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A Weekend Alone 5 - The New Girl

The cover for the fifth chapter in our incredibly popular unaware giantess series- A Weekend Alone!

Synopsis: A young man has his girlfriend over while his father is away. The neighborhood mysteriously shrinks before she arrives, forcing them to seek refuge at the father’s home. Shortly thereafter, the girlfriend arrives, and trouble begins…

Tags: shrunken manshrunken womanvoredigestion
Pages: 15 + Cover
Written by: :iconkevinfred:
Artwork by: Jieun
Issue #3 release date: December 28th, 2014
Issue Link: A Weekend Alone 5
Series Link: A Weekend Alone

Here are the covers for issues #1-4:
A Weekend Alone - unaware, vore by giantess-fan-comics A Weekend Alone 2 - unaware, vore by giantess-fan-comics Exploring The Unaware Giantess - A Weekend Alone 3 by giantess-fan-comics Her Flawless Skin - A Weekend Alone 4 by giantess-fan-comics
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XNekoXMika's avatar
Mary-Jean is Sarah's mother. The two have similar appearances, with the exception of Mary-Jean being blue eyes. Sarah has her absentee father's dark eyes.

I think :iconkevinfred: explained that Sarah likes to play video games even though she and Neil are not gamers themselves. She likes to cook, hang out with friends, etc. Mary-Jean is more of the sophisticated type since she works at a department store selling perfumes. She is a mega shopaholic and buys clothes to appear very high class. However, her uncontrollable burping and flashing her panties, puts Mary-Jean's image at risk because those two things are something that she doesn't want anyone too see.
Is the comic for free?
giantess-fan-comics's avatar
No, to read the full comic you'll need to sign up for a membership at our main site.
Twisteddna's avatar
The links seem to be dead. Was the series pulled?
giantess-fan-comics's avatar
We've made this series HIDDEN CONTENT until further notice. To gain access, simply e-mail support with your username.
Any plans for feet content in this series?
giantess-fan-comics's avatar
Not yet, but I'll make sure to pass along your thoughts to the writer!
UnosDays's avatar
hello questions The girl in gray shirt itself looks like a sarah Is She ?
XNekoXMika's avatar
No. The giant woman in red who looks like Sarah except with blue eyes is her mother, Mary-Jean Leheron. The girl who has Sarah's similar hairstyle and dark eyes that is shrunk could possibly be her older sister or cousin. You might have to ask :iconkevinfred: about her.
giantess-fan-comics's avatar
I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Could you rephrase that question?
UnosDays's avatar
The girl with gray shirt in the picture seems sarah star in the previous chapters that looks like sarah
giantess-fan-comics's avatar
That's because it's her mom! We will get to see Sarah again soon :)
UnosDays's avatar
I would love 2 that are the Same Time that would be great beautiful
RinTohsaka64's avatar the similarity to Rin Tohsaka (with her hair down) purely a coincidence?
Hey did they get the other lady's attention or will we see her again later on?
giantess-fan-comics's avatar
We will see her again later on :)
FlashMP's avatar
This will be my belated christmas gift :D
UnosDays's avatar
great I was expecting it hurts to wait till December that want out before
UltimativerG0han's avatar
I loved number 1 & 2 and this also seems great 
goddesslover's avatar
I hope we get to see her feet in this one!!
shrunkenone's avatar
Dec 28th? Late X-mas gift! :D

Hope we see more of those few still alive (last we saw them) in her stomach!
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