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Exploring The Unaware Giantess - A Weekend Alone 3

The cover of "A Weekend Alone 3," set for release Dec. 28, 2013, from, as our micro people continue their efforts simply to get the attention of the sexy, unaware giantess in the house with them.

Synopsis: A young man has his girlfriend over while his father is away. The neighborhood mysteriously shrinks before she arrives, forcing them to seek refuge at the father’s home. Shortly thereafter, the girlfriend arrives, and trouble begins…

Title: A Weekend Alone 3
Pages: 15
Tags: digestion, crush, stomp, shrunken man, shrunken woman, boob crush, climb, body exploration, unaware
Author: :iconkevinfred:
Artists: Jieun Studio

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what is her name

XNekoXMika's avatar
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"HONEEEEY! Don't you see uuuuus??"
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Hello I'm new and I started to upload my drawings fanart I ise sarah and want to see if the link fails q hope this is not considered as spam q I hope you like it 
I'd love to get this, but seeing the (recurring charge of $19.95 after the 1st 30 days) is a turn off for me
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You can easily cancel at anytime while still retaining the length of the membership you purchased.
How would I cancel after getting the comic?
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You can cancel your account on the CCBill support page. Please provide CCBill with your subscription ID, e-mail address, and/or credit card number to cancel your account. The subscription ID was sent to your e-mail address upon confirmation of becoming a member. You can cancel at anytime.

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This one was good, I didn't know there would be digestion! Should add that to tags on the main site. Can't wait for more!
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Great pov; i thought she was pregnant at first
Soxnation617's avatar
Hey! Looks can be deceiving; just give me a break on this one
rooster1665's avatar
can't wait for this! Her left hand is right over the spot where her lucky meals reside lol
giantess-fan-comics's avatar
Yep! Thanks for reading :)
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Is there anyway we can download or view this separately because I only want to view this series and $20 a month is wayyyyyy too much.
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Sorry, the only way to access this comic is purchasing a 1-month membership. If you are into unaware you may also like 'A Secretary's Tale' in our catalog ;)
I'd gladly be in that belly.
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Seriously looking forward to this comic! Keep it up!
I love this Girl *_*
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i got a question, how will these people attempt to get her attention when shes taking a bath
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She's still gorgeous!
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i want it but i don't want to have to pay every month.
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