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Vent: Storm Clouds by GhostQueen-CHB
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[Gachamon] Ankri Levels by GhostQueen-CHB [Gachamon] Ankri Levels :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 5 0 Explosive Glare by GhostQueen-CHB Explosive Glare :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 1 0 Liar by GhostQueen-CHB Liar :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 1 0 Dappervolk by GhostQueen-CHB Dappervolk :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 2 0 Yanagi Aiji by GhostQueen-CHB Yanagi Aiji :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 3 0 Sweet Petrichor by GhostQueen-CHB Sweet Petrichor :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 4 0 Fursona by GhostQueen-CHB Fursona :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 3 0 payment ovo by GhostQueen-CHB payment ovo :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 2 0 ghostly gardener by GhostQueen-CHB ghostly gardener :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 3 4 ?? idk either by GhostQueen-CHB ?? idk either :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 2 0 finger guns by GhostQueen-CHB finger guns :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 1 0 offer for the left lol by GhostQueen-CHB offer for the left lol :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 1 0 Something's Burning by GhostQueen-CHB Something's Burning :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 3 0 Human Fursona :0 by GhostQueen-CHB Human Fursona :0 :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 1 0 Interactions by GhostQueen-CHB Interactions :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 3 2


Japan x Reader (Affection)
You clenched your fists at the hem of your shirt, biting your lip as you resisted the urge. 'The urge to what?' some might ask. Well, the itch to wrap your arms around Japan's body and squeeze him until he turned blue from his lungs being crushed.
Everything about him was adorable; his blank coal eyes, his cute bowl-like haircut, his rather small statue, his over-the-top politeness, his calm and shy personality, the frantic way he reacted to 'inappropriate' things, and the list goes on. Sadly, hugging was one of the things Japan deemed as 'inappropriate', and to make matters worse for you, you were an affectionate person. There was no denying that you had a crush on the Japanese man, and so in order to try winning his feelings, you tried to give him his personal space, and it was HARD.
You were currently visiting Japan under your boss' orders to strengthen the bond between Japan and (your country). Since the conservative nation has grown rather fond of you, he kindly offered to
:iconxxf0revern0wxx:xXf0reverN0wXx 954 389
Marry Me (Spain x Reader)
"Roma~ Please I need your help, mi amigo!" Spain pleaded to the auburn haired hot head. Romano groaned and continued to read his paper. The Spainard had suddenly rushed into the Italy Brother's home, yelling and asking about how he should propose to you.
Romano took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He turned to Spain, a vain visible on his temple.
"Listen , Antonio. (Name) is your woman, not mine , so solve your own damn problem." Romano hissed at Spain. Spain whimpered and dropped his head in disappoinment. Romano was right , but there was no way he was just going to propose to you without it being original. You were special to him. You hmde his heart race like nobody's business and it hurt to be away from you. Hell it hurt to be away from you now.
"Hey fratello! Don't be so mean to big brother Spain!" Italy shouted while running down the steps.
Romano scoffed. " You can't tell me what to do , idiota. And wern't you taking a siesta! Mind your own damn business!"
Italy pouted , but
:iconxcosmetic:xcosmetic 993 175
If They Knew (Spain x Reader)
They think you're crazy, they think you're mad
They call you stupid, worthless, tell you you're not worth it

