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Step Into the Light

Why, yes, this is based off of this image....

Smaug: Well, thief!  Where are you?  Come now, don't be shy.  Step into the light!

I figured that my version of Rankin-Bass's Smaug, drawn by Studio Gibli, would sound even more awesome with that line coming from those jaws.

Yes, of course, he has hair on his head.  Hush.

And I wanted Bilbo to have this ghostly look to represent the invisibility.  It's my thing.

And of course Smaug has to have his iconic headlight eyes.  I mean, it's just not right without him having those.  His eyes are like huge spotlights.  They could blind an airplane!

Smaug and Bilbo © JRR Tolkien

Edit: This thing just looked too drab.  So I had to make it a bit more vibrant.

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How the fuck do you make me question my sexuality when it comes to these dragons you draw there's my life I like. Either Deathwing was hot or Smaug by soon as I see your interpretation of them I'm just like that's one sexy looking Dragon why do people not do more dragons with hair I guess I have a character that has it like a man of hair like a a wolf or something that a dragon but never have I saw these Majestic locks of hair on this fucking dragon that I see before me

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Smaug: You Will Take Nothing From Me Dwarve I laid low your warriors of old. I instil terror in the hearts of men. I am King under the Mountain!
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Just comment on the image.  Enough of the quotes from the book.
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Yeah All You Have To Do It's To Hide From Him 
leivbjerga's avatar
Smaug: Hello Thief in the shadows 
leivbjerga's avatar
(I mean)
Smaug: there you are Theif In The Shadows
Smaug: Oh I Don't Think So Barrel-Rider They Sent You In Here To Their Dirty Work Where They Skualk About Outside?
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Do you have anything to say about the image itself?
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I really like this, a cool rendition of a classic scene
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Just imagine the 1977 version in sweet CGI.
Now THAT would be horrifying.
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Here, maybe you should look at this too....

Fury of the Mountain King by Ghostwalker2061
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A most delightful Smaug!
SeaDragonST's avatar
Smaug look adorable <3 *hugsies*
CrazyMangaka99's avatar
Interesting.... Smaug looks more mammalian. Cool!
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Oh, geez!  Seriously? They used THAT line in the movie?  Gosh...couldn't they have just used the original line from the book?
Ghostwalker2061's avatar
The "step into the light" line?

Yeah.  They did.  I liked it.  It was a variant on how Smaug was goding Bilbo to come out so he could see him and of course kill him.
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Yes, that one.

True, that is one of Smaug's best lines in both the book and the 1976 animated movie.

Ghostwalker2061's avatar
Smaug never said that in the 1977 animated movie, nor in the book.  

"step into the light"

Is only spoken in Jackson's film and no other.
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Oh, my mistake. 

Wait, actually Smaug DID say that line in the Hobbit game.

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Yes, I will give you that, he did say it in the hobbit game.  I kinda feel some of the dialog that Smaug uses in the movie is from that.  But not all of it.
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Well, from the lines that I've heard Smaug say in the movie trailer it sounded similar to the game, maybe where the script writer got his inspiration from.

But, as I said before, I haven't seen the movie yet but I will next week on Monday.

"Well, Thief. I smell you. I hear your breath. I feel your air. Where are you? Come now... don't be shy. Step into the light."
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Okay if you're not gonna bother in telling me whether or not it is a good movie, then don't bother commenting on the image.   Besides, I already have that quote up.
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I really hope they give this battle of wits between Smaug and Bilbo the proper treatment it deserves in the movie. Both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are perfectly cast for it.
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Oooh, your Smaug looks so sneaky. Excellent work! :clap:
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