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I want to do this challenge. It looks extremely fun.

I guess the key this time around is to not take it so seriously. Every other challenge I tried to complete came with so much pressure from myself to improve significantly. This time around, I'll do whatever comes to mind--even if it's a stick figure or something.

With all of that said, here it is! The "extremely fun" challenge...with a semi-game plan.


I. Self-portrait ✓
*  Ugh. This is my least favorite one. I'll probably end up drawing a picture similar to my profile picture. I just have to think of a good horror movie scene to ruin.

[Lesson: I hate drawing backgrounds, but I haven't considering taking photos of a background or even making one with random craft items...then scanning them somehow. *rubs chin* Hmm...yes....]

II. Imaginary friend 
* ...I have no idea what to do about this. D:
[Lesson: I'm slowly learning that I don't have to do anything complicated. As long as I put something on the paper that is relative to the challenge then I am making progress. ^^;]

III. Most recent dream
* This one will depend entirely on when I start it, and what I dream about around that time.

IV. Redesign a book cover
* I would love to redesign the "The Witcher: The Last Wish" cover.

V. Childhood memory ✓
* More than likely, Zelda or Sailor Moon will be involved.

[Lesson: I can't really think of anything. This drawing went pretty smoothly.]

VI. What's in your bag? ✓
* Nothing interesting, but I'll draw it anyway. 
[Lesson: None here. I'm thankful I switched to a smaller bag or I'd be drawing crap all day.]

VII. Hybrid animal
* More than likely, I'm going to do a cat crossed with some type of bird.

VIII. Scene from a movie
* No idea yet. I would definitely like to draw some inspiration from "The Hobbit" so I have an excuse to draw a LOTR picture.

IX. Twins
* Hmm...I'll probably end up drawing Freya and Elda from "Chobits", or Twinrova (Koume and Kotake) from "LOZ: Ocarina of Time".

X. Superhero
* I always wanted to wear Daredevil and Superman's suits. Of course, I'll have to be in tip-top shape as they are to pull it off, but it's still a random dream.

XI. Super villain
* Not sure.

XII. An elderly person
* Since the baby prompt is next, I am going to draw one character as a baby and then as an elderly. I'll work out the details when the time comes.

XIII. A baby
* Refer to above plan.

XIV. Pet portrait
* I'll see if I can keep Link still long enough to either take his picture or draw him.

XV. Dinosaur
* Strange prompt. LOL. Yoshi is my favorite dinosaur, so I'll do some Yoshi. Actually...I always wanted Yoshi to be a party member in Super Mario RPG, so I may do something based on that.

XVI. Draw with eyes closed ✓
* This should be fun.

[Lesson: Um...never go blind?]

XVII. Delicious food
* I'll either draw my favorite or most recent meal at the time.

XVIII. Zombies
* Fairly straightforward.

XIX. Sea creature ✓

[Lesson: Must draw darker.]

XX. Your dream job
* Idea#1: I'm asleep in bed, and $100 bills are raining down on me. Yes. This is a good job.

XXI. A guilty pleasure
* I don't know if I have a pleasure that I feel "guilty" about. I'll have to see.

XXII. Favorite cartoon character
* Okay...this is a tough one. I'm going to have to do some list-making.

XXIII. Actor/Actress
* I'll end up drawing Halle Berry or Kerry Washington. Without a doubt.

XXIV. A collage
* Definitely a toughie. I really have no clue.

XXV. Best friend
* For this one, I would really like to draw Tiffa as a seraph with Sephiroth, and myself as a fairy with Serge. It'll be very nostalgic. *_*

XXVI. Instrument
* Without a doubt, an ocarina...or violin...or harp. Crap, this is hard.

XXVII. Sentimental value
* This will depend on the time when I start on this.

XXVIII. Your zodiac sign
* CRAB BATTLE (If you don't get that, you need to get that). On a serious note, I'd really like to make crab-based armor. It would be...interesting.

XXIX. Meaning of your name
* Well, let's see: Kerri (Irish/Gaelic) can mean "black", "dark", and sometimes "black-haired/dark-haired". An (Chinese/Vietnamese) can mean "peace". The "Kerri" part of my name is easy--I'm both black and I have dark hair. The "An" part...not so easy. I'll just have to see what I can come up with.

XXX. Favorite outfit
* Rather than choose an outfit from my closet, I plan to draw an outfit that I would LIKE in my closet. That would be more fun to draw.


That's it for now.

*poses like Ghirahim*
*snaps fingers fiercely*
*disappears in a flurry of fabulous diamonds*


Journal Entry: Sun Oct 17, 2010, 12:41 PM
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...I done goofed.

I think I accidentally deleted those picture comments. I'm really sorry~! I still haven't figured out how dA feedback words. Sometimes pressing delete removes items from your feed and other times it just deletes it completely. What the hell. TT__TT

Thank you for the feedback, nonetheless. I appreciate it. >_<

Once more, with feeling.

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 9, 2010, 10:05 PM
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My anatomy needs so much work. -___-

For practice, I am basically memorizing patterns in body structure and drawing naked people. My sketchbook will basically be a dirty magazine by the end of the year. Hahahaha...

But, seriously, it helps.

Once I "master" the human body, I will move on to garments. I'll probably start moving into fashion design for a little while just to learn how to draw different garments.

As always, I am looking up to the great artists of the world and dA for inspiration.

Good luck in your ambitions, citizens! :)

Thank you all for the faves and feedback. I am grateful for all the support. I really, really, really appreciate it. ^_^
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