With a sigh [Name] closed her locker, closing her eyes tightly. It was the fourth week of school, yet she found herself praying for things to change already.
“Suck it up, you can do it.” She muttered trying to force some confidence into her soul.
“Who are you talking to?” She flinched hearing that mocking voice.
“Are you, like, crazy or something?” She turned to see a small group of predators staring her down with lip-glossed smirks and accusing glares. Her tormentors.
“She’s disgusting to look at; I think I am going to throw up.” A girl said, pretend to gag. [Name] turned on her heels, ducking her head and walking away as fast as she could. As she stumbled into her language class she dared to look up only to make eye contact with the owner of a pair of bright green eyes, she flinched but he only smiled warmly at her
:iconstilldollwaking:StillDollWaking 1,142 607
Say It (Spain x Reader)
Four hours. You were breathing so hard it felt like a mallet in the back with each exhale. You had come over to Spain's house, as you often did, to practice dancing and hang with one of your best friends, him.
  He looked over at you, and grinned. Bastard. His breathing was hard, but he obviously wasn't nearly as tired out from the exhausting dance the both of you had been working on for the last 240 minutes.  
  "Here." Spain said cheekily, offering you a water bottle. "Have a drink".You caught your breath. The light caught his hair making it shine. His cheeks were flushed, and his long, drool worthy body stretched out elegantly. You'd seen that same body dance, and shivered at the thought.
   Reminding yourself to come back down to earth, you snatched it, and drank the entire thing down in one gulp. Spain looked impressed.
   "Wow, your freaky good at swallowing things." he said. You didn't know whether to faint or face palm. Was he trying to be dirty, or were you just reading it wro
:iconsecretlyasecret:SecretlyaSecret 685 195
:Request: ROMANOXREADER: Mural
Okay! So I beat writer's block! I want to say a HUGEONORMOUS THANK YOU TO AN AWESOME PERSON! She requested this too, so you should feel very blessed to have her in dis world! Her link is in the description!
"Shit, shit, shit, shit!" You swiftly repeated. You ran to get your keys, in the process making a mental note to shoot your alarm clock for not waking you up. You snatched the cursed silver tool and scrambled towards your car, stuffing your luggage into the back seat. Your boss was seriously going to kill you if you were going to be late again. Turning the keys in the ignition, you sped off towards the airport,or well, your a way.
You were an artist who never stayed in one place for very long. You traveled all around the world teaching people about your passion as well as showing them. The work you did was almost famous! Everyone seemed to love your works,
:iconradishesaremyfriends:RadishesAreMyFriends 134 87
Just Another Average Love Story SpainxReader II
Hurr hurr an update~!
"That's a horrible idea." I said calmly. Though in my mind I was clearly on the brink of fainting purely out of panic. You see, I don't necessarily do well knowing that the person I deeply cared for was possibly on the street or inside some club drinking so much alcohol he could barely handle himself. Well to be totally honest, he probably was with one of his friends, Francis or Gilbert, but knowing their habits with drinking as well, that could very well be worse.
"Well I'm just trying to help _______. The least you could do is compromise with me at least a tad." Belle stated exasperated. She put her face in her hands and looked at me through her fingers.
"Sorry I just...I just-" And then I started crying again. Oh God, I was so damned worried, and the overwhelming guilt and stress on top of that didn't help at all. She took her hands away from her face and ran towards me.
"Oh ho
:iconradishesaremyfriends:RadishesAreMyFriends 62 17
Just Another Average Love Story SpainXReader I
"I hate you."
The words echoed throughout my head. How? How could things become this way after all this time? Why would I say something that was so undeniably a lie?
"...Qué? What did you say ______?"
"You heard me, Antonio. I hate you!" The words slipped from my mouth once again and tears formed in my eyes, making my sight blurry. "Can you just leave already,damn it?! I don't want to be around you anymore..." I put my head on my knees and sniffled as my best friend and long time crush,Antonio, left the cold, shapeless bedroom. The door gave off a loud slam and I began to wail, tears now beginning to wrack my body.
"It was never supposed to be this way..." I whispered to myself.
 Antonio Fernandez Carriedo has been my best friend since I was barely able to walk and (although I don't want to admit it) my crush, too. Well, to be honest, I don't even know if you could cal
:iconradishesaremyfriends:RadishesAreMyFriends 126 59
Fallen ::EnglandxReader::
[In this plot the Reader is the mother of England just letting you know this]
You turn around to see your little country running toward you with cat ears and a tail
“Awww~! Sweety come here!”
He rushes into your arms and you scoop him off the ground
“Now how did my little country end up becoming like this?” You pulled on one of his ears
He crossed his arms and pouted
“I was just practicing my magic when that frog France came over and he messed up everything!”
You sighed, raising this little guy was tough
“England, don’t let France bring you down okay? You are a great country who is a wonderful magician!”
He looked up at you with his big emerald green eyes
“Yes mummy! I won’t let that frog bring me down!” He hugs you and rubs his head into the crook of your neck
“Well I’ve always wanted a little kitty~!”
You start to scratch his ears, and a low purring noise engulfed the back o
:icondelicious-tomato:Delicious-Tomato 399 144
Turkey x Reader: Never Had a Friend Like Me
~Well, Ali Baba had them forty thieves,
Scheherazade had a thousand tales.
But master you're in luck, 'cause up your sleeves
You've got a brand of magic never fails
You’ve got some power in your corner now!
Some heavy ammunition in your camp!
You got some punch, pizzaz, yahoo and how.
See, all you gotta do is rub that lamp, and I'll say:
"Ms. (y/n), ma’am, what will your pleasure be?
Let me take your order, jot it down?"
You ain't never had friend like me”~
“I’m starving. I need something to eat, but I’m broke!” You groaned as you clutched your growling stomach that demanded food. You sighed and sulked on your couch until a brilliant idea popped into your head.
Sadiq owned a restaurant! He was your best friend, so he may take pity on you and grant your wish for a free meal to settle your hunger.
You quickly sprung off the couch and headed over to the Turkish man’s restaurant to pay him a visit.
“Hey, it’s (y/n), my favorite la
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 143 16
Wrong Brother [Norway x Reader]
