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Giantess Towers Over Tower


Of course, Laura had been immediately attracted to the Beck tower, one of the only structures left that could challenge her height.

She did not waste too much time in making the comparison more favorable by ripping the top spike of the tower, with all its communications gear, from it. Her simple gesture had made her the tallest thing in the city and had left a million people without cell phone service.

Happy with the results of her action, she just grabbed a group of people from the roof and let them roll into her palm. There was nothing she loved more than looking at tiny humans standing in her hand, because nothing exemplified her new status better.

A Giantess Fan member commission for papayoya. To make your own fan request and download all of our giantess comics, purchase a single 1-month membership to!
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Love it! I'm actually writing a story about Laura, so it was great to see her come to life!
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very good drawing
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Taking the tower of babel to a whole new meaning 
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