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Peter pan_ part 2

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What an amazing artwork that you did!

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That's really good you must put a lot of effort in your drawing
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Why is there a "W" carved on the mantle above the fireplace?
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If memory serves me right, the Lost Boys build this house for Wendy so she could heal after Tinkerbell tries to have her killed!

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In my opinion, Wendy should just play mother to Peter and the boys, in-spite of being a mother-figure, rather than actually acting like one, all older woman-like.
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Amazing work! Fantastico!
istilldontwantthis's avatar
This one is so sweet. I love it!
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Your work is amazing!
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Seriously adore your style + how you drew Peter Pan, The Lost Boys, and The Darlings. c: I love the coloring too! :)
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I love Peter's face
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This is beautiful! Excellent artwork. You captured the Home Underground perfectly!
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Love this scene. :) Beautiful work!
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The detail is amazing. Beautiful.

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So detailed, so beautiful.
love the little drawings tacked up over the fire
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really well done!!!
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beautiful beautiful beautiful
i looove your lines
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i que bonito ! bien hecho, me encanta este estilo tuyo, especialmente me gustan sus caras y expresiones :D
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Your Peter Pan illustrations are delightfully whimsical ^^ They have a warm, cheerful, playful feel to them (I'd call them nostalgically attractive too). I admire your drawing style :)
hey i like the drawings youv made of peter pan. but it makes me wonder what book are you reading?
this definatly isnt the desney version, so if you please, would you mind sending me a link or just the title and author of the book you have?
AMAZING! I LOVE IT! wow truly amazing!
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