your bikini. If you are wanting to look ‘optimal’ for the beach, wearing the bikini during the adjustment will help get your boob size precisely enhanced”.“Great”, I replied, “I’ll be there”.“Anything else, while I’m still on?” Mary asked next.“Oh yes!”, I replied, “my neighbors are getting nosy and are wanting to speak with Steve Walters on the phone in order to ‘verify’ the Power of Attorney. Is there a way that that could be done?”“Actually yes”, Susan replied, “We have your recorded male voice, and Susan can easily rig up a microphone that can plug into a cell phone. That microphone will make your new female voice sound like your old male voice”.“Okay”, I replied with relief. By using that attachment, I could finally get George off my back!“How is the Growth Ray working for you?” Mary asked next.“Well, my furniture is better-suited as a result and Mallory’s bike has been scaled up as well”, I replied.“Yes, Mallory told us that she went over to your place”, Mary said, “and that she gave you her old bike. I’m glad that’s working out for you”.“If I thought I could have gotten away with it, I’d have enlarged my car some as well”, I commented, “but that would have made my neighbors suspicious, which is why I had a garage do some alterations to it instead”.Mary nodded. An enlarged bicycle was one thing, but an enlarged car would certainly have drawn unwanted attention…“So anyway”, Mary continued, “tell me how your day went. Susan and I need to keep the log up on your progress”.Over the next few minutes, I told her about my day downtown – she gigged some when I told her how I dealt with the voyeur at J.C. Penney’s – and about the items I purchased. I didn’t tell them about Grant though. I figured that that was none of their business.“Well”, Mary said, “I got all that, so I’ll let you go. Susan and I will see you tomorrow. Call us first, okay?”“Okay”, I replied, “I have your number”.“See you then”, Mary said before hanging up the phone. As I put down the phone and headed back into the den, I breathed a sigh of relief. It looked like everything was coming together for me. Being female, big, strong, young, and incredibly sexy to boot was simply a dream come true! I was about to turn on the TV, but remembered that I had to make a call.Going into my study, I turned on the computer – after using the Inanimate Object Growth Gun to enlarge the chair – and then looked for a local contactor to hire for the bathroom adjustments. I quickly found one, then I called him and asked him about what I wanted and why.“That won’t be a problem”, the contractor assured me, “but it’ll take me a full day to do it as I will have to go behind the wall of the shower to do the extension work on the pipes, as well as getting in a foundation platform for me to be able to place your vanity to the height you want. Will you be able to do without the bathroom for that time?”“Yes”, I replied. This house had a guest bedroom with a bathroom of its own. I’d simply use that while he worked on the primary bathroom.“What about your commode?” he asked me next, “Do you wish to have a similar platform added, or do you wish to get a bigger commode?”“I’d actually forgotten about that”, I replied, “Well, given the length of my legs, what would be easier?”“There’s a place I know that has commodes for tall people”, he said, “and given that the water input and output levels cannot be easily catered for by simply putting your current commode on a platform, I’d opt for a replacement commode”.“Would it be wider as well?” I asked. As I’m not just taller than a normal person, but proportionally bigger, that meant …“He’ll have toilet seats to cater for that”, he assured me.“Okay, then I’ll go with that”, I replied. More money drained from the trust fund, I realized.“Well, I have an available date early next week”, he said next, “will that be satisfactory?”“Yes”, I replied, “Do you need a deposit?”“Yes, please. I’d need it to get the new commode as well as the vanity platform and the extra piping”, he confirmed.He gave me a figure, and I gave him my credit card number. I'd use money from the trust fund to put back into the card. “Okay then”, he said, “I’ll see you next week. Nice to do business with you”.“See you then”, I replied. I then hung up the phone. I thought that maybe I should have had him work on the door into the bathroom as well so that I wouldn’t have to bend my head to enter, but one thing at a time, I decided…Now that I had made arrangements for my bathroom to be altered, I then realized that my old male clothes will need to be removed from my drawers and closet, and disposed of somehow. There was a Goodwill store close by that I could donate them to, but I’d have to get a number of large plastic bags. I’d get them over at the grocery store tomorrow morning.Getting up off my chair, I headed back into the bedroom and to one of the bags I had brought in from the car. I emptied the contents on the bed and looked at the various new bras and panties. I thought about trying them on now, but decided to wait until the morning to do so. I did want to try on the double-connected necklace though.I put it on around my neck and clipped the fastener in place. I looked at my image in the mirror.