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Photo white floor spotlight BG

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These are great, ty
and as a late comment, ignore the idiots telling you not to make money off your hard work. There's no rules or laws against making money
from deviant art, they even provide ways for you.
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thank you :) Is what allows me to continue doing it, and then I offer a lot of freebies..
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Thank you very much mate!!! will link when finished! Keep up the good work
In my opinion, Deviantart is aimed at sharing knowledge and - if designers are willing - to share their resources freely, not to exploit it commercially. But that's just me.
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you're not the only one trust me. I share both free and payed resources check out my freebie gallery ;)
Okay, but you only put your payed resources here, on a site of which the sole aim is to share knowledge and resources freely. We don't see you put your free resources here, unless I am mistaken.

My point is: you use deviantart as an extra sales point.
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My freebies gallery [link]

I'm 26 it's my job being a graphic designer, I try to share the most I can for free.

DA is for selling prints, T-shirts etc.. and they make money through ADS and sponsors. You're probably just very young :)
Haha, please don't patronize me.
I am 27, which makes me older than you - thank you very much - and I am a professional graphic designer as well. That sweeps away that argument for one. However, my point remains...

I don't use deviantart as an extra sales point. I use it to see some marvelous art presented here, give feedback on it, and learn from others.
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use Dribbble then, much better for this. Deviantart disagree with you ;)


This article at [link]
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Lowieke is right. DeviantArt is a community, not a shop.

"deviantART: where ART meets application! Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints."
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Thanks but where is the .PSD?
thx, but where is the psd?
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:D You made my day, I'm bad making my own spotlights for cars, etc. I'll credit you after using it. Thanks!
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thanks a lot I'll be glad to see where you used these :)
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I need this every time!
tnx and congratulations, very good work
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thx man, me too ;)
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Nice and unusual, thanks! 8D
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