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Commission - Cold War Fantasy by Shimmering-Sword Commission - Cold War Fantasy :iconshimmering-sword:Shimmering-Sword 521 63 Return to the Warrens - Darkest Dungeon fanart by BrotherOstavia Return to the Warrens - Darkest Dungeon fanart :iconbrotherostavia:BrotherOstavia 760 113 Fight for a factory IV by SpA Fight for a factory IV :iconspa:SpA 6 1
Step By Step
He lurks in the shadows far away,
picking off his adversaries
as they scuttle past, fearfully,
their majestic king musing silently.
He does not miss.
The bullet is fuelled by certainty
as it expands time and velocity
and breaks the air to impact beautifully.
The eagle see's his prey
from a kilometre away
and kills it before it even knows he's there.
It's wings, of course, beat quietly and gracefully,
and snap the spine of the screaming mouse
that hasn't got a chance.
His movements are slow, concise, careful,
so not to disturb the nature that cares for him.
From his throne, perch, nest, he finds a den instead,
and covers himself in nature once again.
He chooses who lives and who dies.
Both man and boy.
He doesn't sleep at night.
Where is he?!
He could be anywhere!
Move! Quick! Before he sees!
He always sees.
Hunter, assassin, executioner.
A perfectly trained sniper,
killing mercilessly, quickly, dignifiably.
Unloading Hell behind him step by step.
:iconholyjudgement:HolyJudgement 0 0
Focus Beam by Amakou-Skye Focus Beam :iconamakou-skye:Amakou-Skye 7 2
SPARTANS For Life-Chapter One
SPARTANS For Life-Chapter One
:iconflamespartan:FlameSpartan 18 27
Anger fuels the rage that fuels the anger.
Needing to abort someone with a giant hanger.
It's bloody, vile, violent, that's so true,
But if you piss me off, something similar for you.
I seem so quiet to you, the friendly gentle kid
But it's those one which should cause worry, dread
Push me, push the door, I need that little release
Cause behind that wood, you'll find a beast.
An animal, a monster, a diety of doom
But hey, relax, it's not that soon.
The sun's not high, no showdown yet,
But remember the blood i'll take, don't forget
:iconnothingseen:nothingseen 37 11
Mature content
RAGE. :iconsoul-collector:Soul-Collector 21 32
DA TG War: Sniper Flukes
“Okay, time for the first TG of my job.” Rikki said as he walked up to the roof of a building, armed with a sniper rifle with TG Bullets as its ammo. Once he got to the roof, he crouched, and looked around for his first target. Later, he did, and I-Rugburn was the unfortunate target. He loaded his rifle and was about to snipe I-Rugburn, but stopped. “Hey wait, I can’t snipe well without some cool background music!” Rikki then brought up his Ipod, and then listened to the Sniping theme in Ghost Squad. “Yeah…now I’m ready…” Rikki then aimed the rifle at Rugburn carefully, being careful not to hit anything that would kill her. He wanted a gender-switch, not a casualty. Rikki then found his target, the right leg. Then, he saw Rugburn quickly turned at Rikki’s direction, and fired at him trying to TG Rikki first. Rikki ducked, went up and tried to aim, but Rugburn had made her shot again. Rikki ducked again and stayed ducked.
:iconrikkitheblackfox:RikkiTheBlackFox 2 4
The Sniper
A pale moon rises over the city, casting a silvery half light over the ruined buildings.
The first stars are starting to appear over the old city. Tiny pinpricks of light in the velvet blue-black sky.
Calm hangs over the gutted buildings, nothing moves, not even the ash surrounding the charred corpses of the cities former occupants. Some of them still sit in there cars or lie against walls. Others are buried beneath the rubble of there homes, suffocated by tones of charred rubble.
A furtive figure moves stealthily through the ruins, a bulky shadow against the walls. The figure moves steadily. With easy steps he climbs the ruins of a temple till he stands gazing out over the shattered city. He turns away from the carnage below him and un-slings a long barrelled rifle from his shoulder. Crouching down behind the ruins of the temple roof he rests the rifle on the rubble and peers down the scope.
He is a sniper, his camouflage blending in with the dark ruins. His black helmet and gas mask
:iconschaliach:Schaliach 4 11
Grasp your life,
Hold it tight.
Pull the trigger,
Stretch it thinner.
Your adversary is the winner,
If you cannot pull the trigger.
They will put you into rigor,
Down your spine will run a shiver.
Now shall your heart beat quicker,
Blood with fear becomes thicker.
Frantic voices constantly bicker,
Mouth fills with bile, bitter.
Sights aligned, they pull the trigger,
Memories within you flicker.
Regret and guilt have made you weaker,
To yourself you've been a traitor.
Instant, silent mind erasure,
You have been your only failure.
:iconobsidian-sun:Obsidian-Sun 3 4
Sniper chapter 2
The sight of the small fox peering around Sonic called up a wealth of emotions in the stranger. We looked just like that...
Then he realized that that Sonic was waiting for him to come closer. He did so, feeling worried. He's going to ask who I am and how I came here and what was that light and what can I tell him?
He stopped in front of them and looked at them, still thinking.
The little fox looked up at him, and it struck him how much taller he was. He felt almost like laughing, but he didn't. It wouldn't have been a happy laugh. He noticed how wide and innocent his eyes were, and how blue, like a cloudless sky. They were watching him without fear, only curiosity.
Sonic was older and taller, but his eyes, though not quite as wide, reflected the same innocence. There was absolute fearlessness in those eyes.
The stranger sighed, a mixture of sadness and exasperation.
Just the same.
But what do I tell them?
He stuck his hands into his pockets and something cold and hard pushed against h
:iconlluvia-the-wolfgirl:lluvia-the-wolfgirl 3 13
The Lone Sniper
Buzzing of an engine in the sky
Makes me hide behind the nearest bush
I search the sky with an eagle eye
The world around me quickly goes hush
The glint of sunlight catches the glow
From the goggles on the pilot's head
I level my gun like a hunter's bow
Load one round and shoot him dead.
:iconkiltul:Kiltul 1 8
A Sniper's Dance
     The street before me was desolate.  Nobody had crossed my path in quite some time.  All that could be heard was gun fire in the distance.  A fire fight had broken out not far from me, but I was not at any sort of risk from my vantage point, sitting in the attic of an abandoned, war-torn house.  I sat up and leaned against a nearby wall, still not taking my eyes from the road outside the window of the war-torn building.  The street that I had been protecting was a quick route through the city but had not been used in several days, so I had not seen much action since I had been assigned.  This was my first assignment, my first glimpse of battle.  I had not seen the blood and gore of war but had heard many stories from several men in my unit.  I held no fear.
     More gun shots rang out in the night air; blood-curdling screams followed.  I heard
:iconvuvarys:Vuvarys 2 6
Sniper's Love Song
“I loved her well then blew her well
said the sniper, lover, liar
as he put his gun in play.
Cheeky, no?  Cheeky, yes.
But the bastard
won't get far enough today.
I'll love him well then blow him well
:icongrointogullet:GroinToGullet 3 8




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