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first time playing with poser.. please comment... I will really appreciate if someone can give some suggestion on improving this... the blood looks rather fake.. i used ps6... but not too sure how to make it look better
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not bad :) (Smile) oh and is it jus me or did u recently watched NGE ? :) (Smile)
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I Like the soul flying out of the body... this is a nice effect
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Nice job, makes i can feel the blades going through my body when i look at it, very powerful peice ;) (Wink)
:) (Smile)
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good piece, i like the way the body is floating , and the face in the bg watching is a nice touch aswell
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mmmm... tasty! ;) (Wink)

Some pointers would be to make the body have more form. Give it some shadows and more structure. Also, maybe a dim colored pole that its hanging from vertically.

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Penguin Trout -Hessam
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eeewwww that's creepy Fear plus its sick and wicked, that's what makes it awesome :) (Smile)

- Kerygma Stormtrooper
Choquiztli moteca, ixayotl pixahui... The cry spreads, the tears drip...
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what a wonderful theatre of macabre
avoid opened windows
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