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Nudity does not equal Art

I took some photos from the photo section and played with it a little.... hope u guys don't mind..

please comment...
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Wow. It's very lovely. I love your creativity.
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This is still very very cool :) (Smile)

taa for the update :) (Smile)
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no nudity does not equal art, but your probably just angry that a bunch of littel brats make narky comments about nude photography, i personally make art as a honest thing and be crude and harsh about my imagary....

but then theres art that captures the beatuy in life, a landscape, a portrait, a nude.. the body is a beautiful thing..male and female !

its just that the beaty of hte female body has astounded people since time began, and its not that we love looking at it..we just relates to our desires and..all round good feelings.

so fine there is a difrence between showing your fucking clitoris being rubbed by peter north and a good looking woman being a setup studio pose.. but it saddens me that good artists and others alike put down this devide simply because of imature remarks and misunderstanding and apreciation forwhat art stands for not what what it looks like..

eat me
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Great work. Hey I know that leg...
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i really like this piece.... is good... I like the way they fit each other.....

good work...

hope to see more from you
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Like it... is very beautyful... but the title isn't always correct... i don't get horny when i see a picture of a winamp skin :D (Big Grin)
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cool :) (Smile)
really good :) (Smile)
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Very nice. Really like it.
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really good composition i liked what u did here...

however i dont agree with the title...

great job !!!
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Fuck Thats awesome!
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