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Diana Umiya by Ghosttrainer23 Diana Umiya :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 2 0 Kilita #13 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita #13 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 0 0 Kilita feet #22 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita feet #22 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 1 0 Kilita feet #21 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita feet #21 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 1 0 Kilita feet #20 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita feet #20 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 1 0 Kilita feet #19 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita feet #19 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 1 0 Kilita feet #18 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita feet #18 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 1 0 Kilita feet #17 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita feet #17 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 1 0 Kilita feet #16 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita feet #16 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 1 0 Kilita feet #16 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita feet #16 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 1 0 Kilita feet #15 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita feet #15 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 1 0 Kilita feet #14 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita feet #14 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 1 0 Kilita feet #14 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita feet #14 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 1 0 Kilita feet #13 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita feet #13 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 2 0 Kilita feet #12 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita feet #12 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 1 0 Kilita #12 by Ghosttrainer23 Kilita #12 :iconghosttrainer23:Ghosttrainer23 0 0


Sam she is by AmperSketch Sam she is :iconampersketch:AmperSketch 10 0 Grumpy Octoling by AmperSketch Grumpy Octoling :iconampersketch:AmperSketch 18 1 Spooky Veemo by Chaos-Artixal Spooky Veemo :iconchaos-artixal:Chaos-Artixal 24 0 Rise Foot Tease by GigaBaka Rise Foot Tease :icongigabaka:GigaBaka 303 6 Okki .:Ref Sheet:. by danielstudios Okki .:Ref Sheet:. :icondanielstudios:danielstudios 11 0 Disturbing a Hot-Head by Light-Bulb-Fiend Disturbing a Hot-Head :iconlight-bulb-fiend:Light-Bulb-Fiend 220 8 Off the Hook feet by pelon10101 Off the Hook feet :iconpelon10101:pelon10101 178 3 Marina Feet by JFetishStuff Marina Feet :iconjfetishstuff:JFetishStuff 140 21 Woomy by Amy-Teh-Kitty Woomy :iconamy-teh-kitty:Amy-Teh-Kitty 70 10 Teasing at the turf war by Light-Bulb-Fiend Teasing at the turf war :iconlight-bulb-fiend:Light-Bulb-Fiend 146 18 Tickling her feet by phantomshepard Tickling her feet :iconphantomshepard:phantomshepard 19 0
Agent 8's Ticklish Test

“HUFF!! PUFF!!!! No...more...failing…” gasped Agent 8. She had been hard at training under the eye of Captain Cuttlefish and the VERY CAREFUL eyes(?) of C.Q. Cumber. These missions she completed were certainly hard as they worked her down until her bones cracked (that is, if she even had bones, but nobody is perfect lol.)
“Agent 8? Are you there? It’s me, Marina,” spoke a voice through Agent 8’s walkie-talkie. Agent 8 grabbed her walkie-talkie and answer. “Affirmative. I’m here. What’s up?” asked Agent 8, still exhausted. “I’m just checking to see how you’re doing. You’ve been in the bathroom ever since your last mission and you haven’t come out yet. I would go in there to ask you what was up, but I didn’t want to disturb you.”
Agent 8 jumped up in surprise. She hadn’t realized how long it had been since her previous mission! She exited
:iconsquidsisterfan12:SquidSisterFan12 19 24
Session with the Sisters (Splatoon 2 tickling)
Connor the Octoling looked around, baffled. He couldn't beleive the predicament he had gotten himself in to. A very serious looking agent three and four of the New Squidbeak, plus the Squid Sisters themselves, surrounded him, weapons drawn. He sighed. He had been sent to spy on the agents, only to be caught.
"Really, do you guys feel the need to point this many splattershots at me to subdue me? Afraid to fight me one on one?" he questioned cockily.
He drew his weapon, but fingers went on triggers.
"Drop the gun and cooperate. You'll be coming with us either way" Said Callie, scowling at him.
"Ya know your cute when you try to act scary, right?" Connor teased. He was surprised to see a slight blush on her face.
"That's it! Fire!" Callie ordered, but instead of ink, water came out of the guns. Connor let out a screech as the water hit him and fell to the floor, unconscious. Agents three and four rushed over and hoisted him up.
"Bring him to the Shack, then you guys are free to go. Me and
:iconcalliefeet:Calliefeet 11 5
[GMod] Draw The Squad #003: Heroic Love(?) by RudyOctokidGamerART [GMod] Draw The Squad #003: Heroic Love(?) :iconrudyoctokidgamerart:RudyOctokidGamerART 42 10 [GMod] My Night At Whammy's by RudyOctokidGamerART [GMod] My Night At Whammy's :iconrudyoctokidgamerart:RudyOctokidGamerART 25 13
Kilita loves
 Kilita decides to declare herself to Toni before it's too late. She takes him to a little bustling place and declares himself to him and says he is afraid someone will take him away from her. Part 1
After Kilita talks her feelings to Toni she starts crying nervously, and tries to hide her face in the darkness of the place. Toni pulls her back and hugs her and says, that she should have told him that from the beginning. Part 2
Toni tells Kilita that he promises her to be her boyfriend and that he had never betrayed her or liked another girl except her if she promised the same. Kilita with a smile of accomplishment hugs her and says she promises. Part 3
As soon as Kilita says that yes soon after Toni kisses her in the mouth and asks how long she waited for it, Kilita with a face of surprise responds that she hoped for it from the day in which he took it from the streets and took to live with him. Part4
Kilita loves extra 1
Kilita as soon as she reached the surface, she had nowhere to live, but she already knew Alikaha who introduced Toni to her.
Kilita loves extra 2
 As soon as Toni and Alikaha saw that Kilita was going to live in a cardboard house, Toni invited her to live with him because she did not deserve it. Kilita already liked Toni but after that she fell in love with him, but she did not have the courage to tell him that.
Kilita loves extra 3 
Kilita as soon as she arrived at Toni's house was very shy, because now she and he would be living together, the first night she had had a nightmare and went to Toni's room.
Kilita loves extra 4 
As soon as Kilita enters Toni's room she sits down on the chair to sleep, but Toni ends up waking up to the noise of the door and asks Kilita what she was doing sitting in the chair.
Kilita loves extra 5 final 
As soon as Kilita says she had a nightmare, Toni tries to comfort her and tells her that it was just a dream, but she ends up asking him to let her sleep with him tonight, Toni ends up leaving when he falls asleep she hugs him.


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