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Inori Yuzuriha

By GhostYumeO
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Fanart Inori from Guilty Crown anime.

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The funny thing is, i have make a promise to myself that i will get this done on just 4-5 hours or at least 1 day....
It took me 2 days. 
Not because of i did it too long, it because my lazy ass doesn't allow me to do so. 
mostly the time i stay the computer i always got distracted with anything pop up on my screen. it's so hard to handle.
it turn out that in 14 hours sitting in computer, i only drawing for 2-3 hours.  That's the best time i can concetrate. 
Got distracted by Manga, Anime, Movie,blah blah......i have tried to control myself lol. 

Anyway. The painting is Inori and im sure everyone must know where is she came from, unless you don't know just because my drawing is suck........Then she's from Anime Guilty Crown. i really like her character Design.
But to be honest, her character is so Fade T_T. It was like she didn't have much more screen in the half of the entire series, her personality make she look like a kuudere . ( I like Mana more than her lol )
Hope you like it. 

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Your help is really meaningful to me. Thank you. 
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Inori *-* beautiful)

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oh man.. I can relate the part when you can't concentrate. I've been at home for 3 months because of the current pandemic. yet, the best I can do is painting for 6 hours a day. I could never concentrate for more than 8 hours. And that's make me hate myself SO MUCH
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At least you concentrate in 6 hours long. that's worth way more for the guy with 12 hours doing nothing but just sat down in 1 place like me. 
Your doing a really good job, i can see it. 
But in the part that hate myself, i can feel you. XD 
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watch this to help you…  (also watch some of videos from the channel, basically they explain the root of procrastination)… (this is a video for not overanalyzing your painting and just keep going)
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Ha, these 2 guys are the one that i subscribed on youtube XD. i watch some and a lot of their video. it's really helpful though. 
They truly talk many thing that help us improving our skill and the quality of our life as well. 
thank you for sharing it ^^
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Yeah, I can relate. You set to actually do some artwork but then comes a lot of distractions around you. In the end, only few artwork gets done.

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Yeah, that's why i haven't achieved my goal yet. 
keep getting distracted, especially social media.  Just can't quit it even i did everything i have to. turn off the internet connection and many things.
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That look... That's the look they give you before you die. A beautiful.... yet terrifying work.
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XD didn't mean it to paint look so terrify in the first place , sorry. 
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You have both great style and great skill, fantastic work.

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really thank you for taking time to say this. 
thank you for thinking of me. it really make me happy : (
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