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Longhorn Taskbar Buttons PSD

Hello everyone!

This a is redesigned version of original Windows Longhorn taskbar buttons for Windows 7.

Comments are welcome. :)
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Hey @ giannisgx89 ... hmm bro I like it. but can u tell me how to use it? so it's .PSD file but what should I do next with that? A little help here bro... Please..
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You can only use it if you know how to make themes for windows vista/7/8 :)
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yeah... that buttons is for what? curious..
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how i can use this for Dream vs?
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I really like this yellow/orange color. Thanks
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Can someone make a set from it for Start Orb Changer?
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what msstyles IMAGE number does this replace in reshacker?
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Thank you for sharing! Good work ;)
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Thx for share :D
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Very good job :thumbsup::thumbsup:. Thank you. :love:
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I think you should put left,center and right buttons into the rar,too ;)
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nice share!!

including left,center,right and more ones?
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No but with the .psd it is very easy to make them but good thought.
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