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II. Imaginary friend by ghostsymbol II. Imaginary friend by ghostsymbol
Tools: Lead pencil (0.7 mm), Crayola colored pencils, Crayola markers
Time: ~30 minutes
Playlist: Efterkland - Mirror Mirror + Mirador
Commentary: Prepare for some TL;DR.

When I was a little girl I was a HUGE Sailor Moon fan. I remember spending tons of time at the local library printing a bunch of Sailor Moon art just to go home and draw them repeatedly. I really miss my binder full of those pictures but...I lost it. *weeps like Professor Farnsworth* Anyway, the first project I ever worked on was a Sailor Moon rip off called "Kitty Jewels". It was basically me indulging in my Sailor Moon obsession along with my obsession with cats. It was really fun to work on. Mostly because I had the opportunity to create a main character (Ulula -- the girl in the drawing) that I secretly aspired to be, and supporting characters that I considered upstanding people. So, the project was naturally very dear to me.

As for the "imaginary friend" aspect, I'll explain that. I had a big issue with communication as a child. A part of that was due to my being terribly shy, but another part was the fact that I spoke broken English and Jamaican Patois. No one really understood me as a result. I also had an issue with writing because as fond as I was of language arts I struggled to write legibly. I remember everyone from teachers to classmates to family members giving me a very hard time because I could not do things "normally". I had to learn to find happiness in things that would not judge me like drawing, cartoons, video games, and books. Ulula/Kitty Jewel was one of those outlets. Whenever I struggled to do IRL things like communicate, socialize, my motor skills, focus, etc., I always imagined her cheering me on when no one else did. Since her character was an extraterrestrial being who struggled just as hard as I did to fit in with other human beings, I felt she was the only person who understood me. My imaginary friend phase truly helped me a lot.

I guess in many ways my imagination really improved my way of life. I left behind the imaginary friend thing in my childhood, but I still rely on the messages that so many creators leave in their works to motivate me throughout my life to always believe in myself. So...that is my (cheesy) explanation of this challenge. I really liked this one. I had to do a lot of thinking and introspection to complete it. I should really do more challenges in order to take full advantage of the opportunities it has to offer. I blame my accursed laziness. *shakes fist* Okay, I'm done. XD
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seraphicgate Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've never heard of this project before!  D:
I never knew people made fun of you for the way you spoke. That must have been before we met. T_T  Well, all I can say to that is I hope those people fall into a bottomless pit.  Or else, I will kick them in, 300-style.  "KERRI. OWNS. YOUR LYFE!!!" *boot*

Well, they know better than to mess with you now.  Both you and Mark can legitimately kick their asses.  I don't remember what belt you guys got to but it's probably more than enough to whup the average hater. LOL

Anyway, CHIBI KERRI IS CHIBI. XD  So, is the tall girl Ulula?  Did she have a transformation sequence? YOU KNOW HOW I LIKE THOSE. LOL
ghostsymbol Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014   Traditional Artist
I tend to omit it from any list of projects I make because it was the biggest rip-off in the history of time and space. LOL. Yeah, it was way before we met. I was a little kid when I struggled with speaking and other really simple things. I still kind of do, but it's not so bad until others are really insensitive about it. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. I hope they fall in the slowest motion possible. 

The trick is remembering half the stuff I learn. Some of it is instinctive, like what our instructor called "the unicorn". It's basically someone coming at you with a knife and you put enough pressure on their elbow to make them stab themselves in the face. It was brutal. The entire class went: "AAWWW" when we learned it XDD. But, yeah, we can handle ourselves if the time ever comes. I hope it never does though. -.-

Chibi Kerri also had a big-ass head. With the size of my head and Mark's I hope we never have children. My hips will shatter or something. LOL. Yep, that's Ulula. I did give her a transformation sequence but I can't remember the details. I know putting on jewellry was a huge part of it. Transformations are the best, mang! I think that's why I loved the battle system in FFX-2 so much. I didn't care much for everything else in the game but that henshin sequence between the different classes was fi-yaaah.
seraphicgate Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Remind me to hire you guys as ninja bodyguards. Or something. Lol
Don't feel bad about having a ripoff story. Hyper Dimension was basically a cluster***k of everything I liked as a kid, namely Sailormoon and Magic Knight Rayearth. And don't get me started on the characters…they were basically Expies of every character I ever liked. Ever. Lmao

