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Quest COL-004: [ ARENA ] CREATE A CHALLENGE by Ghouliboo, literature

Quest COL-004: [ ARENA ] CREATE A CHALLENGE by Ghouliboo, literature

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Using T-559 (WC: 312) It was time to play. Spade wasn’t much for cruises, especially when he would start to dwell over the fact that one would be on a boat out in the middle and surrounded by water with no land in sight to ground himself back on. He couldn’t swim, which was probably the number one reason he felt uneasy around water. But still, there he was, now a passenger on a large ship all because he’d been trying to dodge his bookie’s goons and found himself hiding in a nearby cargo container, full of what felt like luggage pieces. That should have been the first tip off that he probably didn’t know what he was doing by jumping into random boxes. Soon that box had been hoisted into the air, sailing in the sky until it had been boarded onto the ship, where Spade found himself an hour or so afterwards, the vessel already shipped out for the water. It was okay though, at least it was okay when he’d stumbled into the casino portion of the cruise, where smoke and alcohol filled the
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Using D-522 (WC: 355) Delphinus was on another adventure! It wasn’t an uncommon thing for the shark Stygian to be out trying to save the day, even if she didn’t exactly know who she was saving or why. It didn’t matter - small details didn’t matter! What mattered was that she was on a grand adventure and this one was going to be one for the history books! What she didn’t expect was to get distracted when she noticed a blur of green and blue in the corner of her eye. Wait! Was that a...teapaca? She’d always wanted a teapaca, ever since she’d heard of what they were! They were a fuzzy, adorable daydream with the prettiest shine… and Delphi really, really loved things that shined. The teapaca made a squeak and disappeared into the nearby tall grass, leaving the Stygian chasing after it, scouring through the grass to try to find it again. Where did it go?? She was going to capture it and she was going to train it - she’d already decided it. It was going to be a cute little sidekick on
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Using T-053 (WC: 372) The first time he noticed the sign, it had been stapled to the side of a very large, very old looking tree in some nightmare or another. He knew he’d been in this particular nightmare before because it was the one that had the delicious candy apples that grew from trees but Jack wasn’t one to remember names of places, no. He preferred to remember them for the things they had that he either liked or didn’t like. Candy Apple Tree place was good. Spiky Pointy Land place was bad. Little Cottage With All the Pies was good while Endless Ocean Full of Monsters was not so good. It was a pretty simple system. He’d been trying to knock out a candy apple or two from the tree using his wand slash stick when the familiar image of himself caught the corner of his eye. Was that a mirror in the tree??? No -- it was a picture! A picture of him! Hands reached out to tug the paper off of the bark, ripping the edges that had been stapled. His giant brown paper sack with the
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HEY before I send you T-557 we need to show some proof of the transfer! SO im making this comment here to link later.

You ready to do the thing we discussed on discord?

Yes ma'am ❤️

Thank you very much for the watch ! bunny emoji (love)
here is your last commission c:
Ghouliboo Commission by oWinTer
Thank you so much!!!!
here is another commission c:
Ghouliboo Commission by oWinTer
here is your first commission c:
Ghouliboo Commission by oWinTer