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Snow Leopard Theme Beta3 x64

Beta 3 is out! :)

The system files are working only on x64 version of windows 7!
Also to make the theme working out well you have to use all three system files (explorer.exe, shell32.dll, explorerframe.dll)

Of course you can modify the system files to make them work on x86 versions too!

The theme now have many changes since the last beta 2 ;)
but it still have some bugs and some unfinished images.

Hope you like it guys and of course comments and Leopard screenshots are welcomed :D

Big thanks to :iconthepanda-x: and :iconsunbeam2000: for their help. :)
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make an x86 version now

It's a great theme, but will it work on win 7 Sp1?
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can you make the taskbar original? tks.
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Someone can say me how I install this theme perfectly?
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nice but how u change a dock icon

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Where Do I Place The explorer.exe,shell32.dll,explorerframe.dll :D
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hey can you please help me?! I try to change the folder icons but i just simply can't, i've use icon packager, tuneup utilities, and it change the folder icon, but when i use a larger size or change the way the icons are arranged it appear the default icon... there's any way i can change the folder icons completely?

sorry for my bad english, hope i explained myself...

Givee me a Icons link Please,i want it so bad :)
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How can I install it :(
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and for get the command bar a button
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pls link the icons
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Love this theme but it's 'taller' or thicker than the standard taskbar (or menubar) I'm used to with Mac. :/
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I LOVE your theme..BEST mac theme i have ever come across in this forum
i have noticed a problem though..
When i right click drop down menus the last letter in long phrases is cut off when highlighted
Here is the screenshot of what i am describing:

This image shows the complete text in drop down menu

This image shows text highlighted being cut off

What is this problem and can you upload a fix to this?
my buttons for the windows that open are still the same
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How do I apply the theme? :)
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Google my friend :D
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Very similar beautiful as original Leopard! Could you show how to extract the shell32.dll file to get the system tray icons only? Thanks in advance :)
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Do not install. shell32 is corrupted; i have to repalce it via Ubuntu LiveCD.
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shell32 Is Corrupted All My Apps Has Been Errored On My Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit :(
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