That reminds me, I've got to start uploading all that old Hyper Dimension artwork to dA eventually. That binder is thicker than a bible…all that old art is going to waste. Sure is going to be fun explaining how the dude who looks just like Auron isn't Auron…but some guy named "Ethan." I didn't even try, LMAO

GURL. Ervan got the HD remake of FFX and started playing it yesterday. I kept warning him that if he plays FFX-2 he is going to lose about 50 points of manliness. I can only imagine his face when he watches the opening FMV when Yuna transforms into a songstress…. Lol
ghostsymbol Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014   Traditional Artist
We'd only be useful for like five minutes though because we're so out of shape. LOL

Blah, I still like your Hyper Dimension characters. I liked the whole project. It was cool! DO IT. I'd probably faint after looking at all of that art. If your scanner is anything like mine, though, I guarantee that scanning all of that will become a massive pain. Hey, you can never have too much Auron. You should make a project where the entire cast is just different versions of Auron-like characters. One with long hair, one with short hair, one with a tsundere personality, one with a yandere personality...Aw yiss.

LOL! Well, I don't know. He may receive an increase in his manliness from watching scantily clad girls dance and transform all day. Let's be honest. Any guy who likes FFX-2 really likes it for that reason, even though they'll say something along the lines of: "THE PLOT IS GREAT, OKAY." Yeah, the same way girls watched Magic Mike for "the plot". XDD
seraphicgate Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm sure you're at least better than me, first wave zombie cannon fodder. Mark has an arsenal of weapons. XD

Considering I'm married to Sephiroth, it's more likely I'd make a story with different versions of him. …Oh wait, that's Advent Children (ba dump tish!). Too bad his clones sucked.

I'll do it… as soon as I stop being lazy. You're at least submitting new artwork, so it's the least I can do to contribute to dA since it will take forever to finish Final Fantasy Cross Season 2. Lol

And yes, scanning all that stuff will be a bitch. I probably won't be submitting anything for a long time…. -_-

Good point. Though he doesn't like teenaged girls, even in games and anime. Thank god. That would be creepy. Lulu is the best; everyone else go home.

I forgot to tell you. He finally got Dark Souls and he loves it. I do too thanks to my armor fetis–I mean fascination. Yeah. >_> So I finally know who you drew in your Chaos Witch fanart! ^^
ghostsymbol Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014   Traditional Artist
Yeah, Mark is pretty dangerous. LOL. But don't worry. If there is ever a zombie apocalypse we will have your back. Also, I apologize if Mark goes Guts-style berserk in that scenario. I'll try my best to give him a Casca-style bonk of the head until he stops. XD

*gasp* DO AN AURON AND SEPHIROTH CLONES STORY. I agree. Sephiroth's clones were pretty lame. I'll give Loz some credit for making me laugh with his man-child antics.

No worries. I understand. I tend to look at my scanner and go "UGH" for three days before I upload anything.

Well, I have even more respect for your brother for that. I'm lenient with some teenagers though. Mainly ones like Michiru and Mamoru who need to stop lying because they know damn well they're 20-something. LOL. I'm not lenient with lolis/shotas though. My first reaction to someone being attracted to a child--fictional or otherwise--is noooooooooooooo. Once again, nooooooooooo. 

YES. I always go on about what a flawless queen Lightning is but...nah. When it comes to Lulu, Lightning can have a seat.