Sitting comfortably, you waited for Emil to get back. The day started well with an invitation from the Icelander to come over, and the pleasant feeling was still going strong even as Emil had to leave for the moment. Snuggling into the couch, you closed your eyes as you waited for Emil to come back after dealing with his pet, Mr. Puffin. Prior to his departure, you two had been discussing different styles of literature; you preferring more modern books while Emil was stuck in the 1800's with his own choice of writing. Your silver-haired friend had to leave (right as you were about to win your argument on why Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was stupid and not a romantic story too!) when he heard Mr. Puffin yell for him.
You think you heard the word 'licorice', but you weren't too sure.
As you were mulling over the next topic you two could discuss (you two always had something to talk about: Emil told you this actually when he explained, with blushing cheeks, why he told you his hu
:iconmiistical:miistical 420 105
Lysandre X Child! Reader: High Hopes
“Go, Magikarp! Use splash!”
But nothing happened…
You put your trusted partner Magikarp out onto the field and you were ready to battle. You had to—the other kids made fun of your Pokémon.  You had to show them that your partner was just as good as their Pokémon. Ever since you had caught the Pokémon on your fishing rod in your mother’s pond, you had been working with him non-stop.  You were going to train the best team ever, starting with Magikarp.
“You’re dumb, [name].” The boy from next door had out a Bulbasaur. “That Magikarp can’t do anything! I don’t even need to use Bulbasaur to beat you! Vine whip!”  Despite “not needing to” he ordered the assault on your Pokémon.
“Magikarp, get out of the way, now!”
You could only watch in horror as your Magikarp-who reacted too slowly—was harshly struck with Bulbasaur’s twin vines. Magikarp wa
:iconimorii:Imorii 110 24
Free Time (A Professor Sycamore x Reader One-Shot)
   You were getting ready to go home when suddenly, two figures entered the double doors of the Pokemon Lab. It was Calem and Serena. They were wearing their casual clothing, and you immediately understood that they decided to come by to say hi to Professor Sycamore. You smiled at them before slinging your bag on your shoulder.
   "Good evening, guys," you greeted with a smile. "Came by to visit the professor?"
   Calem nodded. "Yeah, we were getting a little bored. Serena and I noticed we haven't visited the professor in a long time. How is he? Is he busy?"
   You smiled. "I'm sure he isn't busy when it comes to you guys. Maybe I should stick around a little longer until you guys leave. Professor Sycamore tends to forget locking the lab when he's alone in here."
   Serena giggled. "He does seem forgetful, huh, Ms. Y/n? I'm sure you're looking after him."
   Serena winked at you. You blushed, but you looked away.
:iconlasergunsandtacos:LaserGunsandTacos 51 11
(Diabolik Lovers) Subaru x Reader
(Diabolik Lovers) Subaru x Reader
I couldn’t stop moving in my bed. It was too cold in my room. Sighing with a curse word under my breath, I pulled away the blankets and slowly got out of bed. Thank goodness the Sakamaki brothers were kind enough *cough* Reiji *cough* to let me stay in the bedroom with a fireplace. I walked to it, there was already wood in it so I lit a match that I found on the shelf above the fireplace and tossed it. Instantly, the dry wood lit aflame making the room have a faint orange glow. I could already feel myself warm up.
“Mmm this is nice..I think I’ll stay here a little while.” I whispered to myself as I sat down in front of the fire.
I could already feel drowsier of how warm and relaxing it was. I was fighting to stay awake as best as I could; eventually I laid down on the floor on my back and fell asleep.
Subaru came in the room for his own personal reasons after I was asleep. He blushed when he saw me soundly asleep. Strange though
:iconfullmoonlight65:fullmoonlight65 163 15
(Diabolik Lovers) Subaru x Reader
(Diabolik Lovers) Subaru x Reader
“F*ck off Laito or Raito or whatever the f*ck which one it is!” I screamed at him in anger as I ran around the Sakamaki mansion to evade him.
“But bitch-chan, you're so irresistible~” his voice echoed.
I rolled my eyes and continued on. Using the crucifix and holy water was useless, I would have chosen my silver dagger but it was immediately confiscated by Reiji. That jerk-off.... After being locked up in this hell hole everything has been getting worse everyday. Ayato is always trying to claim me as his, Subaru is either really cold or destroying things, Shuu...there's not much to say about him other than him waiting for me to come to him so he can grab me and bite me, Kanato on the other hand is pretty messed up as it is with always hitting me, Reiji comes across as a gentleman but once you piss him off he'll bring out the whip, and don't get me started on him. He's the most perverted guy I've known! Laito Sakamaki; or is it R
:iconfullmoonlight65:fullmoonlight65 139 7
shuu sakamaki x reader lemon
Now,Shuu's simply lying down on his bed,his eyes closed and his earphones on. You sighed and turned around,reaching out to unlock the door. But then,you took a second look back.
Your eyes trailed down his body. Your cheeks flushed when you saw it.
A small bit of that light pink tip poking out at the top of his unbuttoned jeans. You wondered why was he exposing himself,but nevertheless,you wanted to see more.
It was really arousing how he was teasingly exposed to you. You've always had a liking to being teased in certain ways,such as this. You stepped closer to him and got onto the bed,staring at the head of his cock. Pressing your thighs together to ease the throbbing between your legs,you licked your lips as you imagined yourself licking that part of him.
"Enjoying the show,aren't you?"
You snapped from your trance,your cheeks flushed deep red as you realised that you were caught looking. You looked at the owner of the voice,bowing your head slightly.
"S-Sorry,I couldn'
:iconastralgirl301:ASTRALGIRL301 24 1
Violin Lessons (Shuu Sakamaki x Reader) pt.2
The house was quiet, finally. Although his earphones were always blasting with music, Shuu could always hear the sounds from the world around him. So it was only at these times, when everything was quiet, that he could truly find peace.
Or at least that was what he wanted to believe. Deep down, he knew that no silence could be as good as that violin lesson, but there was no way he would admit that to himself.
It had been almost two weeks since the last incident. Shuu had avoided you the whole time, not really looking forward to seeing the pained look you held every time you saw him. He just couldn’t bear treating you like all the others, you weren’t just a simple meal to him. So he kept himself occupied, his music clouding his mind from your image.
2am and he still couldn’t sleep. The walk around the mansion was pleasant, after all, he wouldn’t be able to find silence elsewhere. But he knew that the insomnia was more than just that.
Before his mind could wonder
:iconotakulane:otakulane 143 47



