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leave me alone

leave me alone.....
don't come near me...
let me live in my own world...
let me live in my own ideal..

(.. the egg shell is like a world he built for himself.. so that he can live in his own ideal world... he doesn't have to worry what's happening outside.. as long as he's safe inside.. safe in his own ideal... he doesn't care... he doesn't care at all.... he just wants to be alone... )

comments welcome..! the figures we rendered in poser.. the eggshell was drawn with ps6

(this is a second submission of the same file that i submitted ealier.. i've deleted that one coz i can't edit it)
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Glorious idea.......
Magnificent execution.........
My spidey senses are tingling
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nice concept. good execution also.
.: Poetess :.
nuf said

[link] What are your thoughts on traditional artworks and digital ones?

...And if we lower our expectations we are killing our dreams, and a man without dreams is already half dead.
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:O (Eek)
what a bunch of hotties..uh..i mean...Blush

awesome work! Thumbs Up
i just love paintings in ps. they never fail to impress me. (i know how tough is it for me..)