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A Weekend Alone 19 - A Weekend Above

A preview page from A Weekend Alone 19.

Synopsis: While Mary-Jean, Valerie, and Ariel prepare to go out to lunch, Sarah and her shrunken passengers try to think of their next move. They begin to wonder about the mechanisms behind their shrinking. Can they be restored? And if there are tiny people atop a normal sized person... will they grow with them? What would they do if Sarah were accidentally transformed into a mega-sized giantess? Or even worse... what if Valerie was grown to immense size?

Tags: unaware, giantess, multiple gts, growth, height increase, mega-giantess, pov, boot crush, cigarette, city crush, destruction, boobs, science
Pages: 20 + Cover
Written By: :iconkevinfred:
Artwork By: Jieun
Issue #19 Release Date: October 8th, 2021

Series Link: A Weekend Alone

Here are the covers for issues 1-6:

A Weekend Alone - unaware, vore by giantess-fan-comics  A Weekend Alone 2 - unaware, vore by giantess-fan-comics  Exploring The Unaware Giantess - A Weekend Alone 3 by giantess-fan-comics  Her Flawless Skin - A Weekend Alone 4 by giantess-fan-comics 

Mature Content

A Weekend Alone 5 - The New Girl by giantess-fan-comics
  A Weekend Alone 6 - Mouth of a MILF by giantess-fan-comics

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This was the best chapter yet.

Big fan of the smoking goth chick.

« what if Valerie was grown to immense size? » I dream about a such entire spin off 😌

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This looks awesome! Mega giantess partaaaay!

zhengguoguangxi's avatar

finally growing plot.

LilBeni's avatar

Suburbia getting Crushed!!! Love it!! Zoomers!

ArkhamKnight870's avatar

The giant goddesses are coming!!

hey can you tell me the release date of super spy 5?

giantess-fan-comics's avatar

We will announce the release date soon. 😉

hey when will you announce?

It's a bit exciting but it worries me that it feels that we're close to the ending or me or maybe this is😥. I do hope this story continue and goes back to normal soon. It's really rare to find unaware giantess situation comics like this was very unique until up to now.

Although I'm still excited to see some of these lovely giantess high heels and boots stomping and crushing. I hope one day they'll be a shrunken person stuck inside their shoes.

oh my god yes'

HOLY SHIT YESSSS!!!!!! 🥰😍🤩🤤👣💦 This is super interesting!! Does it have destruction like car crushing and other kinds of destruction? Sorry!! 🥺

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Looks like this could be the final straw to ruin the series

Nah, I feel like it'll just be a hypothetical scenario. Like, Sarah will say "What if we end up growing with the shrunken people?" and start to imagine it. We'll get to see her little "vision" of that scenario but it won't actually happen.

lleexxyy88's avatar

Even if so. The majority of the comic has turned into wasted chapters of nothingness. Also what use to take seemingly every other month if not quicker has turned into 1-2 a year. The luster is gone at this point.

"I watch porn for the plot"

lleexxyy88's avatar

It isn’t two people going at it. It’s literally a comic in a fictional situation. So yes, I read this for the plot.

nah chill out dude its still good

my man rlly here for all the lore

Their gigantic footwear compared to those tiny buildings is a fantastic sight!

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