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Im all about sharing my artwork on Deviant too dogg im was just informing you just incaseknow wo maybe if you were in it for the competition you could try to me they do look similar, but like I said good luck...
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doesnt look similar to me, the two halfs doesnt even look like the deviantART logo.

good work ghostz ;) (Wink)
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well... for me.. deviantart is about sharing my work with others ..
let's don't make this competition thing such a big deal..
i agree they do bear resemblance..i don't deny that.. but it's coincidental.. i didn't copy it

i don't wish to make this competition turn ugly.. since u insist that i 'copied'...
well.. i'll declare now that 'THIS DESIGN IS NOT MEANT FOR COMPETITION FOR GATE09'

but i wish to stress that i didn't copy from anyone's design..
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Im not trying to argue about it but... if you look at the 2 deviant art symbols rotated sidewyas next to eachother to form G9 the exact way I did about a week prior to your submission, its copying. Yes you inverted the color and changed the text underneath, but the real design rests on the logo design itself, which is COPYIED. Im not bitter one bit though bro, good luck it the contest.
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thanx for informing me.. nope.. i didn't copy it somewhere else.. but i did notice that it bear resemblance to your design that u send to me in that the logo is above the word gate09. I have no intention to copy anyone's idea. But it's not really that similar... the logo is different and the way gate09 is written is different as well..
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Sure you didnt take this idea from somewhere? [link]
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