Aww yiss! The bosses are pretty, aren't they? I love Gravelord Nito's design a lot, but I'm not going to fool myself into thinking I can draw him. Yes, I understand the armor...fascination...too >_>...<_<... I've had moments when a crappy-looking armor was stronger than a nice-looking one, and I seriously debated being weaker just to wear the nice one. I should have my gaming badge revoked. :(

Have you guys met Solaire and laughed at his dramatic love for the sun yet? JOIN HIM (Warrior of Light Covenant/Sunbros) AND PRAISE THE SUN/BE GROSSLY INCANDESCENT/PARTICIPATE IN JOLLY CO-OPERATION/ETC. There are other covenants too but that's my favorite. If your brother wants to be evil he can always join the Darkwraith Covenant/Dickwraiths, and ruin lives for no reason. I have to be honest though. The Dickwraith videos on youtube are hilarious. 
seraphicgate Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If Seph and Auron appear in a story together, on the same side, my head asplode.  That's probably why I made Hyper Dimension. LOL

I laughed harder than I should have probably at the Lightning comment. I keep picturing her going "Okay" with :iconokaymemeplz: face and actually sitting down. XD  She shouldn't feel bad though. They spammed Light in 54645321 games and we will never see Lulu again because of her ultimate cleavage and ridiculous dress. LOL

Half the characters in Sailormoon are lying about their age. The creepy part is that Mamoru IS in his twenties...but he dates a 14-year-old. >____>
Setsuna is the only senshi who is an adult...and predictably she is my favorite. XD  Michiru is my second-favorite though, so she gets a special pass. XD
Mitsuru from Persona 3 is probably the Most Triumphant Example of a character lying about their age. I never believed for one second she was a high school senior. Never. >_>;;; Lolicons/shota lovers can fall in that bottomless pit along with your haters. >_>

Maaaaan, Dark Souuuuls! XD  Erv is currently Lv. 77 and I think he joined Way of White.  At first I didn't understand why everyone kept leaving messages saying "Praise the Sun!" everywhere.  SO THAT'S WHY. XDDDD  I think he talked to that guy, but he didn't join them though. XD He briefly quit to join the Chaos Servant covenant so he could learn good Pyromancy, and then joined the Way of White again.  He's too nice a guy to be evil in video games, so I don't think he'll ever join the Darkwraiths....  Plus I'm there so I yell at him whenever he does something bad. LOL  He killed a shopkeeper by accident and I was like "HOW COULD YOU. T_____T"  My moral standards are too high in games. XD;  That's okay because I think he's only been invaded once since he's been playing, but his Sin is still super high because he keeps killing those forest covenant guys to get their souls and level up fast. XD
ghostsymbol Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014   Traditional Artist
I think mine would too. Throw Serge in there and, yeah, I'm pretty much deceased. -_-

LMAO! Followed by the FFXIII "Game Over" theme. They just can't handle Lulu's flawlessness. She'll just sit back and paint her nails purple while her moogle plushies lay the smackdown on her haters. Motherfuqer just don't give a fuq. 

Yeah...Mamoru is going to get Chris Hansen'd at some point. I'm so tempted to do a comic about him showing up to a fight thinking that Sailor Moon is there when it's really Dateline NBC ready to interrogate him about his relationship with Usagi XDDD. OMG. I can't even handle what elegant princesses Setsuna and Michiru are. When it comes to my favorite I'm always stuck between Michiru and Mako. It's so hard. They're all so precious. ;___;

Yeah, Mitsuru is a liar. LOL. Akihiko is a liar too. That receding hairline and manly-ass voice gave him away. I'm not fooled. :|

Damn, he got far! That's pretty much the only message I see in Dark Souls: "Praise the Sun!" I also get advised to walk off of cliffs or do things that will lead to an instant death. Trolls... Man, I love Pyromancy! I actually restarted my first file as a warrior because I regretted not being a Pyromancer. It sucked slightly to start over but it's worth it now. LOL. Yeah, same here. Even in Mass Effect I could not stand getting any renegade points. If I did something evil by accident I had to reload and re-do things. Having a conscience is tedious :(. Mark made that mistake too! He literally dropped his controller and screamed "NOOOO!" for like five minutes when he accidentally killed the shopkeeper in the Undead Burg (I believe it was there). I made it even worse by telling him that the shopkeeper's possibly-nonexistent undead children were going to suffer because their father never returned home. LMAO. Man, I gotta get some tips from your brother. I suck so hard at Dark Souls. I swear I'm only progressing because of luck or something. XDD
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