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Shrunken Man in a Shoe

A preview page from Portals 13: The Big Campus (Part 3).

It’s down to the final four. Drake and Justin are going next, and they’re about to get up-close and personal with Maya and Aaliyah.

Tags: shrunken man, unaware, nudity, bra and panties, feet, hair, mouth, science-fiction, global effect
Pages: 15 + Cover
Written By: :iconnewschool2626:
Artwork By: :iconwantedwaifus:
Issue Release Date: September 8th, 2021

Series Link: Portals

Here are the covers for issues #1-6:

Portals - Test Run by giantess-fan-comics 

Mature Content

Portals 2 - Guards by giantess-fan-comics

Mature Content

Portals 3 - Big Consequences by giantess-fan-comics

Mature Content

Portals 4 - Problem Solving by giantess-fan-comics

Mature Content

Portals 5 - Sarah's Toys by giantess-fan-comics

Mature Content

Portals 6 - Size Fight by giantess-fan-comics

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Ouu yess it continious 😍😍

Could look great if it was micro sized and unaware in-shoe boots situation. Lol

Newschool2626's avatar

Hope you enjoyed the in shoe scenes! There will be another issue down the line that has a lot more of it!

I wish I could see this comic and I'm sure it's pretty great but for sure I have to be a member 1st to seeing it lol. hell I'd would love to see more like this near the future😉.

kniteatThRndtble's avatar

Uh oh, that'll be interesting o: