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Breathe In, Lights Out

The tiny people gathered on the desk to notice Sarah. However, Sarah did not notice any of the tiny people gathering below her.

She inhaled a full breath and the tiny people were sucked into Sarah's nose. Stuck amongst Sarah's nose hairs, none of them could move.

She took another deep breath and felt even better. So, it takes time for her to notice the tiny people in her nose...

Featuring the cast of A Weekend Alone:

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Mature Content

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Really worried about how the story will turn out after the one that's coming out very soon.

If they get to Sarah's brain through nose,....

JimmyArt26's avatar

Crying tears of joy at this picture

shrinkhighguy's avatar

I hope they like her nose hairs

I really hope that the story continues as soon as possible and we're totally looking forward and exciting.

FURRHEHE's avatar

nose vore yesssssssssssss

frequentlyimprobable's avatar

Love angle and how this looks!

kniteatThRndtble's avatar

Grip onto those hairs as tight as you can ^^;

Nodqfan144's avatar

Luckily they didn't make her sneeze.

NegaNotthisagain's avatar

Worse things could've happened to those tinies, they're lucky in my book :)

VanillaBeam's avatar

Not really "sniffing", but it's good ^^

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