“Hmmm”, I said to myself, “the necklace looks lovely, but is just a little bit small. But a quick zap with the growth gun should take care of that…”I went back to my study where I had left the Inanimate Object Growth Gun. I set the dial on the side of the gun to make the size increase 5 percent bigger, then went back into the bedroom. Standing in front of the mirror, I pointed it at the necklace still hanging around my neck.“Heck”, I said, “the growth gun only works on inanimate objects, and since Susan and Mary’s TG/AR process means no fillings in my teeth or anything non-natural in my person, there’s no need for me to take it off!”At that, I pulled the trigger on the gun and zapped the necklace. I then looked in the mirror and saw the necklace grow some. The growing stopped, and I admired the enlarged piece of jewelry around my neck.“Perfect”, I commented. I then put the growth gun back in the drawer, then headed back into the den and turned on the TV. As there was a Firefly marathon on, I ended up watching that for the evening, pausing my viewing only to put my washed clothes into the dryer, and to grab another can of root beer.Finally, around ten PM, I turned off the TV, left the den, and headed upstairs. I removed the moumou and the necklace, then I put on one of the negligees and matching panties that I had gotten from THE BIGGER YOU. Despite the negligee being loose-fitting, the soft material really caressed my skin. I looked at my breasts through the translucent fabric and saw my nipples harden some…“Looks like I made a good choice with this item”, I said with a smile as I put the purchased clothes on top of the dresser. I then turned off the bedroom light and got into bed. I wondered if it was the negligee I was wearing that made me feel so incredibly feminine at that moment. The sense of sexiness was so overpowering! It was making my body react in certain ways that I will leave to the reader's imagination. It took me a while to finally drift off to sleep…###I awoke the following morning after a very sound sleep, but I became aware that my heels were at the edge of my bed. Had I slipped down while I slept, I wondered?I got up and stretched, then noticed that the negligee panty I was wearing was fitting a little more snugly. Did the material shrink some?Looking in the mirror, I saw my reflected image and saw nothing wrong. But as I went to the bathroom, I was aware that I had to bend down a little further to get through the door. I realized that if I were wearing my heels, this would be normal for me, but I was bare-footed!I quickly did my ‘business’ in the commode, then after washing my hands, I left the bathroom, then my bedroom. I went through the den into the kitchen and opened a drawer that contained some tools which I keep handy for quick indoor repairs. I took out a tape measure and used it to measure my height. I looked at the number and gasped. I then went into the living room and got my cell phone. I tapped in a number. A few seconds later, a sleepy voice answered.“Susan Test”, I heard.“Susan”, I said, “This is Midori”.“You’re calling a little early, Midori”, Susan said, “What’s up?”“Me”, I said shortly.“What do you mean by that?” Susan asked.“I mean that me is what is up”, I replied, “I grew seven inches last night. I’m now 8’ 1" tall!”,FFrom Old Man to Young Giantess: Chapter TenCHAPTER TEN “So, what do think happened?” I asked
Potions 'R UsA strange new store has opened up and is selling all sorts of strange odds and ends. Potions 'R Us is open for business. Check out their collection of potions that will help with everything from a headache to those pesky size issues and beyond. (This is a side story in my Fredricks Fancy series. Info below on the Patreon early access NSFW version)Potions ‘R Us Tess sighed as she walked around the outer ring of the mall for the third time, looking for the outlet store that Sarah had told her about. “Ok, Topic Lust, where are you. I don’t have all day.” She pulled her phone out of her purse and checked the time. “It is already six p.m. I will try and find this damn store one more time. But I swear if someone gives me the wrong directions again or these signs lead me in circles.” She clenched her phone tight. “Ugh.” She slipped her phone back into her purse as she adjusted her blouse. “I regret wearing heels.” She knelt down, rubbing her sore ankles. “I thought this would just be a quick visit to a store.” Tess sighed as she stood up, dusting off her slacks. “Next time, before putting on the heels, I will make sure I know where I am going.” Tess walked towards the escalator, having checked all the stores on the first floor twice over. “I will check the second floor one more time and then head home. I need to rest up for work tomorrow. I need to sell something this week, or Penny will fire me.” She rolled her eyes as she rose up on the escalator. “This hasn’t been the best week.” As she reached