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New stuff coming soon. Keep your pants on when it comes in. I am building a website at the domain of and working on a 3D animation video to promote my music as well as act as an intro to the website. More stuff is up but I will tell of my secrets when the time is right.

This is Art, but you can call it music if you would like,
Gabriel Fisher; Ghyschur.
Friday, I performed Live at a talent show. Okay, well, for those who don't know what I do, I DJ. I am more experienced in the program world of making music, since thats all i did for 2 years as I was also getting my degree in Graphic Design, but i have only been 'Mixing Around' with consoles for 6 months. But anyways, I scratched The Conductor by The Faint, and it turned out better than I thought, so I guess thats always good. If it will let me post the video, you will get to see that there is a DJ controller next to me. First off, DJ stands for Disc Jocky, the guy that owns that stuff calls himself a DJ (its in his stage name), those kinds of controllers are only good for remixing, not using them as a sound mixer like what I have. Long story short of the minute that he was up, it turns out that he didn't use all four channels and was boosting a lot of signal through only two, and with the masters set to max, and pop, there goes his channels and his performance is over lol. So if you guys ever get into making music, or already do, just take the time to balance your power and signal out, pre-assemble on more then two tracks on your program that you use, or just mix the whole thing down to mp3 and play it off your ipod, and get a good mixer. The only a good artist that makes electronic music or dubstep doesn't remix other's when they know that everyone else thinks there their music is funner to remix then others, including when you fry out your channels on a $240 controller.
What I use to make music and scratch are two Numark TT1610 Turntables, a Numark iM1 rack mount DJ Mixer, Korg Dynamic Effects Pad, Korg Kaossilator, and a 10 Input sound mixer with built-in effects by Behringer. I have a lot more stuff like mics that have never been used and some 1970s Radio Shack speakers I got at an auction for $23. hahaha. The greatest thing about all that I use, is the ability do do what ever I need to on my Linux: Ubuntu - Dream Studio powered, 2011 HP Mini. Ghyschur Studeos is based on Linux (and yes, the mac osx and the Windows series are built by Linux, but i only use Pure Linux now). My big goal is to be sponsored by Linux for when i get signed to a record. ha, get sponsored now
People look at me funny when they see that I bypass the opportunity to run my turntables directly to the amp or speakers. I want those mixed effects. So let this be a lesson, if you want, that its okay to use more than one sound mixer, and a proper one, (though i understand that Behringer is a make off of a lot of stuff but everything can be filtered out and hidden in the end+the awesome filters, yeah, people want quality, but there are ways to make quality out of low recommended hardware), for recording, and even live sound.

I hope you enjoy the video…

ps. Things are looking great for publishing my music through Create Space, and i think i might get famous early, maybe i will publish in November.
The two kinds of tribal I draw take many hours. The most time I have taken of one is an entire year. I will upload pictures but no scans since it wont fit in my scanner for selling it as a print.

The first kind is what you see whenever you google 'tribal'
The second kind is what I call Trabstract, or Tribal Abstract. Though it all kinda is the same, imagine that the tribal drawing you just saw is actually part of a huge picture.
It takes many hours just to do one. The smallest named one is 'Heart' and it took me 4 hours to draw. The pens I use are not cheap either and I need something that lasts long and with a fine tip. The thinnest that I can go is 0.25mm, and that would consist of the entire drawing.
The ink drawing that took me an entire year to do, and just note, I had really nothing to do as a sophomore in VA, and that time was not over a period of time, i worked on it every day. I ended up bringing is back where I live now and won best in the district in an art competition and the teachers might have thought I was a god because of it, hahaha. The drawing is called 'The Mask of Eldar', modeled after the Eldar army in Warhammer 40,000. I will upload pictures later.
I hope to publish my music through so mp3s and cds will be available to buy in December of this year (2012).

The series that will be released: Small, but Bright EP.
By 12-31-2012, NE needs to be complete before you move on to LS and finish all of CT.
LS needs to be done by 02-15-13 and CDs published if possibles by the end of the month.
I,C and Backworks wallpapers will be uploaded onto before CD publishing and YouTube uploads.

SO2 needs to start ASAP

Use a new program to build NE, LS, I,C , and Backworks

Use the new CTRL TEST Gas Mask for the CTRL TEST - NE - WM:AS(HoW) for the middle figure in the wallpaper with other Cyber-Soldiers beside it. All need to have the GS-X Logo over the right eye socket and a bigger one over the eye socket of the new mask. In the background will be DT's new logo. Make it to look like its at night with stars in the shy and missile fares <-- (maybe flares)
I am now going to be uploading my old artwork. Anyone like Tribal? Abstract? Trabstract?! Its what I got!
What is great for my fans and soon to be fans I hope, is that the designs that i will be posting on here are never before seen before the YouTube videos are published along with the cds, as well as already seen my my fans on YouTube. Logos and album covers will be posted from as early as 2010 designs all the way up to my most recent for the music that i have planned for after the CTRL TEST series. with not just music, i will also be posting my personal favorite ink drawings and i am series, you have never seen something like these before. i have bragging rights for one of them.

I hope that you enjoy my art as well as my music and soon to be books in the distant future.

Gabriel R. Fisher