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P.E.R.N. the wallpaper

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Well, for those of you who are lovers of Anne McCaffery's Pern, here's the planet itself in widescreen wallpaper format. Enjoy. You can see a clear view of Nerat and the lower half of Benden Weyr here as well as the enormous Southern Continent.



Planet of P.E.R.N. created in 3D Studio Max.
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© 2008 - 2021 Ghostwalker2061
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Wonderful wall. :winner:
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Thank you.

I do suggest taking a look at my most recent image...which is when I try to paint a small spot in Tennessee...

Autumn Country Sunset by Ghostwalker2061  
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Great work. I like this one a little better than the update, because fo the greens I think. Looks more alive. 
Its a better looking world than mine, but I am improving it. 
Here's the link:…
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woah. Just.....woah. <3
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Nice job, this must have taken so much patience to do ^^

Why do I imagine this image being on the view screens of the ships when the colonists first came to Pern? I don't know, but it kind of fits it in my opinion.

Btw, this is my new wallpaper. :D It looks awesome.
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You should see the updated version.

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Aiie! So cool.....I am jealous of your epic art skills. :D
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I want to go there. :C
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Excellent work :) *thumbs up*
but I think you missed the dawn-sisters, the Yokohama, Bahrain and Buenos Aires. ;)
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It wasn't supposed to include them. Besides, do you know how long it would have taken me to model them?
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No, I don't know how long it would have taken, but I guess - VERY LONG. ;)
But nevertheless, it's an excellent, real-looking work! :)
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Utterly gorgeous
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Wow, superb job. Excellent work
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Man, this thing rocks! It looks so real! I'm a huge fan of the Dragonrider series and I have to say you've done a great job.
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Oh my word. That's amazing. It looks so real!!! I especially like how in the corner it's P.E.R.N. like it was originally called, instead of Pern, like they call it in most of the later books.
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Wow...I can see my Weyr from here...
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I'm definitely going to use this. Too bad it's going to replace my adorable Rufus from gaiaonline wall paper. Oh well. I'm a bigger Pern and Anne McAffrey fan than I am of Gaiaonline.

Amazing job!
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From an Pern fan. and AM too. Lovely Image.
My sight might be hit and miss but both of your PERN images are very nice.
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Thanx. This is the better version. The other one I kinda screwed up a few bits in the texture. I seem to like this version better than the other one.
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I like both images I know some who is a friend and collector of Pern Art. Your image of the full verson reminds me of SteveB who AM decaded SoP too.

Right now my sight it hit and miss. it took a AM Fan Site NKT there is also MoM too. Hans would like to add these two to his collection I am not real hot on typing hyperlinks, loss part of my just cover plan text to hyer forumsdotsrellimdotorg/indexdotphp is Meeting of the Mind Hans. and SteveB who AM decacaded SoP to :)
dotannemccaffreyfansdot org/forum/indexdot php NKT is how I got here. :)
It took your work, and another lover of Pern and Croc Hunter to drop by and relog in been wanting to but my eyes do give me problems. I keep on going.
If you see GinnyStar you are see me.
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I am confused by what you just said.
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I believe they mean:

"I like both images [referring to this one and the one that include the Halo joke].

I know someone who is a friend and collector of Pernese artwork. Your image (the full version of it) reminds me of Steve B, to whom Anne McCaffrey dedicated Skies of Pern.

Right now my [website] is hit and miss."

Then I'm not sure what their next sentence is, but I know AM = Anne McCaffrey. Not sure what NKT is, but "MoM" is Meeting of Minds (an Anne McCaffrey forum).

They then go on to talk about Hans, who is a moderator, I believe, at the MoM forum.

They then say they're not good at typing hyperlinks (URLs). Then I think they recopied part of their post on accident. I think they were trying to give you this link [Link]

Personally, I've visited that site. They're very helpful and very much like to discuss Ms. McCaffrey's works.

The rest I'm not entirely sure about, but I think the above is the gist of what they were trying to say. Not sure if it's relevant to you, but I was passing by, admiring your artwork, and thought you might like a mystery cleared up. If not, well, here's another comment for ya. heh

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