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GTS Drinking Sake and Shrunken Man



The large oni girl is sleeping in her section of the jungle and her spiked club, gourd, and sake dish are next to her. She then notices a rustling in the bushes. A man carrying a bag of valuables is sneaking away from the forest ruins that they came from. The oni girl wakes up and is in a grouchy mood. She swings her club at the thief's head and he is knocked out. A few minutes later he wakes up to see the towering girl looking down at him. He notices she is much larger than he remembered when he first saw her. He notices a large tan hill behind him... he recalls this is a flat forest with no hills. It is his sack and a few coins and a jewel encrusted dagger's hilt are coming out of the bag. The coin is about the size he is. He is suddenly picked up by the now Gargantuan Oni and brought up to her face. "You really shouldn't have done that, today." She is talking in a slight slur, and isn't talking loud, but to the thief, it very very loud. "But now that I'm up," she says with a sinister grin. "I think I'll have a drink." She grabs her sake dish and drops the little troublemaker into it. She then grabs her gourd and starts pouring sake into the dish. The little man is drenched then, in another moment, waist deep in the sake. In no time at all, he is swimming to the top of the sake pool. The large dish is lifted and is brought to the oni's lips. She starts drinking the sake and tilts the dish as she drinks. The man fears what will happen if he doesn't do something soon, so he swims away from the cave of a mouth that show up and seals his doom. But she drinks too fast. He has little to no chance to keep up with her drinking. He finally is next to her lips and a few moments later inside her mouth. He goes down as easily as the sake she is drinking. She finishes the large dish of sake and sets it down next to her gourd and falls back to the ground. She pokes her belly, "Having fun in there? I hope you didn't drown because I like my 'visitors' to struggle in my belly." Feeling tipsy and aroused by the drink and the tiny man banging against her stomach walls, she falls back asleep.

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the shrunken man look like the boy from ico?!?