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Sonye Theme for Win7 v2

Hello everyone! :)

:spotlight-right: UPDATE 12-03-2010 :spotlight-left:

:new: Green Version Included!!!
:new: Blue Version Included!!!
:new: Soft Version Included!!!
Fixed some bugs with soft and blue versions
... plus some other minor fixes. :)


So the big wait it over and here is a more clear and complete
version of Sonye Theme for Windows 7!


Also i would like to say that i'll include blue color of the theme and more colors ro come until then you can still use the previous version of Sonye with multiple color choices [link] .


:bulletyellow: Big Thanks to: :bulletyellow:

sunbeem2000 for helping me with WSB use [link]
ka-la for helping me with some mods in WSB [link]
Alkhan [link]
Doom1468 sor the x86 system files [link]
and vajlent for helping me with x86 conversion [link]

:star: Also i have to thank all those who tested the Theme and sent me suggestions and bug reports. :star:




If you really like my Deviation then just :+fav: it. ;)
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port the theme for windows 8/8.1 please.
Still a great theme!
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Still a great theme!
please what Font style did used in your caption, eg. "taskbar buttom,slecte item image ",et.c. am really in tune to that,can you please let me know the name
Red , please RED!!
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This was an awesome theme! I would really recommend it, especially to anyone out there who is looking for some style, design, and color! Although very much effort was put into this theme, it would be sincerely better if it were to add some more details, and make change the looks of the icons. Thanks!
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Awesome work!!! Especially i like hard disk indicator bar, capture buttons!!! Ur theme made with love, thanks!!!Keep up ur work!!!
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you really did a great job. This theme is like a crystal, so good to see! Thanks!!!
really nice theme , but what's the name of the font's you used in the background.please am really intune with it.nice work.
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Bring Sonye to windows 8! Pleeeaaassee! Its such a great theme! The only one I ever use.
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Beatifull VS! :+fav:
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What is WSB?
very nice, usable
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Not Compatible with Home Premium... DAMN YOU!
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