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How to not kill your brother for twerking
tagged by :iconkagamichhi: 
Zoom Eyes Zoom Eyes Zoom Eyes 
1.) you have to post all the rules

2.) answer all the questions and then create 12 more

3.) choose 12 people

4.) legitimately tag people

5.) you can’t say you don’t do tags

6.) tag backs are allowed

their questions:
1. whats your ethnicity?
im Chinese-American uwu

2. whats your sexuality?
Side Eyes Emoji 

3. whats your favorite anime, manga or kdrama?
i fuckin lov Haikyuu and BNHA but i dont have time to watch/read either

4. whats the one thing you can't live without?
either my phone or my glasses

5. whats your favorite item of clothing?
damn i love me some leggings

6. what place brings back the most memories for you?
my old house bc i grew up there and most of my major memories happen there

7. what was your last google search?
"how to tag someone on deviantart with icon"

8. whats your favorite food?
Rice noodle rolls ho my god

9. what are your views on pride month?
Side Eyes Emoji 

10. whats your current song jam?
Fake Love by BTS or X by Monsta X fdakjghf

11. if you were an animal, which one would it be?
can i be a hybrid lmao????? if not, I'd be a wolf

12. are you into sports? which ones?
I like kickball and volleyball but Im more of a casual player

my questions:
1) what kind of games do you play?

2) what kind of humour do you like?

3) do you use "u" in words like humour and colour???

4) hows your day been?

5) would you rather eat fried oreos or fried ice cream?

6) Bakugou or Todoroki?

7) do you have a pet? if so, what kind? if no, do you want one?

8) do you play the Hogwarts mobile game?

9) do you prefer ovo or owo? uvu or uwu?

10) from a scale of 1-10, how tired are you?

11) whats your favourite emoji?

12) did u know i'd fight u if u thought ur not worth anything?

hewo fight me i dont taG Guns dont kill people; People kill people! Guns dont kill people; People kill people! 

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