We've had a personal victory today

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A personal victory, I'd say.  Comes in the deactivation of a certain someone's account.  I was hoping for a banning because he really is a hateful person and his actions do warrant a banning off this site, but this is the next best thing.  I do not know how long he will be gone, but I hope it's significant.  It was the person that I had warned many of you to block due to his cruelty to anyone who's associated with me

I've seen an image of his hacked email stating that he wishes to apologize even to me.  The answer is no.  I will not accept it.  I gave this person the chance to change, to be at least a contributing member on the boards that I ran and a friend.  And when I said I would not be talking to him, he still talks about how much of a monster I am.  I haven't even paid attention to this person, and it seems I come up in every single conversation he needs to make.  That's an obsession.  And it is disgusting.  So, no.  No forgiveness.  He deserved everything he got.  I did not do it to him, and I would like to thank the "hero" who did.  I did not put you up to the task, hero.  You just did it anyways because you realized what I knew 10 years ago, he really is a waste of binary code on the Internet.  I will say this, I did warn him that his actions will one day bite him in the ass.  Because being nice and asking him nicely to leave me alone never did it.  He doesn't understand nice.  At all.  I understand asking nicely.  He doesn't.  

And by the way, hero, no, he will NOT learn from your heroism.  That apology is probably just an act of desperation and he'll be back at it in the next week, spouting hypocrisy, hating on people who he views as incarnations of his abusive father, obsessing over me, driving my friends like Donny and Cyndi up the wall, and being an all around mouth-breathing douchbag that will continue to have a shrinking circle of friends.

And as for the particular person in question, if you want to apologize, then apologize, instead of emailing to one of your friends how sorry you are.  But you can't, because I blocked your email.  Because you had your chance then and blew it.  Oh well.  If there were pay phones still around, I'd say "Here's a quater, call someone who cares."

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Good thing his account has been deactivated, because 10 years of messing with someone and there friends is messed up. He Doesn't deserve to have an account.