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Before commissioning me, please refer to my Terms of Service!

$1 = 100 dA points


(these will have a single flat color to them)
headshot- $5
half body- $10
full body-$13
sketch page (2000x3500 canvas)- $20

extra characters will be +$5

Flat Colors:

headshot- $10
half body- $13
full body- $15
flats page (2000x3500 canvas)- $25

extra characters will be +$10


headshot- $13
half body- $15
fullbody- $17

extra characters will be +$13

Ref Sheets:

simple (front, back, and simple details)- $25
normal (front, back, facial expressions, and simple details)- $30
detailed (front, back, facial expressions, alt. outfits and other extras at request)- $40


50x50 (static)- $5
50x50 (simple blink or tail wag)- $8
100x100 (static)- $8
100x100 (simple blink or tail wag)- $10

What I will do:
-Most gore and blood.
-Feral, anthro, hybrid, species (closed or open), and other non-humanoid characters.
-Human / Humanoid (i.e. humans w/ tails and ears)
-Any range of colored character. Must not be stressful/confusing to look at.
-Use of drugs, alcohol, etc.
-Use of expletives

What I will NOT do:
-Any form of fetish, porn, sexual, violent, or inappropriate interactions.
-Complicated/intricate designs
-Purely black / dark characters. (If you think your character may be like this, please send a note and I can see what I can do.)
-Visually harmful characters (i.e. neon colors)

I have the right to refuse commissions if I feel like I will be unable to do what you ask of me or if I feel uncomfortable with the material.

if you want more examples of my art, just ask, i can provide them if needed! 

Please fill out this form and either note me or leave a comment if you want a commission!

character name:
character reference or something i can easily use:
commission type:
extra details such as pose, personality, anything else I might need:

There are no reserves so I will be taking as many as I can handle!!
© 2017 - 2021 ghostycactus
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username: luhlikun
character name: Alec Summers
character reference or something i can easily use: picture troye sivan but as a moody 18yo vampire (i'll send you more on tumblr bb)
commission type: full body (shaded most likely)
extra details such as pose, personality, anything else I might need: (I'll send you a reference pic on tumblr but) Alec sitting on the ground with his feet on his skateboard, possibly smoking a cigarette because he's full of Angst and extra af. 

-Chelsey (aka cigarettesmokeandexyracquets from the tfc-net)
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yes! ok you can send the money to >>
chelsey tysm this means so much to me