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Her Flawless Skin - A Weekend Alone 4

A Weekend Alone 4!!! - need I say more?

For those who have not yet read what has turned out to be one of our most popular Giantess Fan series, here's the synopsis:

A young man has his girlfriend over while his father is away. The neighborhood mysteriously shrinks before she arrives, forcing them to seek refuge at the father’s home. Shortly thereafter, the girlfriend arrives, and trouble begins…

Tags: unaware, crush, stomp, vore, shrunken man, shrunken woman, boob crush, climb, body exploration
Artwork by: Jieun
Written by: :iconkevinfred:
Issue #4 release date:
July 14, 2014
Series link:…

Here are the covers to issues #1 - #3:

A Weekend Alone - unaware, vore by giantess-fan-comicsA Weekend Alone 2 - unaware, vore by giantess-fan-comicsExploring The Unaware Giantess - A Weekend Alone 3 by giantess-fan-comics

You can download this series and all of our other giantess comics with a single 1-month membership to !

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mrm64's avatar
Ahhh how I'd love to walk there :')
gamewizard-2008's avatar
"It's so smooooth!..."
warsteiner59's avatar
A long wlk to the tinies
Diran-the-vampire's avatar
Where could I read the whole comic for free?
giantess-fan-comics's avatar
Nowhere that would support us. This is a paid membership site, and having readers pay for this content is the only way we keep making it.
KevinFred's avatar
Only have to wait a few more days, everyone! :)
will there be any post digestion scenes?
gtsfan07's avatar
when will the feet interaction come?
Curious about this too. It is one of the tags.
Terran18's avatar
By far one of my favorite series of yours and july cant come earlier lol but something that always boggled my mind is that in chapter one Sarah clearly eats around 15 to 20 people and yet in chapter 3 theres only 3 persons in her stomach. So continuity error maybe? Cause everyone wad eaten around the same time so I doubt she digested everyone except for these 3 haha
giantess-fan-comics's avatar
3 were lucky enough to make it that far alive.
Terran18's avatar
Fair enough XD thanks for the answer and keep up the good work!
mrm64's avatar
:la: So cooooooooooool!
rooster1665's avatar
Glad to see this series continued! Vore is my fav so was glad to see that in issue 1, plus it's cool like someone else said to see how the digestion is going lol. There's still a lot of her to explore! Maybe her barefeet somehow...
rooster1665's avatar
and there's always adventures to be had in her panties! plus maybe more vore somehow lol
WoodSpider's avatar
Does she not have pores? I'm just saying guys, I'd thought by now my foot would have gotten stuck in on of them...
giantess-fan-comics's avatar
Completely without pores. Skin of porcelain, perfect in every way.
WoodSpider's avatar
Daaaaaaaamn, what lotion she using? I'd like baby ass smooth skin too!
SktrbyEd's avatar
shrunkenone's avatar
One of my favorite comics thus far! it was the one that got me to finally decide to join.

Also hoping to see more of those who are still alive in her stomach, and what their end fate will be. ;)
giantess-fan-comics's avatar
From that statement it seems you've found other comics you enjoyed within our catalog ;) Thanks for reading.
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