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Backseat Fun - Shrinking Man and Shifting Gears by giantess-fan-comics, visual art

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Backseat Blowjob by giantess-fan-comics, visual art

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I'm a giantess comics writer with a giant imagination. Yes, that's right - big girls doing all kinds of things in various scenarios. Sometimes they prance around a city, while other times they intentionally destroy things. The stories are a bit more in depth than that but you catch my drift.

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akira, paprika, ninja scroll, inception
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ennio morricone
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pen & paper, notepad
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giantess stuff, comics, pocky sticks, manga
When two lovers decide to get naked for some Backseat Fun, they realize that there's not a lot of space back there. However, a shrinking potion should give them room to maneuver! Then again, who says April can't have some fun with the tiny Hugh before she shrinks down to join him? Synopsis: April and Hugh love having sex in new places. When they decide to park and have fun in the backseat at the town overlook, Hugh has doubts. He’s a tall guy with long legs and doesn’t like the idea of being cramped in a backseat. Luckily, April has an answer: she suggests they take an experimental shrinking potion. That’ll give them all the room they need! Tags: giantess, shrinking, shrunken man, growth, height increase, pleasure, feet, pussy, breasts, blowjob, nudity, handheld, insertion, destruction, accidental destruction Pages: 15 + 1 cover Written By: Giantess Amber Artwork By: Octo Release Date: April 8th, 2024 Issue Link: Backseat Fun Download this comic and all of the others in
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Jill's ice cream business is claiming a "big" market share now that she's become a giantess - but her cutthroat rival Gertrude isn't done making trouble! When she uses the stolen growth formula to scale herself up, The Great Ice Cream War is about to hit a new level of conflict! Synopsis: Jill Cohen is slowly adapting to her new life as a giantess. It's hard enough to find a decent pair of clothes when you're taller than a building, much less run a company making gourmet ice cream, but Jill's life gets even more difficult when competitor Gertrude Burdette also gets upsized! Will Jill be able to overcome this new challenge, or will Cohen's ice cream wind up melting on the pavement? Tags: giantess, height increase, growth, big boobs, butt, clothes ripping, gentle, insertion, pleasure, sex, nudity, multiple gts, revenge, giantess fight, destruction, magic Pages: 15 + 1 cover Written By: SolomonG Artwork By: Mei (Studio Arieta) Issue #3 Release Date: March 28th, 2024 Series
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any related league of legends Giantess comic?

Sorry, we only do comics with our own original characters.

Occasionally have good releases, but am disappointed I dropped 20 bucks just for duds.

The good part is a comic that promises vore, but half delivers.

While the slimming clinic did a better job of portraying vore than the previous comic that was headlining as a vore primary one.

All in all I once again regret resubbing

Sorry to hear that. We try our best to produce a wide variety of comics that focus on the main topics our fans subscribe for. In terms of vore, we have a separate site that deals primarily with that genre.

Admittedly, sometimes things don't come together as intended. We will continue doing our best to make each comic as good as possible.

Hopefully you will give us another shot in the future.

I do apologize for the rough comment. I will continue to check out new comics from yall too. Open for releasing an extra page for "the good part" showing the villain inside her stomach?

Query, why is Giantess RPG 9 different from what was given before?

The cover and sample page are different.

Read "Little Everyman " by Deborah Needleman Armintor to find copyright free stories to have inspired Irwin Allen