the top of the escalator, a man ran pushed her from behind, knocking her to the ground. “Hey.” He turned around, dusting his suit off. “Why don’t you watch where you are going?” Tess stood up. “You knocked me down.” The man sighed. “No matter. I am late to my job.” He looked Tess over. “You look like you could use a free voucher for our stores' new promotional campaign.” He handed her a card. “Potions ‘R Us. All potions are half off today.” She looked at him in confusion. “I have been all over this mall, and I haven’t seen or heard of your store.” He pulled at his suit collar. “We are a bit tucked away here on the second floor, but I assure you we are here.” He sighed. “I hope you check us out and enjoy what we have to offer.” He looked at his watch. “I have to go.” He walked away. Tess scratched at her short dark hair. “The mall won’t be open for much longer. Why would he be late for his job?” She checked the card once more, the reflective surface making her eyes hurt. “It says the store is located at the far end of the west wing, behind the Ben and Gary’s Ice cream. But I was down there and didn’t see this supposed store before.” She sighed. “I guess I can try and find it. It would be better than finding this imaginary Topic Lust.” She began walking towards the west wing of the mall. Her concerns that the store would be closed as soon as she arrived continued to rise as the Book Worms flipped its sign to closed as she walked by. After a few minutes, Tess found a glowing Neon sign for the store Potions ‘R Us. The place was packed. She walked in, a bit bewildered that she hadn’t noticed the store before; it looked like something out of a movie. Vials were lining the walls, and employees in eccentric outfits handing out bottles to the customers. A woman in a red, yellow, green, and blue jumpsuit walked up to Tess. “Welcome to Potions ‘R Us. How can I help you?” Tess scratched at her head. “Um, I don’t know. I was just told to check this place out.” She held out the card that the man in the suit had given her. The woman took the card and gave Tess a colossal smile. “Ahh, I see. Well, my name is Pamela. Here follow me, and I will help you find something to suit your needs.” She turned around, humming to herself and twirling her long blue hair. “Hey, wait.” Tess rushed to catch up with Pamela. “Hmm?” “Just tell me what this place is. I have been to this mall multiple times and never heard of this place.” Pamela laughed. “Oh, we just set up shop this week.” Her head bounced back and forth. “We are a new in-demand market.” “In-demand market for what?” Pamela walked up to a shelf, grabbed a vial with swirling red and blue liquid, and tossed it to Tess. She bounced it in her hands before grabbing onto the cold surface. Pamela then turned towards Tess and said, “All sorts of things. Hangover cures. Beating that pesky, peaky flu.” She adjusted a bottle with red liquid in it. “Making sure you are the right size and shape.” “Wait, what?” Pamela went on as if she hadn’t heard Tess. “Pretty much anything you can think of, our potions can do it.” Tess sighed. “I still don’t see where the demand for this came from.” “Well, let’s just say people are looking to buy, and we are here to provide.” Pamela smiled. “So, are you here to purchase something? “Umm, I guess.” Pam classed her hands together. “Perfect. What will it be?” Tess had no idea. She looked at the bottle of swirling liquid in her hands. “I guess I will try this.” “Perfect. Just meet me by the cash register at the front of the store.” Pamela danced away as she hummed to herself. Tess sighed as she walked over to check out. “This is so weird.” She looked at the glowing mushroom signs hanging from the ceiling. “I didn’t hit my head when that person ran into me, did I? Or did he send me down some rabbit hole?” She shook her head as she arrived at the register. “No. This is too real to be some crazy dream.” Pamela rose up from behind the counter, causing Tess to jump out of her skin. Pam giggled. “Oh, I am sorry.” She took the vial out of Tess’s hands. “Now, let’s get down to the dirty business, shall we. That will be fifteen-thirty.” Tess reached into her purse for the money. “Here.” Pamela took the cash and counted it. “Thank you.” She then slid the bottle into a bag and handed it to Tess. “Hope you enjoy it and come back to Portions ‘R Us. Have a lovely day.” “Umm, you too.” Tess took the bag and walked out of the store. “I wonder what Sarah is going to say when I tell her about this.” *** Tess arrived home later that night. Now that she was home, she pulled out her phone and checked her messages. “Hmm, only one. Oh crap. It’s from my boss.” Tess played the recording. “Tess. I need you to come in early tomorrow. I know we can work on increasing your performance. You just need to try harder.” “That said until you sell a car, you will be working overtime. You have a quota to meet. Talk with you tomorrow.” Tess sighed. “Well, that is just dandy.” She set down the package that she had picked up from Potions ‘R Us. “I am sure Penny wants to talk to me about