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Bar V2

newer version of Bar, includes WinAmp info (title and progress)
the weather app is NOT part of the skin (too bad...), it's the widescape weather skin from Yahoo! widgets
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hey can u make pls mem and cpu standalone its possible? thanks :lol:
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great but small size
WTFack, I want the weather tool :(
Is there anyway to disable certain components of the bar, so that I would be able to remove only the clock?
nice I love it very

Nice! It's just what I was looking for. :)
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Rainmeter Update:

We've had some magic, and a host change
Rainmeter Forum, IRC, and Code Site
Can be found here: [link]

Apologies for the confusion from earlier posts.

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Too bad it doesn't work with Foobar2k, cool skin anyhow :)
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You're going to love me for this:


Makes f2k emulate winamp's api.
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Thank you :)
I found it by myself a day or a half after my comment, but I appreciate your thought.

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Funny! I am glad you found it. :)
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arwh, wonderful.. so how can i get it? x_x
sent msg pls. *-*
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Not too bad.
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There's any way i can use it in avedesk? Or maybe, a avedesk version of it? Cause it looks good. I would like to get it.
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This looks great
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Very very good! Hope you continue your work! :-)
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Looks nice and minimal, nice one.
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