more than just my performance.” She pulled the vial out of the bag. “I better set you someplace safe.” She held the bottle up and looked at the swilling liquid. “I don’t even know what you do.” She laughed. “That is a bit funny. I bought this thing, and I don’t even know what it does.” She looked the vial over for a label, finding it on the base of the bottle. “Drink me, and your problems will flow away.” Tess laughed. “Like my problems are just going to go away.” She scratched at her hair. “Unless this thing can somehow let me convince Penny to give me more time to sell cars. Not like that would happen, though.” Tess scratched at her arm. “I am very stressed out, though. Maybe it is a stress reliever, and heaven knows I could use that.” She took the cork off and inhaled a fragrant scent. “Oh my, it smells like roses and dewdrops.” She blinked. “How odd.” She raised the bottle to her lips and took a few gulps. “Ohh, it takes wonderful. It is like a flavor explosion in my mouth.” She quickly drank the rest of the vial, savoring every last drop. “I can see what the label said; drink me now.” Tess laughed. As Tess set the vial down, she felt a quivering sensation rock her body. “Whoa.” She walked over to the nearby desk to steady herself. “I hope this isn’t some strange side effect.” Suddenly her hand that she had placed on the table swelled in size, growing almost as big as her head. Tess held up her massive hand in disbelief. “What?” Her other hand suddenly shook before growing to the same size. She held them both up in front of her face. “What is happening to me?” She blinked. “The potion.” Tess began to wobble as her feet throbbed. She looked down to see her shoes becoming massive. “I need to do something before this gets out of hand.” She let her hands fall to her side and awkwardly walked into the next room. Her newly resized feet her a pain to lift. When she made it into the other room, she reached out for the phone on the wall. “I need to call that store that gave me the potion.” Tess found that she couldn’t press the buttons on the phone with the size of her hands, even the landline. “Oh, come on.” Tess suddenly shot up into the ceiling as her legs expanded outward. “Ouch.” She bent down, trying to find space. “Ok, new plan. Just get outside before another part of me decides it wants to grow.” She gently rubbed her head with her palm. “And before I bonk my head again.” She fell onto her hands and knees and walked towards the doorway. “This is so awkward. I have to move my arms twice as much to cover the gaps that my legs do.” When she reached the doorway, her head swelled, filling up the door frame. “Oww. Oww.” She put her hands on the walls. “Let me out.” She pushed as hard as she could, but her head wouldn’t budge. “Let me out before I grow again.” Suddenly her shoulders grew, making dents into the wall. “Ouch.” Tess slammed her fist down onto the ground. “Great. The last thing I need is to wreck this house.” She put her hands on the wall again and pushed. This time she felt her head slip just a little, and a moment later, she popped out of the wall, flying backward and landing on a table crushing it. Tess slowly pushed herself up, using her hands to support her head and shoulders. “Ok. What now?” Her chest began to lurch back and forth, growing slightly with each vibrating before coming in line with the rest of her body. She bent over, trying not to let her head go through the ceiling. “Why did I think it was a good idea to buy the bottle? No, drink the bottle.” Her arms vibrated before growing to match the rest of her size. She was now tucked into a ball, stuck in her living room. “Ok, I think I am done growing.” She shuddered again as she grew another inch. “Or not.” The house shuddered as she continued to grow. “I just paid off my mortgage. I don’t have the insurance to cover this.” Tess could no longer stay tucked in a ball. She expanded out all at once, her head and shoulders pushing through to the second floor. Her legs smashed through the wall and out onto the lawn, and her arms burst out through the walls. “My poor house.” The foundation shuddered as she continued to grow. “I thought this would make my problems go away. Now I am going to be fired for sure. And where am I going to live?” With another growth spurt, her knees and shoulders tore through the house. She tried to grab onto her home to hold it together, but it fell to pieces around her growing body. “Oh no, no-no.” She clenched her hands into fists as she stood up. “Oh, come on.” Tess ran her hand through her hair. “What am I going to do now? I just outgrew my home.” She sighed. “Why did I have to drink a bottle that makes me—” She winced as she grew another few feet. “Grow?” Tess looked around. “Well, I can have one of my problems fixed right now. I am going to pay Tess a visit.” She crossed her arms. “While I am this size, I can make sure we talk about my job. And make sure that I won’t be fired for this mishap.” She chuckled. “Maybe this isn’t all that bad.”

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